On our website you will find all the information needed to begin betting on your favorite eSports using Bitcoin. We compare the best Bitcoin eSports betting portals helping you find the ones with features to suit you. Whether it’s League of Legends, DOTA 2, Starcraft 2 or something else, we will help you find the best site for you!

eSports, a competitive team video game, is a relatively young sport, but the eSports section is already a must-have for any crypto betting site. Although electronic sports games are currently few in number, Bitcoin eSports betting has become extremely popular among both gaming fans and lovers of sports betting. eSports not only keep the competitiveness, thrillingness, and variety of traditional sports but also enrich matches with their unique specifics. Therefore, eSports Bitcoin betting offers more bet types with less predictable results than traditional sports. Let us discuss the details of eSports and how to bet on them in online sportsbooks to successfully win big and often. 

eSports Bitcoin Betting 2024

Did you know you can bet your favourite eSports using Bitcoins too? That’s absolutely fantastic, as by doing so, you are able to combine all the latest digital tech achievements provided by the most acclaimed and reliable developers and operators, and successfully benefit from it! Now that’s something to look forward to.

Understanding eSports

eSports is a common name for competitive team cybergames. The first esports competitions were held in the 1980s, and esports quickly obtained separate sections on the earliest sports betting sites after their appearance in the 2000s. In the mid-2010s, crypto eSports betting became an almost obligatory part of the newborn crypto gambling industry. Further evolution changed esports championships from competitions of fans into the pro gaming industry with multimillion-dollar prizes. Accompanied by the advanced graphics and gameplay of modern games, this led to the burst of eSports betting popularity. 

Although eSports are related to sports in general, they have notable specifics. Compare sports and esports below: 

eSports Sports
Can be played from any place in the world. Need special space for training.
Organization of high-rank tournaments is currently easy and low-cost. High-rank tournaments are very expensive.
Match results depend on players’ reactions and strategic skills. A player’s health, stamina, and strength are as important as strategy.
Have numerous virtual worlds with specific rules of nature that influence gameplay and must be studied separately. Have the common physics and biology of the real world.
Often very spectacular because of the advanced design of characters, locations, and weapons.   In most cases, have a basic design.
Players can train at a suitable time without a strict schedule and diet. Besides regular training, needs a special diet and sleeping schedule.
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How can I get started with eSports Bitcoin betting?

To get started with eSports Bitcoin betting, select a popular game and study it thoroughly. Then sign up for a high-quality betting site and deposit money for bets. Choose the bet amount and type and wait for the results. 

Can I use Bitcoin to bet on any eSports game or league?

Yes, you may bet with Bitcoin on all games, leagues, and teams available on crypto betting sites.

Can I bet on eSports with cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin?

Yes, on average, crypto gambling sites offer betting with 8-10 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, and Binance Coin. The best sites support up to 90 cryptocurrencies.

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin for eSports betting?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow fast and cost-saving deposit transactions and keep your gambling anonymous. Besides, cryptocurrencies themselves are promising investments.

Are there any risks associated with eSports Bitcoin betting?

On crypto betting sites, there are several risks related to possible gambling addiction. However, the sites successfully prevent these issues, and they are rather exceptional cases.