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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency like any other. Since its release on the 6th of December 2013 (some four years after Bitcoin), Dogecoin has become an internet phenomenon and amassed a huge following. Initially conceived as a joke, Dogecoin has since found massive support, exceeding anything its creator Billy Markus could have hoped for. Today, Dogecoin is traded on dozens of exchanges and accepted on thousands of websites, not such a joke anymore.

Dogecoin was designed based on a previous cryptocurrency called Luckycoin, which was in turn based on Litecoin. Similar to Litecoin, Dogecoin uses the ‘scrypt’ proof-of-work algorithm which unlike Bitcoin’s SHA256 algorithm, makes it resistant to ASIC mining. Currently, Dogecoin has a market cap of over $400,000,000, cementing it as one of the largest cryptocurrencies in use today. Not only that but it also has a cheap unit price, meaning you can get hundreds of DOGE for just a few dollars.

Since its release Dogecoin has become more than just a joke. Dogecoin is now accepted on hundreds of websites, dozens of exchanges and with over $15,000,000 transacted every day it is clear that Dogecoin is here to stay!

Dogecoin Gambling

Since 2013, Dogecoin gambling has become massively popular. As with all cryptocoins, Dogecoin offers a level of security that is simply unmatched by traditional currencies, due to its blockchain technology. Dogecoin uses a huge distributed network of computers that process and verify transactions, this process works as the miners on the Dogecoin network work together to identify valid blocks, and reject invalid blocks, preventing corruption from within, whilst the sheer power of the network protects it against network attacks. Because of its ease-of-use, great community and massive adoption, a large number of casinos, sportsbooks and betting portals have begun to accept DOGE as a deposit/withdrawal method.

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Benefits of Dogecoin

Being based on blockchain, the decentralized ledger protocol also used by most other cryptocurrencies gives Dogecoin several significant advantages over fiat currency, as well as a number of benefits that make it ideal for gambling online. Being cheaper, faster and vastly more efficient is just the beginning, let’s take a look at the advantages Dogecoin offers for online gambling;


Privacy, we all want more privacy, right? Well Dogecoin gives you more privacy due to its pseudo-anonymous blockchain? What do we mean by pseudo-anonymous? Well to put it simply, using Dogecoin in and of itself is anonymous, but when you start putting your information into websites that also accept Dogecoin, then by extension this removes your anonymity. The good thing is however, nearly all Dogecoin casinos, sportsbooks and betting portals do not ask for any sensitive information to play on their site, and typically you won’t even need to enter an email address either as you can play with a temporary account if desired. If you’re somebody who doesn’t like your ID being passed around like birthday cake, then Dogecoin is perfect for you, as very few Dogecoin casinos will ask for identification to use their services.

Provably Fair:

Many of the best Dogecoin casinos will also offer the provably fair system to their players. Casinos using the provably fair system enable players to prove that their game session was fair, by showing how the result was generated afterwards. By using the provably fair system, casinos demonstrate that the games are fair, and that results are not predetermined or altered in any way. We believe that casinos offering this feature are the most trustworthy kind, as there is no substitute for player safety, and we believe all casinos should work to implement this feature.

Much cheap:

Are you sick of annoying deposit or transfer fees that eat into your player balance? Well that’s about to be a thing of the past if you use Dogecoin. The transaction fee for Dogecoin transactions is so small it is negligible. In fact, Dogecoin has one of the lowest transaction fees of any cryptocurrency and is massively smaller than using Western Union or IBAN transfers to deposit money into your account balance. Regardless of the size of the transaction, you can expect the fee to be much less than 1% of the total, massively lower than the likes of Western Union and international bank transfers which can be as high as 10%!

Such fast:

Nobody likes waiting around to play. We can’t think of anything worse than making a deposit, then having to wait hours before you can even begin to play. Dogecoin simply offers unparalleled speed and reliability, there is no competition with traditional currencies. With one of the shortest block generation times of any cryptocurrency at just 1 minute, you can make a deposit, and be playing in almost no time. Gone are the days of waiting hours for your deposit to show in your balance, Dogecoin cuts that down to mere seconds...

So secure:

DOGE transactions take place across the distributed blockchain ledger. This ledger is distributed across thousands of computers known as miners which work together to secure the Dogecoin network. The combined hashing power of all these miners ensures that the system is free both internal corruption (invalid or malicious blocks) and external attacks by achieving distributed consensus. This essentially means that nobody can interrupt payments, reverse payments or control how users of the Dogecoin network decide to spend their money. This security gives you full control over your funds, making it perfect for those who want absolute control over their money.

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Where can I find Dogecoin Betting Portals in 2022?

Everything you need, and more is available right here at Currently, there are dozens of betting portals that accept Dogecoin as a deposit/withdrawal option, and there are new sportsbooks and casinos popping up regularly. We have made it our duty to keep up-to-date with all of these, and bring you reviews for only the very best here on our site, making your work much easier. We know how difficult it is to keep track of such a rapidly changing industry, so we bring you reviews of all the must trustworthy options available to you, helping to make sure your playing experience is as close to perfect as possible. We don’t want our treasured users falling victim to shady establishments, so we make sure to thoroughly scrutinize all of the casinos and sportsbook we bring to you.

In our betting portal reviews, we analyse all the key features of the website to bring you all of the most essential information. This means we carefully which support options they have available, deposit and withdrawal methods, which exclusive games they have on offer and of course discuss the design and ease-of-use of the site. In our review section, you’ll be able to easily select the best Dogecoin casino, sportsbook or betting portal for you by presenting the information in clear sections, allowing you to quickly skip to the most important details. One of the major sections of our review articles relates to mobile casinos and sportsbooks.

Many of our readers, and a large proportion of Dogecoin players prefer to play at their favorite casino or sportsbook on cell phone or tablet, and many websites have got dedicated apps or websites to cater to this audience. Additionally, we make sure to cover any additional features the casino has, including exchange functionality, forum and special benefits that other establishments do not offer.

In our reviews we make sure to leave no stone unturned, as we want to ensure that our readers find the perfect match for their requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Take a browse of our reviews section, you will not be disappointed.

Top Dogecoin Gambling Sites 2021

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What games can I play at Dogecoin casinos?

Almost anything, and we mean it. The cryptocurrency betting industry is HUGE, and every type of game has found its way into the industry. In less than ten years, the cryptocurrency industry has exploded into popularity. But what does this mean for you? Well this means that there is a wealth of variety for Dogecoin players to explore. Dogecoin casinos offer an extensive variety of options to choose from, so we are sure you will find something that appeals to you. Whether you want to play table-based card games such as poker or blackjack, to the traditional classics such as roulette and dice, there will be something for you.

For now, let’s cover the basic types of games you will find available at most Dogecoin casinos;

- Blackjack, doesn’t it just sound good? This game has just a few simple rules. The main aim of the game is to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over. This sounds simple right? Well, it’s more difficult than you think, but by using the stand, hit, split and double down options players can improve their odds of hitting a winning hand and beating the dealer! Almost all cryptocurrency casinos offer blackjack, and some even offer special variant version so be sure to find the type that best suites you!

- Lottery games are also offered by almost all Dogecoin casinos. These games are probably the simplest type of game you will find, but they are also potentially the most profitable if you hit a winning combination you can possibly win millions of dollars. The game is basic, select a series of numbers, and if they match the lottery draw you are a winner! The size of your prize usually depends on how many numbers you match. To win the jackpot you need to match all of the numbers, and possibly a bonus number too, whereas if you match fewer numbers you can win a smaller prize.

- Poker is a crowd favorite at traditional casinos, and this holds true for online ones too. This is a deceptively complex game where the main rule is to accumulate the best hand on the table or bluff your opponents out of their better hands. There is no wonder how the game has managed to garner such a huge following as the competitive nature can really get the adrenaline pumping. The rules are simple, the person with the best combination of card including their two-hole cards, and the table cards wins, during the game, players can bet, raise or fold in order to increase their chances of winning, or put their opponents into difficult situations.

- Dice games are a part of the history of cryptocurrency and were a big contributor to their success. Even today, dice games such as Klondike, craps and hazard remain a wildly popular game amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There are dozens of different variations of dice games, but the most simple ones only require you to guess if a number will be higher or lower than the dice roll, if you get it right, you win. Dogecoin is perfect for dice games due to its low unit cost, meaning you can enjoy hours of fun with dice using very little money to play with! Oh, and they also tend to have one of the lowest house edges of any game, often as low as 0.5% house edge, making your odds of winning much higher than some other games.

- Slot machines are probably the most iconic part of brick and mortar casinos and have remained a staple of even cryptocurrency casinos. Slot games are usually pretty simple, you just enter your wager, and press a button which leads to three or more reels beginning to spin. When these reels stop they reveal a combination horizontally across the screen which indicates if you have won. Usually you need to match three symbols in order to win, but there are variations with more symbols or special features that allow winners matching other combinations. Many slot machines also have an accumulator jackpot, so you stand the chance of winning big if you choose the right game!

- Baccarat is another common game found at online Dogecoin casinos. This is another table-based card game where two or more players bet against the house (banker). The aim of baccarat is to create a hand with a score as close to 9 as possible without going over, if the player gets closer to 9 than the banker, then they win! This game is becoming increasingly common on online gambling sites, and several Dogecoin casinos have baccarat as one of their offerings.

Is it legal to gamble with DOGE?

The short answer is… Yes, but the full answer is slightly more complex. See, Dogecoin is not a currency, unlike fiat money which is officially recognized as such by the governments of each country. Instead, Dogecoin is termed a ‘cryptocurrency’ which means it is not regulated under the same set of laws as fiat or credit-based currencies are. This means that gambling with DOGE is completely legal in every country we have looked. Yes, there are several countries that banned gambling in general, but this law pertains only to currency, making it completely legal to gamble with Dogecoin.

However, we should indicate that the laws and regulations are still changing, so it is best to check regularly to ensure that there are no restriction for cryptocurrency gambling in your jurisdiction. To assist with this, makes sure to highly which countries are disallowed in our casino reviews, so make sure you check this section before playing at a new betting portal or sportsbook.

Are There any Differences Between Bitcoin and Dogecoin?

There are several major differences between the two. The biggest difference is the massively shorter block time that Dogecoin has compared to Bitcoin, with a 1-minute block discovery time, compared to 10 minutes for Bitcoin. Both Dogecoin and Bitcoin both use blockchain as their core technology, but they differ in the way this blockchain is secured against attacks. Dogecoin uses the ‘scrypt’ algorithm for its mining protocol, this means that it is resistant to ASIC mining, unlike the SHA256 algorithm used by Bitcoin. Regardless of their implementation, the blockchain technology featured in Dogecoin and Bitcoin offers massive security and anonymity advantages over traditional money. Besides this Dogecoin also has around 10x lower transaction fees, making it perfect ideal micro-transactions, and of course, compared to Bitcoin it has 10,000% more WOW.

Do Dogecoin Casinos and Sportsbooks offer bonuses?

Bonuses... Bonuses. BONUSES. We think that the bonuses are one of the major reasons people play at cryptocurrency casinos. Everybody loves finding a new site offering a juicy bonus, and it also gives a great opportunity for Dogecoin betting portals to gain some new players.

Compared to regular casinos, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrency casinos and sportsbooks tend to provide much better bonuses for their players, and sometimes run very lucrative special offers and events.

Dogecoin casinos tend to offer a few different types of bonus, and these are usually offered to different types of players. The most lucrative of these bonuses is typically the no deposit bonus, which means you essentially get free funds to play with. No deposit bonuses typically aren’t huge, but hey, it’s money for nothing. In general, almost all Dogecoin casinos will offer a welcome bonus of some type, these are also known as a first deposit bonus and generally work to give your initial deposit a little boost, enticing new players to try out their service, these are generally quite small, but can be quite substantial with a large first deposit. Besides this, repeat player bonuses, VIP bonuses and a variety of other formulations exist.

Because we know our readers love bonuses so much, we have decided to create an entire section just dedicated to bonuses! Check out the header above, where you will find a list of bonuses from the most trustworthy Dogecoin betting portals, we are certain you will find something that grabs your attention.

We recommend taking advantage of as many bonus offers as you can, what better way to boost your bank roll and increase your chances of winning big than taking advantage of some lucrative bonuses? Check out of bonuses section for more.