DocuSign founder on block chain and Bitcoin benefits

tom gonser docusign bitcoin

Speaking at Dublin Web Summit, Tom Gonser created the impression of a person having strong believing into block chain technology and understanding Bitcoin benefits.

DocuSign is an American company providing electronic signature and authentication services for document exchange purposes. At first glance, they have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, but after Gonser’s presentation the audience started to doubt it. In his speech, DocuSign founder Tom Gonser noted that in the digital age the identification of contracts has become rather challenging, with one of the most problematic issues being the lack of uniform understanding of what a contract should look like in different jurisdictions.

To illustrate his idea, Gonser offered $5 to anyone willing to go to a Dublin pub to buy a beer and pointed out there might be just one problem encountered by the buyer: euros are the only currency accepted. It’s the same with the contracts. Bitcoin, though still being far from mass adoption, is seen by Gonser as the ideal solution to jurisdiction issue faced by his company. According to DocuSign founder, their research laboratories experiment with the technology underlying the Bitcoin, as it gives the company a chance to explore the new digital identity technologies.

Gonser promised that if any of DocuSign’s major clients shared his opinion on Bitcoin benefits and asked the company to integrate the BTC system, he would immediately do it.