What is Blackjack?

Currently, there is no absolute consensus about exactly where Blackjack first originated, what is obvious however is that the game appears to have iterated from several similar games, with the modern version played today originating sometime in the 1700s. Blackjack bears a striking resemblance to Vingt-et-un, or Twenty-one in English, this has lead historians to believe that Blackjack is a direct offshoot from the game.

Blackjack has been the inspiration behind dozens of classic movies, including 21, The Gambler and Rainman, and has been adored by millions across the world. This deceptively simple game has managed to remain one of the most appealing table games around, and has developed an extensive community of players around the world.

One of the major reasons why Blackjack is so popular is because the rules are so easy to learn, this means you can get started with one of the world’s most popular games in just a matter of minutes! In its essence, Blackjack is a game where the player attempts to beat the dealer by getting closer to the number 21 based on the value of their cards. Though this might sound deceptively simple, it can become endlessly entertaining as you learn new strategies and tricks, let’s take a look at how the game is played.

How is Blackjack Played?

The general rule of blackjack is simple, get as close to 21 as possible using the cards you are dealt, between the dealer and player, whoever gets closer to 21 without exceeding it wins the game. In blackjack, each card as a value which is used when calculating the total value of a hand, suits do not matter. The ace is worth either 11 or 1 based on the choice of the player, face cards worth 10 each, whereas cards numbered 2-10 are worth face value.

The game begins with betting, following which the dealer deals each player and himself a single face-up card in a clockwise motion. Following this, the dealer will deal out another face-up card that again in clockwise order, before finally dealing themself a second card face-down. if your first 2 cards are a 10 and an Ace, then this is called a Blackjack, and you automatically win unless the dealer has the same.

After each player and the dealer has two cards, the players are given the choice to:

– Stand – remain at the current number of cards and finalize the position;

– Hit – take another card from the dealer in an attempt to get closer to a score of 21;

– Surrender – some casinos give players the option to surrender, forfeiting their hand and only losing half of their bet;

– Double Down – with double down, the player doubles the bet, takes another card and then stands to finalize;

– Split – if the player has two cards of equal value (pairs) then they can use the split option which allows players to split their hand into two separate hands by placing an equal bet on the second hand.

After each player has had their turn, the dealer then acts last, where they can then either hit or stand depending on whether their total is lower or higher than 16. As we enter the 21st century, Blackjack has evolved beyond just the standard table game available at live casinos, there are now several variants often available to choose from. Because these are variant games, the rules may be slightly different to traditional blackjack, for example Vegas Strip Blackjack uses 8 instead of 6 shuffled decks and allow a late surrender unlike the standard rules.

As with any game, we recommend only playing with small amounts until you get the hang of the rules, and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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Where to play Blackjack with Bitcoin in 2022?

Now you know how Blackjack came around and how to play, the next thing to do is find somewhere to play it! Of course, there are dozens of online casinos offering Blackjack, though only a handful of these offer Bitcoin deposit options. To get started on the journey of finding the best Blackjack casino for you, we recommend taking a look at some of our casino reviews. We review only trustworthy casinos that are well established in the industry to ensure you are always in safe hands whichever one you choose.

Of course, playing Blackjack online anonymously gives you the freedom to play whenever you want without restrictions. Many of the websites we feature on BitcoinCasino.info offer specially designed mobile versions of their games and website to ensure you can play using your mobile phone and tablet without issues.

Don’t forget to take advantage of any bonus offers and promotions available at your chosen casino, typically they will offer a new player bonus or free hands to try the game out, so grab these quick before you miss out, as they don’t tend to last long.

Why Play Blackjack with Bitcoin Online?

Playing Blackjack online offers several advantages that are simply not possible at brick and mortar casinos. Technology has progressed so fast that online Bitcoin casinos now offers forms of Blackjack that are extremely close to the real experience with live dealer blackjack, whilst allowing you to play from anywhere in the world! Playing online enables casinos to offer several Blackjack variants that would otherwise be difficult to find, such as Rummy, Spanish 21 and Double Attack Blackjack giving you a great deal of variety to choose from.

Integrating both Blackjack and Bitcoin really does create a match made in Heaven, if you want to play in complete privacy, using the fastest low fee deposit methods, then Bitcoin offers everything you are looking for and more. Online Casinos that offer BTC wagering are among the trailblazers in the industry, and offer features not offered at fiat casinos, including instant deposits and withdrawals, and completely anonymous gameplay (with often no registration required).

Besides this, playing online gives you access to special offers and bonuses that simply aren’t offered at traditional casinos. Online bitcoin casinos know that Blackjack players love bonuses, and so many offer Blackjack specific bonuses such as free hands and deposit bonuses. Take a look at our bonuses section, you’ll find all the current offers available there.

Additional Information

Don’t forget to read up on all the Blackjack strategy you can! This can help reduce the house edge down to almost 0%, giving you a great chance of beating the dealer! Different versions of Blackjack often have different house edges, rules and options, which also changes your chances of winning. We recommend trying out as many different versions of Blackjack as you can until you find the one you perform best at, and then put all your experience and new strategies to the test by loading up your Bitcoin bankroll before taking aim at those big wins!