The creators of Tether have combined two financial worlds: fiat and digital. It combines the technological advantages of blockchain technology with the stability of a currency backed by the US Treasury Department into one cryptocurrency.

The main feature of Tether tokens is that they are not subject to the vagaries of the cryptocurrency market. Instead, they are tied to the value of the US dollar. For the same reason, USDT has come to be called a “stablecoin,” a stable cryptocurrency.

Casinos with Tether provide the convenience of payments to users who prefer to settle in crypto. The token, named after the company that created it, appeared in 2015. Naturally, cryptocurrency gambling sites immediately latched onto such an interesting payment method. It quickly gained popularity and became one of the main ways to gamble on cryptocurrency at online casinos. The main reasons are its reliability and relative ease of acquisition.

USDT has become the most traded cryptocurrency asset thanks to its ‘intermediary currency’ function. The benefits of Tether are already well-known to users worldwide, and the Tether Casino payment option is rapidly growing in acceptance. Some time ago it was quite difficult to find a crypto casino, but today Tether is accepted by more and more companies.

Why Choose Tether Casinos?

Tether has become one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world since its launch in 2014. It became one of the most used coins at online casinos as well. There is an apparent reason why the best Tether casino sites are becoming increasingly popular.

If you’re seeking a stablecoin casino or a cryptocurrency with irregular price changes, USDT is the finest substitute for Bitcoin in betting.

Why? Theoretically, it has a fixed value to the US dollar. Tether is, therefore, the perfect coin for gambling, especially if you intend to convert your cryptocurrency gains to fiat currency. USDT protects you against financial loss due to market price fluctuations, which have become more common over the past few months.

Tether combines the security and predictability of fiat money with the advances and adaptability of blockchain technology, a transparent, public, decentralized database. Many new Tether casinos are available right now, most of which have Curacao licenses. As more and more casinos start to accept cryptocurrencies, those accepted by operators are constantly changing. You can currently deposit funds using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether, and even some alternative currencies.

Tether Bonuses

Although most casinos don’t provide Tether-specific welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses, you can still take advantage of their promos. You will receive the same welcome package as any other new casino player, including sign-up bonuses, cashback, free spins, and no-deposit bonuses because it is a stablecoin, and its value doesn’t vary as much. As a result, casinos can easily convert the amount to fiat currency.

Pros and Cons of Tether Gambling

Casinos working with Tether have a distinct advantage over their competitors. By accepting cryptocurrency tokens, operators provide customers with exclusive, anonymous, fast transactions.

Before starting to gamble USDT online casino for money, the user learns about the payment methods available on the platform. And if a gambler is interested in the safest, fastest, and most anonymous transactions possible, then a platform that works with crypto will be of interest to him in the first place. And since more and more players want to use tokens to play, casinos that support Tether can always count on high traffic and, consequently, good ranking positions.

Pros Cons
Reliability and safety
Anonymous transactions
Fast deposits
Low fees
No cost fluctuations
Not available in every casino
Not all Geos are accepted


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Can I gamble with Tether online?

Yes. You can certainly play Tether gambling games online by selecting your chosen casino site.

Is Tether gambling safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to gamble with Tether. The system is fully reliable and guarantees anonymity.

What is the best Tether casino?

Players can choose between,,, and BitStarz Casino to gamble with Tether.

Is USDT better for gambling than BTC?

USDT has many benefits of a normal cryptocurrency. As a result, sending USDT around the globe poses little risk and incurs little commission.

How to choose Tether(USDT) casino?

Check casino licenses, reviews, certifications, payment options, bonuses, and games before choosing a Tether casino to gamble.