DiceBitcoin review

Officially launched just about a month ago, DiceBitco.in online dice casino is a new but really well-promising entrant to the World of Gambling. A whole variety of features plus the availability in both the web and the mobile versions makes DiceBitcoin one of the most competitive dice casinos on the Internet.

The gameplay

Dice seems to be a relatively simple game, but playing it has always been a whole lot of fun. DiceBitcoin website is so easy and logical to use that even the newly-joined players feel instantly at home and proceed to betting after an easy sign-up procedure. At last check, since the dice casino was launched, the players have made 6+ million bets and wagered over 5 thousand Bitcoin in total.

The bet size and payout values are adjustable, and the “Over/Under” option lets you choose the betting range for each bet.

In case you would like to make bets in auto-mode, DiceBitcoin patented RobotRoll service is at your disposal. All you need to do to have it make bets for you automatically is pre-set the values. In RobotRoll-mode the rolls will be slightly delayed due to spin adjustments needed to set the required bet size priority.



You can transfer funds to your DiceBitcoin account balance almost instantly. While direct deposits are not accepted currently, you can still complete all deposit transaction stages with just one confirmation and wait no longer than a few minutes to have your balance charged with BTC.

Cash-outs take less than an hour to be fully completed. Eventually, there’s no need to wait for all your deposits to be processed in order to get withdrawal confirmations. Now DiceBitcoin automatically approves every cash-out you make upon the condition its sum can be covered by your wallet.


Security and support

You get your DiceBitcoin username by default at sign-up, so just be sure to protect it with a password strong enough to prevent someone else from accessing your account and stealing or misusing your bitcoins.

Your might also want to enable the 2-step authentication to enhance your account security. This new option is already available on DiceBitco.

The highly-trained customer support approaches every client individually. A ticket system is used to deal with each particular case. The support team is also available on Bitcointalk and in social networks (Facebook and Twitter).


On top of that

There’s an extra option available to DiceBitcoin players – the possibility to invest funds in the total bankroll of the dice casino. The goal is to boost the overall prize fund and individual profit per single bet. As yet, the players have invested over 3,000 bitcoins in DiceBitcoin in total.