With the popularity of dice in its virtual form having been on the rise for several years running now, there is probably nothing surprising at all there have been a selection of noticeable online dice platforms emerging in the industry, many of them enabling their customers to wager with bitcoins. here is one of such portals offering players an extended range of dice betting options and opportunities, with special priority given to the quality of service level an the overall satisfaction of gamblers. has been advancing constantly since the moment is was launched in 2014, to finally become one of the most comprehensive provably fair Internet dice platforms you can find today among the variety of gambling websites supporting BTC payments. Also worth being mentioned is the fact is a 100% U.S. players friendly portal, with no essential restrictions imposed. in a nutshell

“Solid, efficient, and perfectly arranged” is probably going to be your first impression of Rollin after you’ve signed up with them and tried at least some of the wagering possibilities they offer. The portal’s community consists of thousands of loyal players all enjoying their favorite game and always ready to discuss it in detail, or give a friendly steer to new users in the website’s own chat. Overall, there can probably be no doubt has everything it takes to help you get started as a successful online dice gambler, and if you believe this game means a lot more to you than any other, the portal may serve as a perfect place to polish your skills, and go for more. site layout

Carrying on an the tradition established by their comparably successful predecessors and the industry’s trend-setters, boasts a minimalistic dark-colored interface with all the necessary controls, menus, and functionalities found within no more than a couple of mouse-clicks/taps. It’s really hard to be misguided or get lost eventually on the platform’s website, all thanks to its clear arrangement and the user-friendly navigation with all the meat-and-potato functions available in the header and footer directories that you can find on just any page you’re staying on currently.

When visiting’s website for the first time, you won’t even need to create a user’s account to start playing dice for bitcoins, as the system will generate a username and sign you up automatically. With the help of cookies, you’ll be able to stay logged in to like that for as long as you need to, with no need to sign in again. Later, you can easily replace the username initially assigned to you with another custom name, and protect your account with a safe password. Additional 2-factor authentication is also a useful option if you would like to take extra security measures and feel completely safe.

Rollin have been able to unify their player community greatly by integrating the common chat to their website, enabling users to stay in touch constantly as they play. There are several essential functions supported in the chat tool, like public and multi-chat modes, player-versus-player (pvp) mode, sending personal messages to specific gamblers, tipping helpful fellow players, chat games and universal chat commands supported. By clicking on the name of a specific player in the chat, you can see their gaming and bankroll statistics instantly, which may be useful in planning your further strategy.

Also, all the bets you and other players have made at can be found in a separate section called ‘Bets’, with ledger being updated in live mode, and the usernames of the biggest wagerers of all times recorded in the ‘Hall of Legends’ table. bonuses

The portal has a well thought out system of player rewards on their website, with the possibility for gamblers to get bonuses for not just playing actively, but also promoting and referring new users. Let us start with the basics, though. Every week, gives away 1000 mBTC to share among their TOP-10 Caesars, i.e. players who have been able to wager the most playing dice throughout the qualification week. The rewards vary between 50 mBTC and 500 mBTC (for placing 1st) respectively, meaning one can receive substantial boosts for the bankroll regularly. As of writing this, Rollin have given away over 81,000 Bitcoins in rewards for their loyal players, and this record is definitely to be beaten in the coming months.

Rollin have also established a player level system to encourage their customers to achieve better gaming results, and be eligible for regular perks and bonuses for it. The system comprises 11 levels in total, with the house edge dropping to as low as 0,8% as you progress gradually. Also, the higher your level is, the more free satoshis you’re able to get from’s integrated Bitcoin faucet (see below).

Alternatively, if you’re a proactive player or an owner of a blog/business/website who knows how to persuade potential gamblers to discover Rollin’s multiple dice wagering opportunities and join the ranks of the platform’s numerous community of virtual dice devotees, you will find the portal’s affiliate system to be of really great value for you! Get your personal unique affiliate URL, and take the maximum advantage of it. The affiliate statistics and the list of your referrals is displayed in the corresponding section, so you’re welcome to check them any time you want to.

Expect to come up with their future special limited-time and regular promotions and offers to benefit from. Be sure to provide a valid email when customizing your player’s account, as this step won’t let you slip any of the attractive bonuses offered by deposit and withdrawal methods

Being a Bitcoin-only dice gaming portal, simplifies the deposit/withdrawal procedures greatly for their customers. It takes so little time to send gambling funds to your balance the BTCs will already be there ready to make wagers with, before you can make yourself a cup of coffee. Likewise, expect the winnings withdrawn from your Rollin account to reach your Bitcoin wallet comparably quick. Overall, deposits take one confirmation to be completed, while all other fund transactions require two. Be sure to withdraw at least 1 mBTC at a time, as this is the minimum amount to pay out by the portal.

As a new player, you may not have any bitcoins in your digital wallet which is absolutely all right even if you’re willing to try Rollin’s full potential (and you certainly do, don’t you?). The portal has found a nice solution for you letting you purchase the desired amount of (m)BTC for gambling purposes from Blockchain or Bitstamp, being the most popular and advanced cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Another option is to use the system’s integrated Bitcoin faucet, i.e. the dispenser of free satoshis (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC), to top up your balance with certain limited amounts of gaming funds. betting opportunities

Being aware dice is a relatively simple game compared even to some card games, you wouldn’t probably ask for too much as far as it concerns various gaming settings, and that is where you would be a bit wrong. This dice portal has a nice set of related options to choose from, including the necessary bet size adjustments, prediction rate controls with “roll higher/lower” than the designated figure functionality offered. What you may be looking forward to try also is the “Robot Roll” option enabling you to make a series of dice rolls in the automatic mode, with the necessary values available to be pre-set, including the “return to base” function on either win or loss. customer support

At, all your possible issues will be solved quickly and efficiently, as you can get the necessary support in several ways. Whenever you’re feeling you need help and/or advice, or there are certain not too specific questions regarding game-play on that you need to ask, there is always a good reason to help yourself and try to look for the relevant information in their FAQ section first.

Traditionally, you can address the portal’s CS team with your problem, questions, or feedback via email. Otherwise, if you believe fellow players are qualified enough to help you, feel free to contact them directly in the common chat accessible from the main page.

The portal has an active thread on BitcoinTalk, and that is another place for you to address them with your questions, propositions, etc. Liking/favoriting/subscribing to Rollin’s Twitter and Facebook pages is another option to keep yourself updated with the dice platform’s current proceedings and offers. mobile platform

If you prefer to play your favorite game of dice using your mobile device, we have really good news for you: is fully compatible with iOS and Android based smartphones and tabs, as well as with phones built on Windows platform, in the standard browser mode. Enjoy it while you’re far away from your desktop machine or laptop! security

What is offering is a completely safe and secure provably fair dice gaming experience. The integrated functionality of fairness provability lets you verify the portal’s fair-dealing in terms of providing the real results of the outcome of all your betting actions, and not adjusting the latter in their favor. The principle behind’s provably fair mechanism is explained in the ‘Fair?’ section on their website. takes great care of their customers’ well-being, personal data, and funds, and is one of the most trustworthy Bitcoin dice gaming websites one can find on the Internet.