Aviator Crash Game: Full Guide on How to Play and Win

By Max N.
Updated: 26. Mar 2024

Today, enthusiasts are offered a huge variety of gambling forms that include slots, roulettes, poker machines, and even crash games.

The latter are games with instant payouts, and Aviator is the best example to consider in crypto crash gambling.

The game was officially released in February 2019 under the Spribe brand. It was one of the first crash machines in the industry, and its success was expected.

Today, it is a Bitcoin crash game with generous payouts. Its RTP reaches 97%, meaning players can potentially get back at least $97 for every $100 wagered.

Today, we will take a closer look at the slot’s mechanics, rules, and unique features.

Gameplay Mechanics

This is not what we call a ‘typical video slot’. Bitcoin crash games like Aviator come without traditional reels and winning lines.

Despite the innovative approach to gameplay, the idea is pretty simple:

  • When a red airplane takes off, the round begins. It starts with a minimum multiplier of 1x. But the longer this symbol is presented on the screen, the bigger your payouts become. 
  • The beauty is that the multiplier has no upper limit, meaning it will increase as long as the red airplane is flying, reaching 100x, 200x, or even more.
  • When playing Aviator, your task is to cash out your stake before the plane crashes. You can get a guaranteed win with a 2x multiplier or take your chances and wait for the plane to reach 20x, for example.
  • Predicting the moment of the crash is impossible, as Spribe used innovative Provably Fair technology. What does it mean? This cryptographic system guarantees gameplay randomness and fairness.

Aviator crash Bitcoin game comes with a minimalistic and intuitive interface. The top bar displays multipliers, and the control panel is on the opposite side. There, you will find buttons for adjusting bets and cashing them out.

If you prefer more dynamic gameplay, activate the Autobet feature, which automatically sets stakes before each flight.

Aviator Crash Game Gameplay Screenshot

The green ‘Bet’ button turns into ‘Cash-Out’ after the plane takes off. You can grab your winnings at any time by clicking on it. Overall, the controls seem simple and straightforward, so beginners will quickly master them.

It is also important to note the wide range of bets between 10 cents and $100 per round.

Graphics and Visuals

The quality of graphics and visual effects here is at the highest level. As mentioned, the bar with multipliers and the panel with buttons are fixed at the top and bottom. The rest of the screen is a black background image that also serves as a runway.

The playing field is designed in a minimalist style: there is nothing unnecessary on the screen that could distract or irritate the player. The color scheme is bright but stylish.

Given the specifics of crash Bitcoin game machines, players should not expect a variety of characters. The red propeller airplane is the only character involved in Aviator. It is quite detailed and drawn.

When the airplane takes off, the current multiplier appears on the screen. It will increase before your eyes along with other animation effects.

All animations can be disabled in the settings. This is especially useful for enthusiasts experiencing performance or connectivity issues.

The game is adapted for mobile gambling. The Android and iOS version of the slot offers the same minimalistic interface, with a detailed drawing of each element and the mentioned animations. Menu navigation is as intuitive as on desktop devices.

User Experience

Spribe has ensured newcomers will get used to this game quickly. After spending a couple of minutes playing, you will understand the control panel, statistics, multipliers, and other available tools. 

Unlike video slots, Aviator only allows you to adjust your current bet. You don’t have to increase/decrease the number of paylines, learn the symbols in the paytable, etc. 

Aviator Crash Games New Round Screenshot

You can make things even easier by activating the mentioned Autobet feature. In this case, decide what stakes you want to play with in the following rounds and enjoy a gaming session where bets are wagered without your participation.

This Bitcoin crash game also features fast loading times, provided you have a stable internet connection. It is devoid of any technical issues. This means players enjoy a stable and smooth gaming session on desktop and mobile devices.

To summarize, Spribe’s airplane makes a pleasant impression. The interface has an intuitive navigation, with all sections loading quickly thanks to which new players will be able to learn the rules and understand how the game works from the first gaming session.

Sound and Music

Music needs special attention when reviewing any game, and Aviator is no exception. When you play it on crash gambling site, you will be accompanied by dynamic and varied sound effects, especially before the airplane disappears from the screen.

Much of the gaming session will take place with relaxing music that perfectly complements the minimalistic theme and puts gamblers in the right mood. High-quality and well-chosen sound effects help the player focus on the gameplay and feel the atmosphere of the gaming machine.

If you prefer a quiet gaming session with no extraneous noise, disable the music effects in the settings.

Multiplayer and Features

Aviator is more than just a crash machine. It is a social multiplayer game where you become part of a giant society. This gives the game some valuable features:

  • Built-in Chat. Thousands of players can play Aviator on crash gambling sites simultaneously. The built-in chat allows you to keep in touch, exchange thoughts, make friends, etc. It comes with an emoji and GIF pack to make your communication more fun.
  • Free Bets. This bonus appears from time to time in the chat room. To get the booster, just click the ‘Claim’ button. When using the bonus, you place bets without risking your money.
  • Live Statistics. This section displays information about your stakes and progress. If you switch to another page, you will find the leaderboard of players with the biggest winnings so far.
  • Double Bet. Do you want to increase your chances of winning? Use the double bet feature and win more money in each round.

Multiplayer is one of the key features of this slot machine. Thousands of players are betting on Aviator simultaneously with you.

Additional features allow you to keep in touch. For example, use live chat to talk to friends and random enthusiasts and share ideas, thoughts, and strategies.

Winning Strategies

Unfortunately, there is no single strategy to win every time a red airplane takes off. This is because predicting the moment the plane disappears is impossible.

However, there are a number of game tricks to maximize your chances and greatly improve your experience:

  • Don’t chase giant multipliers. Winnings of 50x, 100x, and 200x look attractive. However, they are extremely rare, and you should obviously take advantage of small but regular payouts of 5x, 10x, or 20x.
  • Use auto withdrawal and double bet features. You can set an auto cash-out for one stake reaching 2x and use a second small bet to withdraw manually with an increased multiplier.
  • Try different approaches. For example, double your wager after each losing round. The next winning will cover your previous losses.
  • Gamble responsibly. Do not wager funds you cannot afford. Adjust your bets wisely.

The beauty is that you can try these tips out for free. The best crash gambling sites will offer you an Aviator demo game where you will use virtual coins to pay for rounds. However, keep in mind that there are no real payouts in this mode.

Aviator Crash Game Poster

Pros and Cons

An innovative approach to gameplay is by no means the only advantage of Aviator. There are many other pros to consider:

👍 There are no pitfalls and complicated rules.

👍 Winnings depend on your intuition and actions.

👍 Aviator is available for crash gambling with crypto coins.

👍 Huge winning potential, as multipliers have no upper limits.

👍 The intuitive interface allows beginners to start playing in a matter of minutes.

👍 Provably fair technology ensures absolute fairness and randomness of outcomes.

However, there is no such thing as a perfect casino game. Each has certain flaws and Aviator is no exception:

👎 The interface seems complicated at first glance.

👎 Sometimes the airplane flies away immediately after takeoff.

As you can see, the advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, you can expect an exciting gambling experience on crash gambling sites!

Best Sites to Play Aviator Crash Game

Your Aviator crash game experience hinges on the online casino you choose. Elevate your gaming journey with top-tier online crypto casinos that have cemented their status through stellar gaming experiences and unwavering security.

Explore the best options:

  1. BC.Game: Immerse yourself in a world of excitement. [Read Review]
  2. Bitcasino.io: Unleash the thrill of the Aviator crash game. [Read Review]
  3. Fairspin: Elevate your gaming experience to new heights. [Read Review]
  4. BitStarz: Take flight towards an unparalleled gaming adventure. [Read Review]
  5. Winz.io: Experience fairness and excitement combined. [Read Review]
  6. Playfina: Uncover a world of possibilities in the Aviator crash game. [Read Review]

Choose your destination wisely and embark on an exhilarating journey filled with high-quality gaming and unmatched security. Your adventure awaits – let the Aviator crash game frenzy begin!


The Aviator game controls are extremely simple as they only include buttons for single/auto bets and cashouts. There are no complicated rules and guides. This means beginners need minimum time to understand the gameplay and start playing for real money.

Overall, this is the perfect solution for those who want to diversify their experience and take a break from the typical slots. Enjoy dynamic gameplay, free bet bonuses, and instant payouts. Increase your winning chances with double bets and fill your pockets after every flight!