Snowden’s defense fund accepting Bitcoin donations

snowden about bitcoin

The website raising money for American computer professional Edward Snowden known to have leaked the U.S. classified documents announces accepting Bitcoin donations.

Snowden is known to be on the U.S. wanted list for allegedly causing hundreds of thousands secret documents fall into the public domain, including the ones revealing US government Internet and phone espionage on citizens. Up until present day, Edward Snowden has been holed up by Russian authorities.

According to Snowden, under no circumstances can he let the U.S. government to invade people’s privacy and deprive them of the global internet freedom and “basic liberties”.

The notorious whistleblower may be supported by some powerful politicians, including congressman Ron Paul, but many still think the country should not let him escape facing the “appropriate consequences”. John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have already tried to appeal to Snowden’s conscience and insisted he should come back to homeland.

In case Snowden decides to return to the U.S. to stand the trial on charges of “theft and espionage”, legal defense may cost a lot to him. Now it becomes clear why Snowden’s fundraising website accepts not only Bitcoin donations, but also PayPal and credit card payments, checks and wire transfers.