As you are probably aware, the Bitcoin gambling industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. There are new trends popping up everywhere, all looking to become the next big thing in the industry. Now, in 2024 we can see that the latest trends for bitcoin casinos are live casinos, esports betting, virtual sports, sportsbooks and of course a lot of new and often exclusive games! This fast pace is great for us in the Bitcoin casino and betting portal industry as there is always something new and exciting to see!

Of course, 2024 is going to be the year for new games! Every major brand has released several new games this year, and we expect this trend to continue until the end of the year, and beyond. With big developers like Evolution gaming, XPG, Netent and Ezugi all planning to release new games in 2024, there is certainly a lot to look forward to!

We also predict that the quality of games are going to increase as more time passes, as the gaming giants pressure one another to bring only their best offerings, as the amount of variety increases! So try them out and find your favourite, ours is Netent!

Of course, all the best Bitcoin betting portals offer live sports betting, and everybody knows this…… Even the sportsbooks themselves. This is leading to much improved competition in this area, where new and existing sportsbook are pushing to add additional sports to their betting options, including more live options.

But not only that, this increased competition also leads to direct benefits to the players, as more competition means better odds, more returns to the player, and better site features to go with it, including lower (or no) withdrawal fees, and instant deposits.

Of course, it isn’t just traditional sports on the rise in 2024…. Esports have seen a massive growth in popularity in the last few years, and this is expected to accelerate further in 2024. Of course, Esport betting doesn’t come close to casino or traditional sports gambling in terms of numbers, but among the younger generations Esports betting is one of the major interests, and certainly one that new and old Bitcoin betting portals will be looking to cater for in the coming years.

Let’s not forget one of the major trends! Bonuses…. Bonuses, and more bonuses! Everybody loves a great bonus, and the Bitcoin sportsbooks, betting portals and casinos know this, which is why in 2024 we see a great amount of these bonuses from all the latest gambling sites! Since BTC massively spiked in value, we have however seen a reduction in the amount of BTC offered as a bonus, as this is typically under 0.1 BTC now, whereas 1 BTC bonuses were commonplace prior to 2018.

We have found that free spins are massively popular with Bitcoin gamblers, with more than half of all new offering free spin bonuses, and almost all offering repeat deposit bonuses or even a no-deposit bonus of some kind. In any case, Bitcoin casinos almost always offer far better bonuses than you would find at traditional casinos, many of which don’t offer any bonuses at all! Check out our bonus page for an introduction to the best bonus types, and a list of those available.

Are you one of those players who likes to access your favourite Bitcoin betting portal on a mobile device? Well, we have got great news for you, as another one of the major trends we are seeing in 2024 is mobile gaming. New and established Bitcoin betting casinos and sportsbook know that a large proportion of their players access from a mobile device such as cell-phone or tablet.

Because of this, to stay ahead of the competition in terms of usability and interface, the best of these serve a mobile version of the site, allowing you to comfortably navigate regardless which device you use. That is why almost all new Bitcoin betting sites have a mobile offering, some of them even have a dedicated Android or iOS app, so make sure to check it out!

How do I find the newest Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks?

You already have! That’s our job after all. We take the time to meticulously search for, and review all of the latest platforms that accepting Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as betting and withdrawal options. We know that there are literally hundreds of new options popping up every year, so we want to give you a genuine, trustworthy source of information, to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

We have a stringent list of criteria that we use to review all of the betting portals featured here on, as we want to ensure that only the safest, most reliable websites to ensure that your playing experience is as close to perfect as possible.

Simply check out the Reviews section in the menu at the top of the page and select the casino you are interested in, to check out our thorough reviews (yes, we even check out their bonuses). All this information is separated into an easy to read format, allowing you to quickly find the information you need, whether it be language options, accepted cryptocurrencies or something else.

We will only collaborate with regulated, trustworthy Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks that treat their customers fairly, without hiding any nasty surprises. Remember, gambling responsibly is essential to success, so make sure to ready the terms and conditions of each site before you deposit money. We can supply you with our tips, experience and detailed reviews, but you still need to gamble responsibly to maximize your winnings. Remember, here you will find only the best new bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks.

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Who or what is behind the increase in new Bitcoin betting portals?

For more than a decade online gambling has been becoming much more mainstream, in some places even overtaking traditional casinos and bookies as the preferred gambling medium. For the most part, this is due to the progressive digitalization of our social experience, as social networks, online platforms and entertainment shifted from offline, to online based venues.

In the beginning, most online betting platforms were for fiat currency, such as USD/GBP or CAD due to the limited number of payment processors available at the time. Deposit options like Skrill, Paypal and Western Union were less commonplace, and most casinos instead used either a cash or wire deposit system, which was cumbersome and resulted in delays.

In the early days for online betting portals, simple systems like Bingo and Poker were the most commonplace, following which sports betting, online casino games and live betting became added to the available options.

The main reason for the rise in online casinos and sportsbooks is the improvement of technology. As new, faster payments methods were developed, and improvements in streaming, computing and programming technology were produced, this enabled a new wave of online betting portals that could cater for almost any type of gambling hobby, ranging from simple lottery sites, to the live Esports betting that is commonplace today.

One of the major technology breakthroughs that came through was the advent of Bitcoin. For the first time, Bitcoin allowed near instantaneous, cheap deposits and withdrawals to your favourite Bitcoin betting portal. Of course, the industry was quick to recognize the potential of the technology, so casinos, sportsbooks and betting portals of all types began accepting the cryptocurrency.

Of course, one of the major drivers of this change was competition between the betting portals, and accepting Bitcoin, or even building the entire site around Bitcoin was the perfect edge in that scenario.

Since its release in 2009, people were quick to realize the potential of the cryptocurrency, and to capitalize on the massive hype surrounding it, new betting portals were built using BTC as the preferred deposit medium. The first of these casinos and sportsbooks arrived in 2013, and were typically small and relatively unknown.

Things have changed greatly since then, as new Bitcoin betting sites are popping up every month, riding the huge wave of hype surrounding Bitcoin, allowing people to combine their Bitcoin enthusiasm with love of making money and winning big, to produce the blossoming Bitcoin gambling industry we see today.

Of course, it isn’t just Bitcoin that has huge hype around it. There are hundreds of altcoins, including some huge contenders such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero, each of which have also spawned a gambling industry around it. New altcoin casinos, and new Bitcoin betting portals give these cryptocurrencies additional clout and power, as they become increasingly commonplace across the internet. By taking advantage of the unique benefits the cryptocurrency brings, the entire cryptocurrency industries is brought forward, allowing for further growth in future.

In 2024, competition is increasing!

One of the major drivers of the surge in new Bitcoin and altcoin betting portals is competition. The industry is still relatively young and there remains a lot of room for growth. All the new sites think they can bring something to the table that the currently available options do not offer, or feel they can do it better. With every new Bitcoin casino or sportsbook released, the pressure on the currently existing options increases.

For the player, this is a great news, as increased competition forces game publishers to produce better, higher quality games to compete with the well known already established options, whist the Bitcoin casinos and sportsbooks need to stay ahead of their competition, by offering the latest games, best betting variety, best betting odds or even the best bonuses of some type.

We have all heard of the bad apples in the Bitcoin betting industry, sites that don’t look after their customers, offer poor or unfair betting odds, and poor variety. The great thing about the Bitcoin community is that word spreads quickly, making it very difficult for bad applies like these to survive, as there are plenty of customer focused portals out there. New Bitcoin casinos and betting portals know that with a few clicks you could find a replacement place to gamble, so they will do everything they can do make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

In order to survive in a booming industry full of strong competition, these Bitcoin betting portals need to bring their best to attract new players, as they know that these players will be looking for the best deals available. This competition is leading to even established betting portals beginning to access cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and altcoins, bringing additional high-quality Bitcoin betting sites to the players. In 2024, it isn’t just new casinos accepting bitcoin, as even old traditional casinos are beginning to accept crypto to appeal to their tech savvy players.

Of course, here on, we have all this information available for you, so take a look around, we are sure you will find the perfect place for you.

Are new Bitcoin online casinos safe to use?

The short answer is yes, if you find a website listed here on, we will thoroughly vet the site to ensure that it is safe to play at, licensed and not associated with shady activity. However, the same can’t be said if you search elsewhere, as we do not know the quality criteria they use to list their betting portals. We can say that for the most part, high quality casinos will use SSL to protect information they hold on site, as well as using cold storage wallets and extra security mechanisms in place to ensure that customer funds remain inaccessible to hackers.

Of course, one of the major concerns about some Bitcoin gambling portals is fairness. In order for your money to be safe, you need to know that the casino operates in a fair, transparent way that does not expose you, the players to unnecessary risk.

In order to help put your mind at ease, the very best of these Bitcoin and Altcoin betting portals will either directly show you the odds of winning, or will be provably fair, by using a mathematical algorithm to generate your result based on a random seed. These sites show that there is an increasing focus on fairness, allowing players to truly understand that their money is safe with them.

The Bitcoin casinos are strong contenders

Unlike many industries where newcomers are often dwarfed by the older, more established entities, Bitcoin online casinos are often the opposite. Because of the extraordinary growth in Bitcoin and Altcoin value and hype, new Bitcoin casinos don’t just try to equal the already established players, but instead aim to exceed them.

They often bring a number of great features to the table that are often not found on other sites, such as a dedicated mobile site, excellent referral schemes, or potentially lucrative bonus options, all designed to retain current players, and obtain new ones.

In 2018 we can really see a strong push for customer satisfaction, improved customer support and uniqueness, all of which are definitely great for the industry in general.

We are starting to see a surge in Bitcoin mobile casinos and sportsbooks, and increasingly transparent and easy to understand rules, particularly about the bonuses offered, making these platforms much more accessible to crypto enthusiasts, regardless of device or knowledge level.

New Altcoin Casinos

Another huge trend developing since 2014 is accepting multiple cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal methods. In 2017, this trend experienced a massive explosion in popularity, as a lot of altcoins saw huge growth in both transaction volume and user base, which the most savvy online sportsbooks and casinos recognized. The growth of Altcoins have been just as spectacular as Bitcoin, and many online casinos and betting portals are looking to get in on the action.

Nowadays, new Bitcoin betting portals often have multiple deposit options, typically accepting the major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and DASH. The largest casinos and sportsbook might even offer built in exchange functionality, allowing you to convert your Bitcoin to any other supported altcoin of choice, and vice-versa!

Allowing anybody to access their platform, regardless which cryptocurrency they prefer. Some of these cryptocurrencies offer even better transaction fees than Bitcoin, so be sure to look around to find out which one suits your needs most.

How do new Bitcoin Casinos attract players?

Everybody likes a freebie. Whether it’s a free ice cream on a hot day, some free water at the beach, or even the simple things like love, relaxation and sleep. Well, new Bitcoin casinos know this, and use it as part of their marketing strategy. We find that new Bitcoin casinos tend to offer the most generous welcome offers and bonuses, to help tear you away from your currency betting portal. These typically include substantial welcome bonuses after your first deposit, or even a significant no deposit bonus, or handful of free spins on their online slot machines.

Here at, we scour the internet to find the latest Bitcoin (and altcoin) betting portals, including casinos and sportsbooks, and review them right here for you on our site. We will find the best welcome offers, including free spins, deposit bonuses and promotional offers such as double-up bonuses and no-risk bets to make sure that you get the most out of your bankroll.

Every day we aim to bring you the best opportunities possible, as we want to help you hit the jackpot! We are in direct communication with a number of the latest and greatest Bitcoin betting portals, so we will be the first to bring you their best offers, and even offer some exclusive bonuses you will not find anywhere else!

Bonus offers available at new Bitcoin casinos

Like all casinos or sportsbooks that accept BTC as a deposit option, even the newest betting portals offer bonuses to provide additional value and incentivization to the player. These offers are typically aimed at either drawing in new customers (e.g. welcome offers and free spins), or retaining existing players, e.g. boosted odds, deposit bonuses and referral systems.

Casinos know that once a customer has formed a habit after playing at their site for some time, they are less likely to look for competitors, and have to go through relearning the site layout, depositing again etc. These casinos also know that even the most devoted players will get bored of the same old game over and over again, so ensure to always add new games, rewards and options available to maintain their current player base.

We feel that casinos should be transparent with their marketing strategies, and allow players to stay by choice, rather than forcing them to stay through unfair clauses hidden in their T&Cs.

To find out more about the different types of bonuses, please check out the bonuses section at the top of this page, where we give you a detailed look about each type of bonus, and provide you all the links you need to get started! Of course, you should check back regularly as these often change, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the very best offers, as these are usually only for a limited time. The number of bonuses available has never been better, so you’re sure to find just the bonus (or bonuses) you’re looking for.

Things to look out for

When first starting out at a new BTC betting portal, it’s always best to check out some of the most important rules regarding how the site is used. For example, not all websites allow players from the US, or other particularly countries to register, whilst they almost always have different deposit and withdrawal policies, including minimum deposits, minimum withdrawals and maximum wager amount.

We want you ensure that you save your precious time searching for a Casino that ends up being incompatible for you, so please check out our review section where we will cover all of these in depth to make your choice a little easier.

Can you win big playing at a new Bitcoin Casino?

Nearly all Bitcoin casinos allow you to potentially hit a jackpot. You might be thinking, if a Casino is so new, how do they even have a jackpot? Where did it come from and how do we know we can win it? The truth is many games are shared across multiple casinos, and it is not the casino itself that is responsible for the jackpot, but instead the game developers. For example, the same game could be present at multiple different casinos, and every loss contributes towards the network jackpot.

This means even new casinos which have access to these games are able to offer the network jackpot to their players if they win. All the biggest companies have network jackpot games, including NetEnt and Microgaming, so if you find these games at even a new Bitcoin casino, the same huge jackpot will be available to win.

Playing responsibly

Remember, Bitcoin and altcoin casinos and sportsbooks are there to make money, as are you. Whilst you can certainly stand to make a lot of money if you are lucky, you might also have a bad run and end up losing your money. Because of this, we urge you to only deposit money that you can afford to lose, and recommend only playing for fun, rather than for work.

If you take the time to learn the game, casino and players, you stand to lose less and win more, so make sure to always keep yourself up to date with information as it is released. If you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, or are losing more than you can afford, please consider seeking professional advice.