BitZino casino review

BitZino was launched in 2012 as an orthodox purist gambler oriented virtual casino using proprietary platform and offering their players no other payment option but bitcoins. This rather bold concept seemed to have no future, as these days you can’t really lure casino gaming enthusiasts in with somewhat laconic choice of wagering options. Contrary to all expectations, however, the portal is still pretty much alive (forget the news section updated last in 2014), and has been able to land an army of loyal customers by now. In all events, BitZino is either loved or hated by people in the know, while there are really few of those sitting loose to it.

BitZino in a nutshell

Welcome to the Grey World of Provably Fair Bitcoin Gambling where BitZino is going to be your guide! Well, if you forget about the looks, you’ll end up gaming on a rather functional website that, actually, looks like no other Internet casino in the world. The lack of games available is obvious, as there is just one single slot machine in the choice, but, in the end, the laconic choice of gambling activities isn’t what this casino is loved for the most by its customers. It’s all about the unique atmosphere of passion and blood-tingling risk, as well as the understanding of the fact BitZino, being a provably fair gambling portal, is not going to scam their players through any means. You just play, enjoy it, and try to avoid distraction in any of its forms.

BitZino website layout

It’s true BitZino is one of the strangest and sleazy looking Bitcoin gambling portals you can ever find. And, while the design and visual features may be one of the website’s real shortcomings, the arrangement of the menu and interface functionality are, actually, not so bad. It will probably take you some to get fully accustomed to the controls, but it will definitely work out all right in the end.

English is the only interface language available, but let us be less demanding at this stage, as this website is obviously created to serve the needs of virtual gamblers that don’t ask for too much. English is fine, too.

Speaking about the registration process, it should be noted it takes really little time to sign up successfully, with two options offered: either choose the automatic sign-up/sign-in (with a generic alpha-numeric username assigned to you), or use credentials (a custom username and a password) to log in. Providing your email is unnecessary, but if you do so, you will be able to verify your account with its help instantly, and have the possibility to reset your password in case your memory is treacherous.

BitZino bonuses

Just forget about such kind of stuff, says BitZino. Too bad, as having at least a sign-up bonus for their players would make things at least a little better, and help the portal redeem themselves for the lack of other features and opportunities.

BitZino depositing and withdrawals

Unsurprisingly (taking into consideration all the details mentioned above and below), Bitcoin is the one and only payment method offered to customers. Making and receiving payments is impossible without having a BTC wallet, so be sure to secure the one fully reliable for yourself.

In order to make a deposit, you can use the casino’s designated unique Bitcoin wallet address (copy-paste into your wallet’s ‘Send to’ field…), or scan their QR-code with your smartphone’s camera. It usually takes about ten minutes for your deposited funds to reach the bankroll.

When about to perform a payout (withdrawal) from your balance to your wallet, please be notified that the minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.0001 BTC. In average, you will have to wait one day to get your funds, and the transaction fee is 0.0002 bitcoin. Payout amounts are limited to 500 BTC per every two weeks.

BitZino software and games

As mentioned above, the portal can boast their own self-engineered HTML5 software platform that their games run on. This fact has both strong and weak sides, as, in one respect, their games stand out distinctively from the ‘mass’ products provided by most of the developers, and are, therefore, more attractive for seasoned gamblers, but, at the same time, BitZino’s potential is obviously insufficient to expand the existing choice of games, which is, frankly speaking, rather poor.

In total, there are 6 different games available to BitZino players now: Video Poker, 3-Card Poker, Slots, Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack. As you can see, this set is pretty much standard in the sense that you can find many analogues among the selection of virtual card/table/casual games of any other BTC casino portal, but, according to players’ feedback, all of BitZino’s games are really enjoyable to play, in no small part thanks to the availability of all crucial options and functionalities. In terms of the design, none of the games features any outstanding visual features, and the animations are pretty old-school, too. The maximum bets vary from 2 to 25 BTC.

BitZino customer support

As though BitZino tries to be as minimalistic as they possibly can all along the line in the business, they seem to see no rationale in introducing any other customer support option but email. Indeed, it would be really nice for one to have a possibility to contact the support agents in live mode (online chat) to get their gaming and payment related problems solved more quickly and efficiently, as nowadays it’s quite ridiculous and completely unhandy to send your request or issue description, and wait for a reply (although BitZino’s support team is said to display a great deal of sensitiveness when dealing with customers’ problems via email).

BitZino mobile platform

At one point, BitZino does not have a mobile version or their website, or a functional app. This being said, you can still enjoy any of their games on your mobile device, as long as it’s powered by Android. The portal is absolutely compatible with smartphones (preferably the ones having larger screens) and tabs based on this platform, with just the necessity to slightly zoom the interface in or out whenever there’s a need to do so.

Adjustments won’t, however, help you enjoy playing BitZino casino games as much as you would doing so on an Android, as iPhones and iPads fail to work at least tolerably with this portal. Still, it’s BitZino’s fault they haven’t bothered to finish off iOS compatibility. We are where we are.

BitZino security

It will probably be somewhat discouraging for you to learn that there is no information about BitZino’s gambling license provided anywhere on their website or in social networks. This doesn’t necessarily mean the portal scams their players (and no, they have never been engaged in such activities), but the question remains.

On the other hand, you will be delighted to learn BitZino has been one of first online casinos in the industry to introduce provably fair gaming functionality for their players. And there is even more than this, as this feature is customizable, as it enables users to predefine certain settings in it to let them perform a more thorough check of the casino’s transparency.