What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a very successful solution as a payment method and a gambling currency. ETH gambling expands day by day and is counted as a must-have for all casinos. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain technology and a related cryptocurrency created in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum used the advantages of its predecessor Bitcoin and fixed its technological mistakes to make blockchain transactions more safe, fast, and cheap. It is the second cryptocurrency by the time of invention and the first blockchain that allows expanding of smart contracts on its base. A notable part of all modern cryptocurrencies is Ethereum-based. 

Ethereum’s success is determined by its essential features that make the best Ethereum casino online sites convenient for gamblers.

  • Reputability

Ethereum has the second capitalization among all cryptocurrencies and can be counted as crypto silver. If crypto gambling has a future, the Ethereum one definitely has it either.

  • Efficiency

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has migrated to a proof-of-stake protocol which provides more cheap transactions than the previous proof-of-work one. The technology has built a decentralized virtual machine EVM able to provide efficient transactions encryption, processing, and writing. Therefore, the best Ethereum casino deposit is more reliable, time and cost-saving than any bank transfer.

  • Decentralization

As a decentralized technology and cryptocurrency, Ethereum does not have a higher authority that controls its work and is free to establish as high fees as it wants. The only fee that is paid by an Ethereum user goes to miners and is determined by its program code only.

  • Transparency 

Ethereum provides full transparency of money transfers. All Ethereum transactions can be tracked on the special scanner sites, therefore, players or ETH gambling sites can prove each deposit or withdrawal. 

  • Advanced security

Ethereum uses advanced encryption protocols. Ethereum transactions are recorded several times and cannot be inverted.

However, Ethereum has a crucial disadvantage – the volatility that may reach 85-90%. The unstable price is the reason why several governments decided to better forbid Ethereum than legalize it.

How to Start to Gamble with Ethereum?

Ethereum gambling differs a little from the fiat one because of advanced registration and, in most cases, cryptocurrency purchases. To start playing casino games for Ethereum, you need to:

  • Register on a casino site
  • Buy Ethereum
  • Transfer your cryptocurrency to casino wallets

After this, you may use Ethereum for gambling, claiming bonuses, and receiving winnings as any other crypto or fiat currency.


Register in Casino

Crypto casinos still need registration, but the process may be very advanced compared to fiat ones. Crypto casinos register with:

  • login and password;
  • login only accompanied with tracking your IP or sending SMS;
  • Ethereum wallet address.

Gambling international legislation obliges crypto casinos to require players’ KYC. It is necessary only after the first withdrawal or after reaching a certain amount.

For better protection of your funds, the best Ethereum gambling sites establish several methods of authentification:

  • verifying SMS;
  • Google Authenticator;
  • Face ID;
  • Touch ID.

If you are not sure about your minor cohabitants, use these options after registration.

Buy Ethereum 

Crypto casino players buy Ethereum for gambling on external decentralized and centralized exchanges or directly at their Ethereum online casinos. In general, for a purchase, you need a credit card only and, in a case of a centralized exchange, a standard document package for verification.


Decentralized exchanges do not have integrated user accounts and wallets controlled by the administration. Registration is not required, and a player needs an individual wallet before purchasing crypto. On DEXs, you pay fixed transaction fees for any amount of Ethereum. At the beginning of 2023, it contains about 0.60 USD.

To buy Ethereum on DEX:

  • Download the wallet installer and register your personal crypto wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet).
  • Select Ethereum main net and add ETH to the coin list if they are not established by default.
  • Find a CEX with an option of buying Ethereum with credit cards (Uniswap).
  • Launch the exchange app and your wallet to it by clicking the proper buttons.
  • In the credit card purchase section choose Ethereum, and enter the card credentials and desirable crypto amount.
  • Confirm a purchase, and Ethereum will be sent to your wallet in several minutes. The exchange will take a transaction fee from your amount.

A DEX allows buying with a credit card a cryptocurrency on which it is based. If you use a non-Ethereum exchange, swap the crypto for Ethereum.


Centralized exchanges provide users with in-build wallets and advanced purchase instruments but control their accounts and require registration and KYC for notable amounts. On CEXs, you pay a percentage of your purchase amount. The fee for a player level 0 or 1 varies between 0.5 and 1%.

To buy Ethereum on CEX:

  • Register on the CEX and pass a KYC if it is necessary for your ETH amount.
  • Choose the exchange section, which can be also labeled as “Buy crypto” or “Swap”.
  • Place a market order for immediate purchase at a current price or a margin order if you agree to wait.
  • After the order confirmation, Ethereum will appear on your account.

Casino Site

You can also buy Ethereum directly in several casinos. In practice, they have in-build CEX, but with market orders only. To perform an online casino Ethereum purchase, you need to transfer your fiat money to the site or use a credit card in a proper section.

Transfer Ethereum to Casino

If you did not buy Ethereum in place, you need to transfer it to the casino site. The casinos that accept Ethereum implement a special interface for crypto transactions, similar to a crypto wallet. Use it by the following steps:

  • In your account on the casino site, click a button labeled “Deposit”, “Cashier”, “Banking” or similar.
  • In the deposit section, choose Ethereum as a currency and ERC20 as a network.
  • Call a QR code or copy the casino wallet address.
  • In your individual wallet or CEX account, go to the withdrawal section, select Ethereum, ERC20, and a necessary amount. Then paste the casino wallet address or scan a QR code.
  • Confirm a transaction and wait for crediting money.

Ethereum perfectly fits online casino gambling. Its advanced safety, decentralization, cheapness, and quasi-anonymity are combined with the convenience of fiat currency.

Cryptocurrencies are not too widespread, only 17% of the world population owns them. The TOP Ethereum gambling sites continue persistently promoting Ethereum and other altcoins with bonuses of all types and new advanced games. Start playing for Ethereum now and use the best benefits when being among the first.

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Do Ethereum Casinos and Sportsbooks offer bonuses?

Yes, absolutely! We know that all players love a great bonus or incentive for playing at their favorite casino or sportsbook, and they know it too! Because of this, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency gambling portals tend to have some of the most lucrative bonuses and rewards for playing. These bonuses tend to include either a welcome bonus, repeat player bonuses, or even no-deposit bonuses!

Because we know you like them so much, we have a section dedicated just to detailing all of the bonus offers available, so you can make as much money as possible!

Of course, we only list bonuses offered by the most secure, and trustworthy casinos, so you know your money is safe while playing. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our bonus section above to start making the most of your money!

Bonuses in Ethereum Casinos

Ethereum casinos keep the bonus variety of fiat casinos and add the advanced ones. In the average Ethereum casino, players receive bonuses of the following types:

  • no deposit bonuses
  • first deposit bonuses
  • loyalty deposit bonuses
  • loyalty programs and VIP clubs
  • wheels of luck
  • lotteries and giveaways

In most cases, the Ethereum live casino sites pay these bonuses with classic or VIP free spins, bonus ETH and the casino’s main fiat currency. Several casinos created individual inner cryptocurrencies that can be unlocked after meeting wagering requirements, then swapped for another crypto and withdrawn. The wagering requirements for Ethereum bonuses are similar to fiat ones and contain 30-50x.

No Deposit Bonuses

In crypto casinos, no deposit bonuses are rather widespread. But it is almost impossible to find an Ethereum casino with no deposit bonus, paid with fiat or crypto. Players get mostly free spins, loyalty points, and cashback payouts for these site activities:

  • playing certain games on certain periods;
  • registration;
  • mobile phone or email verifying;
  • KYC;
  • inviting referrals.

First Deposit Bonuses

The average crypto casino has extremely generous bonuses for up to five first deposits.  Ethereum casino bonuses may exceed 300%, the required deposit may be up to 20.5 ETH. 

The bonuses are paid in Ethereum, the casino’s main fiat currency or inner crypto. They can additionally contain free spins and loyalty points.

Loyalty Deposit Bonuses

The deposits that cannot be considered as the several first ones can also be rewarded, usually by cashbacks in both Ethereum or a casino’s universal fiat or cryptocurrency. These deposits are often limited to certain weeks or weekdays and cover an exact game range.

Most crypto casinos use several loyalty deposit bonuses that may interfere with their conditions and add promo codes to allow players to select the best bonus code for Ethereum casino themselves.

Loyalty Programs and VIP Clubs

Many online casinos have VIP clubs and other loyalty program types that contain up to 60 levels. Each level achieving is rewarded with complimentary points, inner cryptocurrency, free spins, and risk-free bets, but never or rarely with Ethereum or fiat. Sometimes players need to unlock their rewards by meeting wagering requirements. Players of the highest levels receive the most lucrative rewards. In several cases, casinos offer them cruises, vacations, cars, and similar valuable prizes.

Wheels of Luck

Wheel of luck is a new online casino trend, widely used in Ethereum casinos. Usually, each registered player may spin it once in a certain period, mostly several hours. In a wheel of luck, it is hardly possible to grab the best Ethereum casino bonus but it is easy to win a loss of cashback, loyalty points, or free spins. Sometimes wheel of luck is activated after the first deposit only, and then the set of possible rewards may be widened with a small deposit bonus.

Lotteries and Giveaways

You can get benefits not only from bonuses in Ethereum casinos: In the crypto casino, you may directly buy a lottery or giveaway ticket for Ethereum or receive it for playing certain games or spending certain money sums on betting. The prizes can be paid in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, fiat money, or luxury goods. Advanced crypto casinos cooperate with hi-tech giants, and you may win MacBook or Tesla for your ETH lottery ticket.

Ethereum Casino Funds Management

Several casinos offer players flexible management of Ethereum in their accounts:

  • purchasing and selling Ethereum with credit cards;
  • swapping it for other cryptocurrencies;
  • storing Ethereum in vaults for interest. 

These options suit the best to cautious players with big betting bankrolls but small bets. Therefore, you can spin partially for your Ethereum deposit percentage. 


Ethereum Gambling Types

The Ethereum casino games playing has some specifics contrary to the fiat ones. Ethereum games must have an interface adapted to crypto-gambling specifics. Ethereum is an expensive cryptocurrency with a price of 1,000 USD and more, and a standard casino bet of 1 USD does not exceed 0.001 ETH. Therefore, a bet field must support decimal fractions of Ethereum. 

In games with Ethereum betting, all winnings including jackpots are paid in Ethereum. But some bonuses and cashbacks may be credited in a currency assumed by a casino. 

The high volatility causes an unstable real money value of both ETH bets and winnings. It is especially noticeable for Ethereum jackpots – your life-changing winning may drop or rise 5 times. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for withdrawing and spending your big win until the peak of Ethereum’s price.


Modern users can gamble with Ethereum, choosing any game type they wish:

  • slots;
  • cards; 
  • tables;
  • instant games;
  • live casino.

Ethereum Slots

The slots are usually the main part of the Ethereum gambling sites selection that may exceed 10,000 games. In crypto casinos, you may gamble Ethereum slots of all possible themes – from must-have gold mining and ancient civilizations to ingenious crossovers of cinema and music genres.

Being advanced gambling sites, crypto casinos prefer innovative slots with numerous bonus rounds, extra symbols, and multipliers:

  • Free spins are the spins for a main game that are not paid for by a player.
  • Bonus rounds contain free mini-games with different gameplay.
  • Wilds may replace all possible symbols except scatters.
  • Scatters are expanding symbols that cover all reels and increase the winning odds.
  • Gambling rounds help to double or quadruple your winnings in a main round.
  • Cascade paylines mean disappearing symbols of completed paylines and their replacing by the upper ones. This means a chance for several consistent winnings for one bet.
  • Wheels of luck allow winning one of the several bonus kinds.

Usually, Ethereum casinos have special sections for the 3 the most popular game sections: jackpot slots, megaways and buy bonus games.

Ethereum Jackpot Slots

The best Ethereum casino sites have special sections with dozens and hundreds of jackpot games. Jackpot slots have a big man winning that may reach 10,000 ETH. Jackpot is formed from a part of each bet made for the current game or round. Regular jackpots are stable, progressive ones grow each round until being hitten. Jackpots may be rewarded in a totally random or paid for a certain payline of the highest symbols.

ETH Megaways

Megaways are slots with a changeable quantity of rows on a grid. It varies between 2 and 7, and this variability increases the variety of multipliers and the number of possible paylines up to 111,000. Megaways usually contain wilds, free spins, cascade paylines, bonus symbols, and rounds. Megaways are often a part of a progressive jackpot net of a certain provider and allow to win from 0.0001 to several thousand ETH.

Crypto Buy Bonus Slots 

Crypto casinos form their buy bonus sections in such a way that players may purchase any type of bonus round from the very beginning of the game. In most casinos, they can be bought for Ethereum as the betting currency. All buy bonus features can obligatorily be achieved by players randomly and for free.

ETH Blackjack and Other Card Games

Ethereum gambling is available for almost every card game, and a quantity of crypto games does not cede fiat casino sets. The number leadership is tended by the hit games:

  • poker;
  • blackjack;
  • baccarat.

But the fans of rare and exclusive card entertainment may also find a couple of their favorite games to bet for Ethereum.


Poker is a must-have for every crypto casino. The player’s aim is to collect the stronger card combination than your dealer has. Ethereum poker also has numerous versions that vary in their speed and may have additional bets. Players may place their bets with Ethereum and easily double or triple them with special buttons. 


Blackjack is second of the most widespread and demanded card games. Among the slot-oriented gambling sites, players can always find an Ethereum blackjack casino with up to a hundred games with several extra features.

In the game, a player needs to get a card hand of more points than a dealer has but no more than 21. Crypto casinos strive to provide most blackjack versions including multi-hand and bonus ones.


Baccarat may be called aristocratic blackjack. It is a dealer game with a combination of 2 dealt games. A player’s aim is to get a summed ranking that is closer to 9 than a dealer’s one. 

The crypto casino sites that accept Ethereum prefer mini baccarat but also offer a three-card variation and punto-banco – the baccarat with bets on a dealer’s or player’s win. Several casinos offer additional bets for certain game hands, separate cards, or perfect pairs of the same cards in the dealer’s and player’s hands. 

Crypto Roulette and Table Games

All classic table games can be also played for Ethereum. At most crypto casinos, you will find more than enough variations of these games:

  • roulette;
  • lotteries (European 6-ball lottery, keno, wheel of luck);
  • dice (craps and sic bo);
  • dominos (pai gow, tien gow, kiu kiu).

You may place an Ethereum bet as easily as a fiat one – with one click. These crypto games keep the same features and bet types as the fiat ones. 

Instant Games

Ethereum perfectly suits playing advanced instant games, and the best Ethereum casino sites have their original sets of typical genres:

  • crash;
  • dices;
  • Plinko;
  • towers and stairs;
  • mines (including football and similar).

These games have a widened bet range, advanced odds and risk management, and high-quality design and they are beloved by crypto players. 

Ethereum Live Games

All Ethereum casinos have live game sections with an adapted interface for crypto gambling.

  • poker;
  • cards;
  • tables;
  • instant games;
  • lotteries (keno, classic European lotteries, wheels of fortune).

The Ethereum live dealer casinos have a specific: Ethereum does not have cash or any other material embodiment, and its gambling keeps a digital taste even during live broadcasting. However, Ethereum casino live dealer games successfully manage with the creation of a land-based casino atmosphere and impress with a variety of dealers and broadcast languages for all popular game kinds. For Ethereum, you can also find a game or a couple of Adhar Baham, Hi-Lo, and even hippodrome betting.


How to Choose Ethereum Casino?

Ethereum is supported by almost all crypto casinos. Read the reviews on our TOP, learn about the best Ethereum casinos, and select the one that suits you the most by its games, bonuses, reserve payment methods, and other features important to you. 

How to Gamble with Ethereum?

Ethereum gambling is almost equal to classic fiat gambling except for a need for additional control of the fiat value of your bets and bankroll. But to start playing for Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency, you need first buy and transfer it to the casino. How and where to do it, read in the pertinent paragraph of our site.

How to Use Ethereum for Online Gambling?

You can place bets and spin for Ethereum in the same way and in the same games as other crypto and fiat currencies.

Is Ethereum Gambling Legal?

Ethereum gambling is legal for all adult players without personal juridical restrictions if their national governments allow both online gambling and cryptocurrency. Also, gambling in a certain casino may be illegal for you personally if you live in a prohibited jurisdiction, the best Ethereum casino online sites publish their lists in the terms and conditions.