Player Beats Bitstarz Record With $1.35 Million Win

bitstarz casino record win slotomon go slot

It is the hope of every player to land that life-changing win that would transform their lives and give them the opportunity to live their dream in terms of a good house, cars and that holiday of a lifetime. But the break doesn’t come easily for everyone even though it did for a player who recently smashed the BitStarz Casino record by winning over $1.35 million.

This came after another player won $845,000 last month which was the biggest win before the recent big which has marked out BitStarz as a platform known for mega wins.

– A Monster Hunter Wins Big

The 354.24 BTC win came from the Slotomon Go, which is increasingly popular among players just the way Pokemon was the craze of the moment a while ago. Since the game has proven to be reasonably fair, there is no doubt that many players go for it these days no wonder the latest scoop came from the Slotomon Go.

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Nevertheless, irrespective of your favorite game, BitStarz Casino has proven to be a platform for big wins and the latest record would take some challenge beating. The question is not really if but when and by whom. I’d say that the next big mega win could come from any game and you could be the lucky player.

slotomongo slot screen

The attraction of the Slotomon Go stems from the fact that each monster that you capture has its own name and you’d be able to accumulate bounties and see their mugshot and names by the right side of the screen as you make progress. Interestingly, the game has a high prospect of making you win up to 25,000 coins.

– A Lot of Bonuses to Use

Playing on the Bitstarz platform has a lot of benefits such as bonuses that enable you to gain free spins worth hundreds of euro.

The platform gives you up to 20 free spins and several high valued bonuses just for signing up and over the course of making your deposits. There are also several on-going promotions that you could take advantage of as you play your favorite games. Irrespective of your choice of games, there is something for you in terms of promotional to benefit from.

– Games Played On Your Own Terms

The best thing about Bitstarz is not just the glitz of array of beautiful games but the fact that the platform games are provably fair. The settings enable you to adjust the speed of your games to enhance the possibility of hitting it big. So you can always go to the settings to adjust the factors that affect how you want the next game to be played. This would ensure that you play at the highest advantage.

– BitStarz Casino Fast Cashout for Winnings

After you’ve won big, you wouldn’t want delays getting your hands on your money. This is where Bitstarz has proven to be the best. Still, on the benefits of Bitstarz, we should not forget that speed of payment when you win is as important to you as the winner. You already have in mind what to do with the winning and Bitstarz has made sure that you get paid immediately.

For instance, the latest mega winner didn’t wait up to ten minutes to receive their $1.35 million in the wallet. It is so quick that even Las Vegas can’t dream of having patrons withdraw winnings in such record time. So what are you still waiting for? I’d head to the platform to try my luck. Who knows if you’d be the one to break the current win record?

Free bonus: 20 freespins
Bonus package up to 5 BTC + 180 freespins