Bitcoin sports betting

People have been betting on sports and the outcomes of all kinds of events for thousands of years. Tens of centuries have since passed, but we still have the same gambling nature our ancestors had all those years ago. Perhaps the only difference, apart from the multitude of sports now existing, is the way bets are made nowadays. Certainly, you are free to go to an “old-school” betting office to have your bet accepted by a bookmakers – so nostalgic, and so retrograde.

That is not the way things are usually done nowadays. Millions of bettors and sports fans worldwide have already become fully accustomed to Bitcoin betting sites that offer a variety of betting events and championships to choose from. There is no doubt that online betting portals leave traditional bookmakers in their dust – nowadays you get access to the full betting functionality using almost any Internet-connected device while staying anywhere you like.

Sports to bet on with bitcoins in 2019

If you’re still not in the know, we just have to tell you that there is a huge variety of professional sports, athletes, leagues and championships to bet on. No matter which country or part of the world you live in, you will always be able to bet on the sports you prefer. As of now, Bitcoin betting websites allow you to bet on; football (soccer), hockey, basketball, volleyball, American football, baseball, rugby, golf, boxing, skiing, shooting sports, horse and greyhound racing events, pool and snooker, F1 and other motor racing sports, summer and winter Olympic events, chess tournaments, darts, and many other more or less exotic sports. Additionally, multiple Bitcoin betting websites also offer making bets on social, political and entertainment events of all kinds, including presidential elections in major countries, song contests (like Eurovision), movie awards and several others. Essentially, even if you do not like any sports at all, you will find some event or activity that interests you to bet on! website screen
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Top Bitcoin sports betting sites just a click away

But there’s probably something more than that bringing you here. We think that you have been looking for the best Bitcoin betting websites, and that’s how you found us here at, all thanks to the almighty Google or other search engine you’ve been using. Well you’ve come to the right place, indeed. Here you will have a fantastic opportunity to deepen your knowledge about making Bitcoin bets on sports, learn a lot about possibilities of placing bets in Bitcoin, and read our detailed brand reviews of the carefully selected online betting platforms in this constantly updated section. Additionally, we will provide you with information about the most popular Bitcoin betting exchanges and markets, as well as many other necessary things about making BTC bets on sports.

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Bitcoin betting guide at your service

With us, you will learn how easy and entertaining betting with Bitcoins may become. If you’ve been looking for a gambling website with the purpose of making sports or eSports bitcoin bets, it is highly likely that you already have certain preferences in sports, and at least minimal experience in making real-money sports bets online. Our task here is not drilling down and explaining all the ins and outs of Bitcoin sports betting, but rather helping you find the ultimate websites and portals where you could try your skills and make Bitcoin bets to eventually win (with great probability). We are not a Bitcoin betting site ourselves, and we don’t want your bitcoins. Instead, we would like to offer you our free services and advice in selecting the right bookmaker websites to suit all your needs and requirements.

In order to find these websites, one would have to compare all the Bitcoin betting portals in existence, and there are potentially hundreds of them. But you don’t have to worry, as we have already finished the hard work for you. All you need to do now is read our materials and compare betting possibilities, options and conditions. Additionally, we will publish news on special Bitcoin betting bonuses and promotions offered by all the Bitcoin betting sites out there. By taking advantage of these bonuses and participating in promos you will be able to substantially increase your BTC playing funds, make sports bets on exclusive terms (with better odds) and win special valuable prizes, on top of your regular Bitcoin wins.

Best websites with top odds for betting on sports events in 2019

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Live Bitcoin betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is definitely one of the reasons many people find online sports betting so appealing. The possibility to make bets while the event is still running, is undoubtedly an exciting experience. Sometimes, the outcome of the event is impossible, or almost impossible to predict until the very last second, which only adds up to the overall feeling of the suspense. Here, in this section, you will find a whole load of Bitcoin live bet websites and portals offering great possibilities to make live bets with Bitcoin online. If you already tried sports betting and Bitcoin betting online, but have never made live Bitcoin bets on sports events, you should definitely try them at least a few times – the feeling is just incomparable.

Bitcoin bets are for everyone!

And that is for sure. No matter how old you are, what your gender or occupation is, which country you live in, how much you earn or what car you drive – your devotion to sports can be one of the biggest passions in your life, even if you don't participate in any sports yourself. Still, betting with bitcoins on your favorite sports can be another great way for you to enjoy them, apart from watching life broadcast of sport events. This is especially great if your knowledge and ability to predict outcomes can serve you a good turn in sports betting, and eventually earn you money! Frankly speaking, that is exactly what sports bets are meant for – with their help, you can prove your ability to foresee and foretell certain outcomes based on preliminary analysis, and (perhaps more importantly) boost your earnings. And in case you decide to bet with Bitcoin – there are even more special benefits and advantages for you, including payment anonymity, fast (almost instant) deposits and withdrawals, enhanced fund security, low transaction commission fees, no taxes and no third-party-supervision.

You may take a long online journey in search of your best bitcoin sports betting site, but it is our mission to make this journey as enjoyable, entertaining, educational, and safe as possible, and when we say 'safe', we truly mean it. Here on, we do our best to help you get unrestricted access to only legal, fully licensed and regulated Bitcoin sports betting websites and gambling portals bringing you the best betting solutions, offers, bonuses and promotions, whilst offering you loose and transparent terms and regulations. It may happen so that we unintentionally miss out some details in a bookmaking portal review, or their bonus offer. If you feel these details may be of greater importance to you or somebody else, or there is some other unanswered betting-related question you have, do not hesitate to contact a betting website's support team. That is exactly how you can make sure your gameplay is enjoyable, safe and secure. We really hope our Bitcoin betting guides come in handy to help you choose your next new bookmaking website to bet with using Bitcoin.