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  • Currencies: ETH, EUR, USD
  • Established: Oct. 2019

Average score: 8.0

  • Website: 9
  • Games and Providers: 6
  • Bonuses and promos: 7
  • Cashier withdrawals: 9
  • Support: 10
  • Partnership: 7

CasinoFair review

Casinofair is a licensed cryptocurrency casino powered by the FunFair Technologies platform. The latter deserves special attention as it works on the Ethereum blockchain and offers its native FUN token for gamblers. In this case, the use of cryptocoin implies instant payouts and direct control over your funds.

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This resource promises its users “unrivalled fun” which is ensured with “best games” and “most generous promotions”. Let’s find out whether all these claims are well-grounded.

– Supported platforms

Crypto casino Casinofair used to struggle with multiple platforms because of some nitty-gritty details of Ethereum ecosystem. The thing is, decentralized apps had been made heavily focused on desktop computers from the outset. The recent implementation of FunFair Wallet has spared users from this issue: the resource works nicely regardless of platform. demonstrates stable performance in all popular web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Its game clients are built on HTML5 / WebGL, so users do not have to download Adobe Flash Player.

The adaptive version of Casinofair for smartphones and tablets works perfectly as well. The design is simplified precisely as much as needed for the convenience of mobile users. Everything is loading quickly: the website, its pages, and games.

On the tech side, there is nothing to find fault with… almost. There are in fact some issues with button design in several apps, but it is not critical and hinges on the provider.

Besides, the FunFair platform is already working on the full-fledged optimization for mobile devices.

– Casinofair license

Blockchain gambling platform is owned by TTM BV. The license comes from Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. Its registration and license numbers are stated in the “About Us” section.

The presence of license requires the compliance to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations of relevant financial supervisors. There is an entire section on the website, which describes the privacy policy in detail.

– Registration

Newcomers might find it somewhat complicated to sign up, especially compared to more traditional online casinos. It is nicely compensated by crypto gambling benefits, though.

There is nothing you cannot figure out anyway:
Step 1. Enter your email address
Step 2. Confirm your email
• A validation code will be sent to your email. You need to enter it within two minutes, so it makes sense to sign in to your email account in advance.
Step 3. Verify your identity
• To be eligible for cryptocurrency gambling, Casinofair users should go through the ID verification. It is an essential requirement because of laws. If you want to play casino games for free, verification is not necessary.
Step 4. Learn and accept the website’s terms and conditions.

The account is ready! You can top up your FunFair Wallet and gamble with cryptocurrency at Casinofair.

– Which countries are allowed to gamble

Casinofair’s doors are open for players from 23 countries, including Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland. The whole list of countries is available in the FAQ section.

Casinofair promises to follow the changes in the laws of “blocked” countries. Visitors can leave their emails, and the casino will send a notification if anything changes.

Gamblers from those countries are still allowed to play Casinofair games in free demo mode.

– Deposits and withdrawals

This online casino does not have typical deposits and withdrawals. Money transfers are made via FunFair Wallet, a wallet where Casinofair users store their crypto assets (ETH & FUN).

Casinofair accepts bets exclusively in cryptocurrency. It means that users are expected to have some cryptos on a wallet or exchange if they want to gamble at this resource.

Since the platform is powered by blockchain, there is one peculiar feature: gamblers should have both ETH and FUN at their disposal.

Here’s how it works:
1. Users buy some amount of ETH and FUN on exchanges or transfer it from existing wallets to their FunFair Wallet accounts
2. They open a game and pay the gas fee using ETH
o At this stage, they can choose a desired speed and price for their transactions: “low”, “medium”, and “high”. “Medium” and “high” options are somewhat more expensive than the “low”, but miners will take up such transactions sooner (the “high” speed usually means a few seconds).
3. They enter the game and make bets using FUN
4. In case of win, they get FUN on their wallets

Transactions are limited only with the ammount of funds on wallets or, in some cases, rules of a specific game.

– Casinofair cryptocurrencies

Technically, Casinofair online casino accepts two cryptocoins:
• ETH — Ethereum’s crypto, ether
• FUN — FunFair’s crypto

It should be noted that users cannot gamble with ether; all in-game bets are made with help of FUN tokens. Still, ETH is required to initiate the gambling session.

It has to do with the Ethereum’s ecosystem core principles. Gambler is expected to pay a small amount of ETH as “gas” which is a transaction fee. Loosely speaking, this is the fee you pay to “enter” the game while bets are made with FUN tokens.

FUN is an ERC-20 token which powers the FunFair Technologies ecosystem. It is used to carry out operations of all sorts. Players make bets with it, developers get their license fee, and so on.

The casino does not charge any extra commission fee.

– Financial security

FunFair Wallet allows users to be in command of their own funds. They do not have to download an app: the wallet is implemented into their personal accounts at Casinofair.

The money used for betting in gaming sessions are taken directly from cryptocurrency wallets. The active bets remain on so-called escrow account. It means that funds are released to either player’s or casino’s account only after the particular game is ended.

Private keys for wallets are encrypted and kept on FunFair servers. Only users have the required encryption information. Access to an encrypted private key is granted when they sign in on the website.

For further security, gamblers can opt-in two-factor authentication (2FA).

– Casinofair casino games

It seems that Casinofair puts quality before quantity for the time being. There are not that many games, but casual gamblers will have enough to choose from.

The gaming lobby is separated into several categories:
• All games
• Slots
• Casino
• Instant
• Favorite

In the “casino” section, there are such games as baccarat, blackjack, poker, Hi-Lo, roulette, and video poker.

As FunFair platform grows, new games are going to be introduced. The last three months have seen three brand-new casino games on the website.

– Crypto games

On, there is a category with so-called “instant” games. You can find them in the “Crypto Games” category as well.

We are talking about the following apps:
• Decatron 1000
• Fun Dice
• Raceday Horses
• Electrobet
• Wheel of Fun
• Fate of Thrones
• Treasures from the Crypto

They include dice, virtual horse racing, scratchcards, and several original games by FunFair platform. For instance, Electrobet is an intricate maze of electric wires. Placing a bet, a “charge” sets off through some obstacles and boosts towards several bet multipliers.

Raceday Horses is a more conventional virtual racing game with state-of-the-art graphics. Each runner has a witty name (Black Crypto, Steed for Speed), odds, and brief description like “makes progress in leaps and bounds”.

Fate of Thrones and Treasures from the Crypto are made in two versions: slots and scratchcards. It is a really interesting feature and gambling connoisseurs will surely give it its due.

– What about fairness?

Casinofair has a motto: “Famous for Fairness”. The Provably Fair algorithm helps them stick to it.

Provably Fair makes it possible to check the result of each game. Should you have any suspicions, the FairChecker function allows you to take a closer look at the outcome. All results of gambling sessions are kept on blockchain.

– Casinofair bonuses and promotions

It looks like they have not overstated their “generosity”. At the moment, this platform has first-rate bonus offers and tournaments.

• Welcome Package up to 50 000 FUN (≈ $190):
o No deposit bonus — 2 000 FUN and 0.005 ETH right after signing up
o Bonus 1 500 FUN for each game where you’ve spent 50 000 FUN
o 20 000 FUN extra if there are 20 such games
• Decatron 1000 tournament:
o From 3 to 13 October
o Prize pot — 1 000 000 FUN (≈ $3680)
o Each crypto bet in Decatron 1000 increases your points count
o Top 5 gamblers share the prize pot
• Moon Racer 3.0 tournament:
o From 25 September to 13 October
o Prize pot — 1 500 000 FUN (≈ $5520)
o The more you bet with crypto, the higher you get in the leaderboard
o Top 10 gamblers share the prize pot
• Lucky Moon Draw:
o Top prize — 500 000 FUN (≈ $1840)
o Each 1 000 FUN spent on bets gives you 1 ticket
o If you already have 10 tickets, the casino will give another 5 for free
o There is a limit of 15 tickets per player

With cryptocurrency bonuses like these, gamblers will really get more fun out of casino games.

There is also a decent referral system that offers 10% of gross house revenue. It works as follows:
1. You send your referral link to a person (everyone with an active ERC-20 wallet has it)
2. They create a new account on and make bets with real money
3. You get 10% of the money that go to the house
4. This person is now your lifetime referral

All the transactions are saved on blockchain so you can forget about hidden fees and disputes.

– Customer support and feedback

Casinofair’s customer support team is available via the live chat. The chat button is located in the lower right corner of the website: a speech bubble with a question mark.

To start the dialogue, users are asked to fill out the form: their name, email, and FunFair Wallet address. Don’t worry: only email is mandatory.
The support replies in a few seconds. It is great that you can contact the support prior to registration.

Casinofair also has official accounts in social networks and messengers:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Telegram

The Telegram channel is a rare thing among online casinos. At the same time, it is a real find for those who care for their anonymity and privacy.
These pages help you follow all Casinofair updates: bonuses, tournaments, new games, and so on. You can contact their representatives, too!

– Pros and cons

Let’s go through some drawbacks first.

The registration is really confusing to new players. But here’s the thing: it is already simplified as it was even more complicated earlier. Yeah, it’s not that easy to combine a real license and cryptocurrency gambling. It’s getting better with time.

We can’t get away from a small selection of casino games. At least each game is an original FunFair product (or from its partners).

The adaptive version looks good with its speed and website design on one hand. On the other, it is far from perfect when it comes to the apps themselves. FunFair are already working on that.

Still, Casinofair has much more advantages:
• Support of FunFair blockchain platform and FUN cryptocurrency
• Instant payouts
• Original games
• Results being kept on blockchain
• Free demo mode
• Referral system
• License
• Stylish design
• Responsive tech support

If you are enthusiastic about everything new and promising in the world of blockchain and cryptos, Casinofair Casino is your choice. Where else would you find an Ethereum gambling dApp?

Casual gamblers will appreciate transactions speed and cool bonus offers. There are only so many games, but some are truly unique.

Would you get your “unrivalled fun” while gambling at Casinofair? It is likely, provided that this website will keep on growing. Even now, it has quite a lot of regular users. Further acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should accelerate the growth.

Overall, Casinofair deserves the attention of gambling community. We recommend it to all those who like to spend time playing cryptocurrency games. Those who are looking for a breath of fresh air in the world of gambling will like it, too.

CasinoFair allows you to play your favorite slots and table games from:

Welcome bonus up to $150 or 50,000 FUN