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What is Monero?

Widely recognized as the most anonymous cryptocurrency, Monero has quickly gathered a huge following thanks to the privacy it offers its users. Monero was first released in April 2014 and was the second cryptocurrency to implement the cryptonote proof-of-work hashing algorithm. It is similar to Bitcoin in a few ways, such as being extremely decentralized, mineable and based on blockchain technology.

However, unlike Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, Monero uses additional encryption procedures to ensure that transactions remain completely anonymous. With Monero, only the individuals who participate in a transaction can verify the contents of the transaction, this is achieved using ring signature cryptography. This means that unlike cryptocurrencies with a fully public blockchain, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin, Monero transactions are completely untraceable.

Since its release, Monero has witnessed an impressive growth in both user activity and adoption. Nowadays, dozens of online cryptocurrency casinos and sportsbooks accept Monero, and the number of growing rapidly. In just a few years, Monero has risen to become one of the most popular privacy coins around, and currently has the highest market capitalization of any privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

How does Monero Compare to Bitcoin?

Both Monero and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies, which means they are digital currencies that operate using blockchain technology. However, the main use-case of the two cryptocurrencies is quite different, with Monero being primarily used for anonymous payments, whilst Bitcoin is most commonly used for general payments.

Unlike Bitcoin which has an average block generation time of ten minutes, Monero has a block time of just two minutes, allowing transactions to confirm on average five times faster than Bitcoin, making it ideal for situations where extremely fast deposits and withdrawals are required, such as sports betting.

The shielded payments feature of Monero also puts its in a league of its own when it comes to privacy, offering arguably the greatest privacy of any cryptocurrency, including ZCash, Dash and Bitcoin. The anonymity granted by Monero enables players to feel at ease whilst playing, content with the knowledge that absolutely nobody can ever tell how you have been spending your money.

However, since Monero is a much newer cryptocurrency, being only released a few years ago, there are far fewer online casinos and sportsbooks that accept Monero as a deposit option compared to BTC. This means that overall, there is less variety to choose from, though there are still a good number of Monero casinos to try out.

When playing at a Monero casino, you can expect many of the same features you would find playing at a general crypto casino, such as provably fair betting options, relaxed user registration requirements and of course, a great selection of games to choose from. For the most part, crypto casinos tend to offer deposits and withdrawals in multiple different cryptocurrencies, so be sure to check whether Monero is accepted when playing.

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What are the Benefits of Playing with Monero in 2021?

As we briefly touched on earlier, Monero’s crowning feature is its anonymity. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies which are considered practically anonymous, Monero is indisputably anonymous. This means that when playing online with Monero, you can rest absolutely assured that you are truly anonymous, with nobody able to see your activity or transaction history. This makes Monero ideal for those who prefer their privacy, rather than being snooped on by third parties. It is practically impossible to determine who you send transactions to; how much was transacted or even how much you have in your balance!

Besides its anonymity, Monero also offers several other drastic advantages over traditional currencies. For one thing, it is fast, not just fast, but incredibly fast. With Monero, a new block is mined every two minutes, this means you can expect your transaction to complete within two minutes! If you have ever had the misfortune of playing with bank deposits, you will find this speed a revelation. With Monero, you can deposit and be playing within just minutes, gone are the days of waiting hours for your deposit to clear.

In addition to its speed and anonymity, Monero also has another huge advantage over traditional currencies - its security. Monero offers a level of security that is simply leaps and bounds beyond anything offered by fiat. With Monero, getting hacked and losing your money is almost impossible. Monero uses some of the most advanced encryption ever invented to ensure that your funds are safe.

One of the great benefits of Monero however is the fact that is a cryptocurrency. Being a cryptocurrency, monero is not subject to the same laws and regulations that traditional currencies are, this means that gambling with Monero is completely legal in almost ever countries, including many where online gambling is illegal. This means that players in countries like the USA and China can play online without worries!

How to Maximize Your Profits with Monero

Being a cryptocurrency, it is only possible to play with Monero at online cryptocurrency casinos. This is a blessing, as online cryptocurrency casinos offer some of the best return to player rates in the business, giving you the best odds of winning and maximizing your bank roll. Besides typically having a low house edge, Monero casinos also offer a variety of special offers and bonuses for players to take advantage of.

Monero casinos often offer new players a whole host of bonuses to take advantage of, such as new player offers, repeat deposit bonuses, free spins and more! If you are just getting started with Monero gambling and want to find the best bonus offers available, feel free to head over to our bonuses section, here you will learn everything you need to know about online casino bonuses. What are you waiting for? Check it out and see how much you can boost your bankroll!

We also recommend taking the time try out any free play versions of games before diving into them with a cash wager. Often, spending some time learning the rules and familiarizing yourself with the game can prevent you from making novice mistakes later on, increasing how often you win. Additionally, doing your research can save you from a big loss, certain games have a skill and strategy element to them, learning the details can help you create the best strategy to win as much as possible. It might sound obvious, but few people seriously acknowledge the difference a winning strategy can make!

What Games Do Monero Casinos Offer?

Whichever type of player you are, you can be sure that your favorite game will be available to play at several Monero casinos. Whether you’re a table game guy, can’t get enough of your slots, or simply want to kick back and relax with some dice, Monero casinos will have you covered.

The majority of Monero Casino tend to offer relatively simple games as these work best with virtual currencies. The most common game variant you will find are slots, or more specifically video slots typically with 3-5 reels. Unlike real slots found at a traditional casino, online video slots tend to offer much better return to player rates, and feature exciting bonus games, scatter plays and free spins. Other common game types include:

Lottery games - Lottery games are one of the most popular games with traditional currencies, and the same can be said for cryptocurrencies. Several Monero casinos offer a selection of lottery games for those looking to try their luck and potentially win big! These games are very simple to play, you simply choose a series of numbers, and if your numbers are drawn then you win! The more numbers you match, the more you win, some casinos offer lottery jackpots worth millions of dollars!

Table games - No game selection would be complete without some table games. Every Monero casino worth its salt will offer an impressive selection of table games, ranging from the simplest games such as craps, sic bo and dice, card games including baccarat and blackjack and a variety of random number games such as roulette, wheel of fortune and big wheel. Table games tend to be the most popular games at Monero casinos, so you can expect a wide variety wherever you choose to play.

Poker - for the most part, Monero casinos will only offer video poker, rather than traditional poker. This is a stripped down version of poker that is played against the house, unlike normal poker where players check, call and raise their way to win the pot, video poker instead rewards players fixed amounts for hitting certain card combinations, with a pair paying the least, and a royal flush paying the most.

Live Dealer Games - If you are somebody who is fresh out of a brick and mortar casino and just beginning to dive into the world of Monero gambling, then live dealer games might be your first port of call. Live dealer versions are typically available for most table and card games, but are most commonly associated with roulette and baccarat.

Are there Monero Sportsbooks?

Absolutely! Besides Casinos, you can find dozens of Monero sportsbooks and other betting portals. We know that not everybody is interested in playing casino games, others like betting on real events such as sports, TV shows and election results. When playing with Monero, you don’t need to miss out on any of the action as the huge scope of Monero sportsbooks available will ensure you are always able to find just the right event to bet on.

Now, we know what you are thinking… I’m on, why are you telling me about sportsbooks? Well, sportsbooks are quickly gaining popularity with cryptocurrency gamblers, and we want to ensure that you are pointed in the right direction, there are plenty of excellent opportunities out there, but many of them aren’t immediately accessible. Because of this, we have made it our duty to bring you all the latest and great information about both cryptocurrency casinos and sportsbooks.

If you want to get started with sports betting, simply browse our sports betting section where you will find an excellent guide for beginners, along with a great deal of information about the benefits of sports betting and how to bet on e-sports.

How to Find the Best Monero Casinos

We know that finding a suitable Monero casino can be a struggle, after all, there are dozens of them available and they all appear to offer roughly the same content or services. However, if you delve into it a little closer, you will find that not all Monero casinos are equal, many of them have features that are not found elsewhere and offer a level of service that is difficult to match.

Our goal is to bring to you the very best casinos and sportsbooks, all our partners are fully licensed establishments that offer the highest quality experiences in the business. Essentially, this means you can feel safe and comfortable whilst playing with the knowledge that your money is in the best of hands. We make sure to thoroughly vet and review all of our partners to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards!

If you are looking for somewhere new to play, but don’t have the time to research the hundreds of cryptocurrency casinos available, don’t worry, as we have it all under control. Simply browse through our casino review section and read through our comprehensive reviews on all of our partnered casinos. In our reviews, we really leave no stone unturned as we know how important it is to play somewhere you feel at home.

Our reviews cover everything from the basics, including the deposit and withdrawal methods available, games available and customer support options, but also goes into further depth about casino specifics, including available promotions and specific features, such as mobile compatibility.