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Bitcoin Cash Basics

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and has its own huge user-base online. However, the Bitcoin network has its limitations. One of these major problems is its sometimes exorbitantly high transaction fee compared to some other cryptocurrencies. When the Bitcoin hashing network has a high transaction backlog this can lead to a massive increase in the average fee due to competition for block space. For example, during Dec 2017 the average Bitcoin transaction fee was around $50. Bitcoin Cash was created to address this issue.

Bitcoin Cash is similar to Bitcoin in several ways, being based on a decentralized blockchain, and by being essentially anonymous. However, Bitcoin Cash is a hardfork of the original Bitcoin protocol. Unlike Bitcoin which has a 2MB blocksize limit, Bitcoin Cash has an 8MB blocksize limit, allowing the BCH network handle vastly more data simultaneously. This decreased competition for block space makes Bitcoin Cash transactions significantly faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, with the average transaction fee being under $0.20 for BCH, versus around $1.30 for BTC.

The initial implementation of Bitcoin Cash was created by Bitcoin ABC, and was launched on the 1st of August, splitting off from Bitcoin as of block 504031. Bitcoin Cash has also been hailed as being more decentralized than Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, making it more secure and resistant to hacks. Bitcoin Cash was intended to take all of Bitcoins strengths and improving on its own only weakness (transaction fees).

In short, by simply increasing the blocksize to 8MB Bitcoin Cash benefits from much lower fees, making it ideal for sending small payments which might otherwise have a transaction fee higher than the payment amount.

Bitcoin Cash Gambling in 2022

Bitcoin Cashed was released just under a year ago in August, 2017, since then the online gambling industry has taken Bitcoin Cash into its loving arms. In just a few short months, almost all the biggest players have begun to accept BCH as a deposit and withdrawal option, allowing them to leverage the excellent features that the cryptocurrency offers. Bitcoin Cash operates using a decentralized ledger known as blockchain, this distributed ledger is ultra-secure as it is protected by the coordinated effects of tens of thousands of BCH miners! In short, this means your BCH is essentially unhackable.

Bitcoin Cash has seen massive adoption at online casinos and sportsbooks, this combined with its speed, privacy and ease of use make it the perfect cryptocurrency for gambling fans. Dozens of casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites accept BCH, so you will always have somewhere to play!

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Benefits of playing with Bitcoin Cash in 2022

Since Bitcoin was released in 2009, there have been hundreds of other cryptocurrencies rising up to try to claim the top spot of most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is one of these, and offers several improvements over both Bitcoin and traditional currencies, including improved speed and cost. Bitcoin Cash is easily the most popular Bitcoin fork, and has several features that make it perfect for online gambling, including;


If asked what the most desirable feature of cryptocurrency is, almost everybody would put privacy near the top of their list. Bitcoin Cash, like other cryptocurrencies is pseudo anonymous as it doesn’t require any link between your identity and your BCH wallet address. Very few BCH betting portals require you to enter your personal information when playing on their platform, and many don’t even require you to create an account by providing you with a temporary account automatically. Temporary accounts work by using a unique cookie that identifies the player, and automatically loading up your player account. There are dozens of casinos, sportsbooks and betting portals that use this system. For anybody that prefers to keep their personal information privacy, or would like to play without unnecessary interruptions and delays, then BCH gambling is perfect for you.

Provably Fair:

Have you ever wondered if the casino you are playing at is playing fair? Well, with many BCH casinos you no longer have to wonder this, you can check! One of the best advantages of using many cryptocurrencies such as BCH is that these casinos typically offer a feature called provably fair. This provably fair system enables players to prove that their session results are randomly generated, rather than being manipulated, altered or predetermined. Overall, provably fair enables casinos to prove they are playing fair and is an excellent indicator of a trustworthy betting portal. We believe that all casinos should implement a provably fair system for as many games as possible, as every casino should demonstrate that are playing fair.

Lower Fees:

One of the most annoying things about playing with traditional currencies are the deposit fees. However, using Bitcoin Cash for your gambling hobby is a much cheaper alternative. Because the Bitcoin Cash network is completely decentralized meaning there are no central authorities to governs transactions or determines transaction fees. By using Bitcoin Cash as your deposit or withdrawal method you completely bypass any sort of payment gateway or bank, and can deposit your funds directly from your BCH wallet into your player balance. This system allows for significantly cheaper transfer fees which are almost negligible when using BCH. In fact, even when you’re depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars, your fees are likely to be just a tiny percentage of the transacted amount, and certainly less than 1% of the total. Gone are the days of paying extortionate IBAN fees.

Transacton times:

One of the most significant benefits of using BCH is the speed of its transactions. Have you ever tried to deposit into an online casino with traditional currencies? Then you probably know the frustration of having to wait hours, or possibly days for your player balance to update. Well, BCH makes these tedious delays a thing of the past, by reducing the maximum deposit time down to just 10 minutes but usually much sooner once as transactions can be verified within just a few minutes usually. For players, this simply means that your deposits will show in your account much faster than traditional methods, giving you more time to play, and less time waiting around.


Bitcoin Cash offers extraordinary safety for your funds. The BCH mining network consists of tens of thousands of individual miners which contribute their hashing power for the security and good of the network as a whole. This means that the BCH network is extremely well protected against hacking attacks or corruption as the miners in the network will reject any blocks that are suspicious preventing corruption, whilst being resistant against alteration due to the sheer computational power required to achieve this. The distributed ledger behind Bitcoin Cash virtually guarantees the safety of your coins, whilst ensuring that nobody can intercept or interfere with your payments. You choose who you pay, and they receive the payment, it is as simple as that.

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What is the best source to find Bitcoin Cash betting sites?

You can stop looking, because you have found just the place! We know it is difficult to find the very best Bitcoin Cash betting portals, so we decided to take the burden upon ourselves to do it for you! Our site aims to save our readers valuable time by bringing all the most trustworthy, most reliable and most profitable BCH betting portals available all into one place, including sportsbooks, poker sites, casinos and plenty of other types of gambling sites.... We have them all featured right here.

There are dozens, or potentially even hundreds of Bitcoin Cash betting portals, we don’t expect you to go through all of those yourself, your time is far more valuable than that. So, you can stop searching and start enjoying yourself at one of the latest and greatest betting portals for BCH that we have got lined up for you. Since there are new BCH casinos, sportsbooks and betting portals released frequently we recommend you check back regularly as there might be some excellent newcomers’ worth checking out.

Here at we bring you reviews for all the latest Bitcoin Cash gambling site, whether that be casinos, sportsbooks or anything else. We study each website in depth and analyze the features it offers customers to help you choose which is best for you. We take the time to cover all the basics, including which currencies are accepted, what level of support they offer, and the pros and cons of each site, as well as more specific details including the bonuses available and any special features on offer to players.

On our site you will find the most extensive list of Bitcoin Cash casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites and other betting portals ensuring you will never have to play at a shady website ever again. Of course, we make sure to present this information in a clear-cut no nonsense manner to ensure you can easily find the details that interest you.

We also know that many Bitcoin Cash gamblers prefer to play on their mobile device, so we make sure to clearly highlight which BCH sportsbooks, casinos and betting portals have a mobile option. In our opinion, mobile gambling is one of the biggest trends in recent years, so you can be sure that any casino with a mobile site or app is doing its best to cater for its users. Everything you want to know about BCH gambling and much more will be covered in our extensive reviews, so make sure to check out our review section to find your next favorite betting portal.

Top Bitcoin Cash Gambling Sites 2018

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What games do Bitcoin Cash casinos offer?

A better question would be... What can’t you play? Today the BCH gambling industry is so well developed that there are offerings from almost any genre of game. The industry benefits from a number of big game providers that develop games specifically cryptocurrency casinos, whilst others produce adaptations of the classics that everyone knows and loves, such as the tried and tested dice games (including craps), card games such as poker and blackjack, and of course industry favorites including slots and roulette. Whatever you choose, we have a detailed list of BCH casinos that offer something for everybody, so check it out if you’re struggling to find something.

Below you will find a brief list of games available at many BCH casinos

Lottery games are found at almost every BCH casino, and for good reason. Lotteries often offer huge jackpots and have a low-ticket cost, allowing even those with small bankrolls the chance to potentially win millions. Lotteries are simple games, and have only one rule, select a series of numbers. These numbers are then compared against winning numbers to see whether you have won a prize. If you match a few numbers you win a small prize, match them all and you win the jackpot, it’s as simple as that.

Slot machines are another crowd favorite. The slots always attract a great deal of attention at traditional casinos, and this has also translated to online casinos. These are simple games, you place a wager on the slot, hit a lever or button and the wheels begin to spin. Once these wheels stop they have a chance of forming a three-in-a-row pattern indicating you have won, e.g. CHERRY | CHERRY | CHERRY. The great thing about online slots is that they tend to offer additional features such as multipliers and mini-games that make them extra fun to play.

Poker... Need we say more? Poker is probably one of the most iconic card games, being deceptively simple, and surprisingly deep is little wonder why it is one of the most popular card games ever invented. Of course, many BCH casinos have their own digital or live Poker tables, so you can either play against the house (computer) or against other players. The basic rules are as follows, each player is dealt two hole cards, and between 3-5 cards are dealt to the table. Whoever has the best combination of cards when considering their pocket cards and the table cards wins! If it is a draw, then the pot is split. Many BCH casinos offer multiple versions of the game, including Omaha hold ‘em and spin-and-go, giving you much better variety than traditional establishments.

Blackjack is another very popular table card game offered by most Bitcoin Cash casinos. This game is very simple and is played between the player and dealer with the main aim being to collect cards totalling 21 points – that’s it! Each card has its own value and it’s your job to play the right moves to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. As an all-time favorite, many BCH casinos have this game available, and several even offer variation types including live blackjack or no limits blackjack.

Dice. If there is one game that is synonymous with cryptocurrency gambling, then this is it. Dice games were one of the earliest games created for cryptocurrency and a strong following. Almost all BCH casinos have one or more types of dice games. Dice games have just one rule You roll a dice and guess if the number will be higher or lower than the result, if you guess right, you win. It couldn’t be simpler than that!

Sports betting - sports betting is big! With dozens of different sports to choose from, and potentially hundreds of different events daily, there’s always something to bet on. Sports betting is one of the major success stories for cryptocurrency gambling as successful bets rely on speed! With the odds changing minute to minute, traditional casinos simply can’t keep up, whilst BCH casinos allow near instant deposits, so you’ll never miss an event with great odds again. There are dozens of BCH sportsbooks out there, offering sports betting on everything from soccer, to the Olympics!

Is Bitcoin Cash Gambling Legal?

Yes, in almost all countries and jurisdictions it is completely legal to gamble using cryptocurrency. This is true for multiple reasons, firstly, Bitcoin Cash is not considered a currency, and so technically even countries that have banned fiat gambling do not have regulations over cryptocurrency gambling. We do recommend checking this frequently however, as the regulations pertaining cryptocurrency are rapidly changing. In our reviews we make sure to thoroughly check if casinos, sportsbooks and other betting portals have any restricted countries, make sure to check this out before selecting your next Bitcoin Cash betting site.

Are There any Differences Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are.... Very similar, in fact they could be considered siblings. The younger sibling, Bitcoin Cash only been around for almost a year, whilst big brother Bitcoin has been around since 2009. Technically, both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash use blockchain technology as part of their core protocol, sharing the same SHA256 proof-of-work algorithm, but differing in a key part of their core protocol – block size. Bitcoin Cash has an 8MB block size, whilst Bitcoin has a 2MB block size, in simple terms this means that Bitcoin Cash can fit more transactions into a blockchain than is possible with Bitcoin, which amounts to a several fold increase in the number of transactions per second the BCH network can handle compared to BTC.

When it comes to gambling with BCH, the main difference is speed and cost. With Bitcoin, the amount of competition for space on the next block is high due to the small block size, which can lead to high competition for transaction fees. This often means that low fee transactions are not included in the next block, and can be delayed until a later block, delaying the transfer. Bitcoin Cash does not suffer from the same amount of competition, which means that even low fee transactions can be confirmed in the next block, improving both the speed and cost of transactions. Despite these minor differences, both cryptocurrencies offer major advantages over traditional currencies, and are great choices for online gambling.

Do Bitcoin Cash Casinos and Sportsbooks offer bonuses?

If there’s one thing we know.... That’s casino bonuses! We know that everybody loves a great bonus, we do too. When it comes to bonuses, cryptocurrency casinos are the gold standard! What better way to start playing at a new casino or sportsbook, than to be given a great bonus to help you out? In our experience, Bitcoin Cash betting portals tend to be far more generous with their bonuses than traditional casinos, as they know that Bitcoin Cash gamblers love some extra incentives to play.

These bonuses come in multiple forms, but the most commonly seen type is the welcome bonus, where new players are provided a boost to their initial deposit. Other types of bonuses include repeat deposit bonuses where you are rewarded for playing regularly, and even the lucrative no-deposit bonuses where you are given free money to try out a betting platform!

In fact, because we know you love bonuses so much, we created a section dedicated to all the best bonuses currently available, just check out our bonuses section in the header above. We make sure to bring you offers from only trustworthy, secure casinos and sportsbooks, so you know you are playing at a reputable establishment. If you want to make the most of your bankroll and maximize your chances of winning big, check out our bonuses section today!