PEY – a Bitcoin payment terminal made from a smartphone

3d printed Pey bitcoin terminal

Why buy it when you can make it yourself? Germans are making Bitcoin payment terminals called PEY from… used Google Nexus 7 smartphones and 3D-printed housings.

At least that is exactly what a group of Hannover-based Bitcoin devotees makes their custom terminals from. PEY is what these devices are called, and every Hannover retailer or shop owner can get one for free. The company doesn’t just seek to promote the cryptocurrency among masses – their goal is to make payments more quick and efficient, as well as minimize commission fees. Bitcoin is perfect for that.

Another thing PEY creators needed was finding a Bitcoin payment processor for their project. They decided in favor of BitPay, one of the major players on the market.

Customers willing to pay with Bitcoin using a PEY terminal will need a PEY wallet app installed on their iOS or Android phone. The app, however is only partly functional for clients from countries other than Germany; Chinese customers are currently unable to use it.

On top of that, iBeacon technology enables PEY users to get notified about the possibility to pay with BTC at a particular store or retail location. Also, there’s no need to launch your PEY app every time you’re making a Bitcoin payment, all thanks to the integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality. Another option, if NFC is not supported on your mobile device, would be scanning a QR-code displayed on the terminal. Even if you don’t have the PEY app installed, you can still make a BTC payment using any other mobile wallet and your phone’s QR-scanner.