Where to create a secure Bitcoin wallet

where to create a secure bitcoin wallet

Looking for a reliable BTC wallet to keep your crypto-coins and make daily transactions quickly and easily? See our tips and brief overviews of reliable providers.

Bitcoin wallets – why you simply must create yours right now

More likely than not, Bitcoin is to establish itself as a multi-purpose virtual payment method of the near future, and it would be very wise of you to at least start thinking about getting your own reliable BTC wallet for storing your bitcoins and make/receive instantaneous payments in the cryptocurrency retaining almost complete transaction anonymity. But, apart from creating an online Bitcoin wallet, which is rather quick and easy, you would also need to ensure it’s safe and secure enough, as it is possible that scammers will attempt to steal your virtual funds, and their attempts may pan out if you don’t take certain security precautions.

What is a Bitcoin wallet? How do you find the one really secure?
In the previous educational articles, BitcoinCasino.info has already approached several relevant topics, and now you should have a much better understanding how Bitcoin system works, as well as how everyday Bitcoin transactions are performed. Likewise, we have discussed the important aspects of setting up a Bitcoin wallet, including the ones crucial for the latter’s security enhancement and reliability. As you understand, having a proper thief-proof BTC wallet enables you to safely conduct transactions in cryptocurrency, including sending and receiving virtual funds, and, specifically, transferring winnings in bitcoins to your personal storage. These days, thousands of users worldwide create Bitcoin wallets for personal use, as they do not want to trust the funds they earned to banks and other intermediaries, and instead use the innovative technology provided by the global BTC network. Another reason Bitcoin transactions are growing that increasingly popular is the unprecedented level of payment anonymity BTC users can enjoy – and that is something completely new for people used to traditional electronic payment methods that require them to provide personal details and leaving ‘traces’ online when making transactions. Bitcoin wallets allow users to send and receive payments anonymously, and, even more importantly, complete them within just minutes and seconds – the speed simply unthinkable for the ones still unwilling to switch from kind of ‘old-school’ money transfers to something more innovative.

However, some preliminary research should be made by those who would like to get a Bitcoin wallet that is secure enough to trust their funds to. That will probably take some (not too considerable) time, but it’s more than worth it, as Bitcoin wallet security is more than just critical if you want to keep your cryptocurrency safe. It is very important that you make this research by yourself and try to find as much information about various BTC wallets as possible, as that is the only way for you to start better understanding their strong and weak points etc. Anyway, today, you can find hundreds of wallet reviews and guides on the Internet, with all the aspects you need to know about them considered in full detail. Still, if you would like us to give you an advice on which wallet to choose eventually, we would direct your attention to a selection of BTC wallets by various providers that we believe to be the most promising.

Secure bitcoin wallets. The brief overviews

As of 2015, this is probably one of the most widespread and reliable online Bitcoin wallets to consider. Blockchain is among the providers with really good reputation, and their specialists are constantly working on improving the overall security of their creation, meaning your funds are not likely to fall into the wrong hands. The wallet will not access any of your private keys, and it involves AES-type encryption enabling the user to also implement server protection by themselves.

Bitcoin Core
This is a download Bitcoin wallet which is said to be the original creation of Satoshi Nakamoto himself, meaning it’s essentially a part of the blockchain as such. Its security functionality is constantly enhanced by the team of proficient developers, which basically makes it one of the most advanced and updated Bitcoin wallet now existing, hence its trustworthiness. Bitcoin Core wallet is compatible with all major systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and, surprisingly, Ubuntu.

Another downloadable wallet, this time a kind of a so-called ‘lightweight’ one. Among its features is the local encryption of keys (another option is to use a USB memory stick with credentials). Multibit’s lightweightness means you don’t need to download the whole blockchain in order to perform transactions with your funds, which means it’s a quick-response type of a wallet (it’s really fast indeed). That is also the reason it takes far less space on your machine’s drive, meaning you won’t have to delete any other important files to be able to use it. Multibit wallet is offered in 30+ languages, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux powered devices.

Now that’s something meant exclusively for Mac and Android users, and it includes some unique functions other wallets simply don’t have. First of all, you get a messenger-styled menu enabling you to perform instantaneous BTC transactions. Hive is also available as an app, and boasts integrations with several other widespread Bitcoin services via a range of built-in applications. More interestingly, Hive supports the Tor browser, and that’s is probably a functionality appreciated duly by users seeking additional anonymity. Wallet backups can be scheduled with the help of Dropbox and Time Machine.

This is an online BTC wallet which you will probably find to be looking kind of like PayPal. The wallet features and integrated Bitcoin exchange platform which you will find extremely useful if you deal with buying and selling bitcoins on a daily basis. Coinbase enables users to transfer and receive money directly to/from other users’ e-mails – a function convenient in all possible senses. According to the provider’s statistics, they keep over 80 per cent of the users’ funds in highly secure offline cold storage. Coinbase is owned and backed by major venture capital companies, meaning the chances they are going to steal the contents of your Coinbase wallet are microscopic. A functional Android app is available to Coinbase users preferring mobility.