Dice games are a type of online casino entertainment in which players throw dice cubes or other forms of dice. Classic cube faces are numbered from 1 to 6, and the numbers on the top faces represent certain points for a player’s score. In online casinos, there are several cryptocurrency dice game variations with different rules for score counting and determining the winner. 

Dice is the oldest casino game, played since the times of the pharaohs in Egypt and widespread throughout the ancient world. Some dice games that were invented in Ancient Rome, China, and India, as well as Medieval Europe and the New Age USA, have become part of the modern casino libraries on the best cryptocurrency dice sites.

Although dice is far less popular than slots or poker, each crypto online casino includes several virtual currency dice games that have enough loyal fans because of their unique features. Dice games are simple yet interesting, fast yet thrilling. Despite their completely random results, they allow players to show their skills by predicting correct results. Most dice games allow managing risks and have various bets and bet multipliers.

How Dice Crypto Games Work

A basic online or instant Bitcoin dice game is a simplified variation of craps in land-based casinos. They assume digital imitation of throwing 2-15 playing cubes onto a green bet field. Cubes may show a total sum of one of 6*(X-1) numbers, where X goes for dice quantity. 2 cubes have 10 options of a 2-12 range, 3 cubes mean 15 options of a 3-18 set, 4 dice goes for 28 numbers between 4 and 24, and so on. 

In classic live craps, there are different types of bets, but basic online dice games save only one above/below bet. Players manage their winning odds by selecting an edge number for above and below number sets. The closer the edge number is to the middle of the main set, the lower the win multiplier is. The lowest one is 2x, but players receive 1.98x of their bets because 2% is taken away by a casino as a house edge.

Several online and instant dice games refuse this complex animation. For example, Dice by Spribe contains only two sliders and a rolling disk that shows the total result of the current round. 

Despite visual differences, all online Bitcoin dice games are played in the same way:

  • A player adjusts an edge number and a bet amount if they wish or use the default ones.
  • Then the player clicks a spin button to start a round. Advanced dice games also have auto-roll and turbo-roll modes.
  • The random result drops, and either the winning is credited to a player’s balance, or a lost bet is taken from it.

The results of online and instant dice games are determined by RNG software. They are obligatory checked by special authorities, therefore the results of a fair game cannot be predicted by players or forged by casinos. In numerous cases, players may additionally check the dice game’s honesty with an integrated Provably Fair calculator.

The results of live dice games are determined by dealers’ throws. However, in the hands of professional dealers, they are also subjected to the probability theory and are fair in their randomness.

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Popular Dice Crypto Games

Crypto dice game sections of even the biggest online casinos rarely exceed a couple of dozen games. Despite this, each gambling site is obliged to have dice, sic bo, and a game or two of rarer types. They have specific cube numbers, bet types, score-counting rules, and the strongest combinations and assume one or several rolls.

Dice game Frequency Specifics
Dice (craps) High A simplified craps version with 2-15 cubes and one above/below bet.
Sic bo High The best crypto dice game with advanced options and the highest popularity. A full craps version with 2-3 cubes and bets on exact numbers, dropping of a certain dice, a pair or triple, also above/below and even/odd bets.
Hi-lo Medium A game with bets on a high score (8 and higher), low score (up to 6), or seven points.
Chouhan Low A 2-cube dice game with even/odds bets.
Dice 10000 Low A game with 100 points for ones and 50 points for fives. The winner is determined by the highest score.
Cee-lo Low A 3-cube game with the strongest combination of 4-5-6.
Macao Low A single-cube game that assumes several rolls to get closer to a certain limit score, usually 12, without exceeding it.
Poker dice Low A game with 5 cubes covered with card rankings and suits. A player’s aim is to collect the strongest combination equivalent to a poker hand.

In addition, each cryptocurrency dice game has several subtypes with special features such as speed, additional bets, and wins, or game round organization:

  • Jackpot dice with a random additional winning of up to 10-20 million USDT
  • Drop & Wins dice with regular random winnings of several hundred USDT
  • Turbo or Rocket dice with faster betting options
  • High-roller dice with high bet amounts
  • Buy Bonus dice that allow purchasing additional bets
  • Multi-cube dice that involve 10 or more playing cubes and allow betting on more than 60 points
  • Live dice, which broadcasts a dice round from a land-based casino with a dealer and live chat.

How to Play Dice Crypto Games

In general, playing online dice is as simple, easy, and convenient as any other casino game

Gamblers can use PCs, laptops, and mobile devices and choose either universal casino sites or desktop and mobile applications on Android, iOS, and Windows. All these options assume the same interface and set of payment methods. Advanced crypto online casinos accept up to 90 cryptocurrencies, and the average casino wallet supports at least a dozen of them. Therefore, players can place dice bets for all the most reliable and reputable coins.

To start playing dice for cryptos, players need to follow a few steps common for all online casinos. Follow this simple mini-guide:

  1. Choose the best dice game whose rules, bets, RTP, and volatility suit you personally.
  2. Select one of the best Bitcoin dice sites with big welcome and loyalty bonuses, convenient cryptos, suitable deposit and withdrawal limits, and an advanced interface.
  3. Test the game in demo mode. Find its icon in the casino’s table games, dice, craps, or sic bo set, then click the demo mode button, pass to the game’s flash screen, and click a round roll button.
  4. Also, in demo mode, you may test a gaming strategy or a tip.
  5. If you like both gameplay and the casino’s interface, start playing dice for crypto. First of all, sign up and log in.
  6. In the wallet, cashier, or deposit section of your account, choose a suitable cryptocurrency.
  7. After crediting your money, come back to the game’s flash screen and select a real money mode. Then choose your cryptocurrency, adjust the bet amount and type, and start rolling dice.

These tips and tricks will make your playing of a cryptocurrency dice game more profitable or at least save your balance from excessive losses:

  • Choose a dice game with an RTP of 97% and higher. This percentage indirectly reflects your chance of winning.
  • Pay attention to the volatility of your game. The lower the volatility, the smaller balance it needs.
  • Select a crypto appropriate for your wallet. For example, Bitcoin has bigger deposit and withdrawal limits, while Tron requires small transaction fees.
  • It is recommended to transfer enough money to claim a welcome bonus. In most casinos, the minimum required deposit is only around 30 USDT. Also, pay attention to bonus wagering requirements.
  • Don’t avoid casino tasks for no-deposit bonuses, especially if they include risk-free bets for dice.
  • Remember to withdraw a part of your big winnings until they cover your deposits.
  • Never place a bet for your entire deposit.
  • Set time and money limits for playing dice games and stick to them strictly. Never chase losses.
  • Some crypto casinos offer to manage your digital currency funds while storing them in site wallets. You may place a large amount of crypto in the casino vault and play for daily APY.

For newcomers who plan to play smart, pro gamblers offer three simple and rather reliable strategies: the low-risk strategy, Martingale, and Fibonacci. Despite notable restrictions, these strategies help strategic gamblers surpass emotional, intuitional players.

Name Description Restrictions
Low-risk The safest Bitcoin dice strategy, especially suits jackpot dice. A player places multiple small bets to just participate in the game and waits for a big additional prize, Drop & Wins, or regular jackpot. Most wins are small. 
Martingale An algorithm of advanced reliability. A player doubles a bet after each loss and rolls it back to a basic amount after each win. Limited with the maximum dice bet of 100 USDT. 

Requires big balances.

Fibonacci A strategy of moderate risk and middle balances. Gamblers place bets of a sum of the last and pre-last one after each loss and place a small basic bet after each win.  Limited with the maximum dice bet of 100 USDT. 

Requires bet multiplier of 3 and more.

Start Playing Crypto Dice

Playing dice games for crypto is a great way to spend time with pleasure and profit. Despite simple rules, dice games are thrilling, generous, and varied enough to suit all types of players. Dice’s basic gameplay may be easily extended with extra features, and we expect more dice game genres in the future. The best BTC dice sites implement more and more cryptocurrencies with faster and cheaper transactions and provide an advanced gambling interface that will be only upgraded. The best casino welcome and loyalty bonuses for crypto gambling exceed 500% and are growing day by day. Therefore, if you do not play dice for crypto, it is time to start.


What are the minimum and maximum bets in dice crypto games?

The games on the best Bitcoin dice sites have the widest bet ranges of $0.1-$100. They suit both high rollers and penny players.

Is it safe to play dice crypto games?

Yes, absolutely. In crypto casinos, online, instant, and live dice games are entirely legitimate. The randomness of their results is verified by external authorities, and players may recheck it themselves with a Provably Fair calculator. Online casinos have advanced data security systems, and blockchain-based decentralized cryptos provide additional protection for your funds. Therefore, playing dice is safe for you and your money.

Can I play dice crypto games on my mobile device?

Yes, download a mobile app or use a mobile site of the casino where you plan to play a cryptocurrency dice game. In most cases, you may also play it for fun on its developer’s site and numerous casino review sites adapted for mobile devices. However, mobile apps with only one dice game are scams with the highest probability. 

What cryptocurrencies can I use to play dice crypto games?

Different online casinos accept different cryptocurrencies, so look for an exact list on the casino’s payment methods or deposits and withdrawals page. In most cases, the supported cryptos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dogecoin, and ZCash.

Can I win big in dice crypto games?

Yes, by playing jackpot dice games, you may win from several million Satoshi units ($100-2,000) to dozens and hundreds of Bitcoins (millions of dollars).