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Feel at home at – your reliable guide into the world of online Bitcoin gambling! We are offering our readers the most updated information on online Bitcoin casinos, as well as the juiciest promotions and the hottest Bitcoin news. With our help, hundreds of thousands of players and Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts around the world have been able to access the most comprehensive choice of the best Bitcoin casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. Stay with us to be up on the most recent Bitcoin casino news and bonuses in 2018!

What is Bitcoin?

Online Bitcoin casino industry is growing faster than one can possibly imagine. Today, Bitcoin (or, BTC) is not merely a virtual currency popular among geeks, but an innovational fully-featured payment system enabling any user granted access to make and receive instant anonymous peer-to-peer payments. More and more online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms are turning to Bitcoin and choosing it as their primary means of payment, aiming to comply with your wish to retain anonymity playing your favorite casino and table games, virtual slot machines, or betting on your favorite sports. You don’t even have to create an account on some Bitcoin gambling websites – just credit your balance and get ready to roll. Commission fees charged for BTC payment processing are simply miniscule (sometimes, you’re charged no fee at all) compared to 3%-5% (or more) imposed by “regular” electronic payment systems for helping you credit your player’s account with USD of EUR. Bitcoin is there to let you win and keep your winnings to yourself without letting third parties know. Besides that, you won’t have to exchange your BTC funds and prizes into fiat currency, as hundreds of online shops and retail locations worldwide will gladly sell goods and services to your for Bitcoins. It is also worth mentioning that many online Bitcoin casino sites are a magic-wand solution for the US players who have been having a hard time trying to find a website to play casino games on legally since 2006. With Bitcoins, the American players are guaranteed to enjoy seamless gameplay, instant processing with minimal commission fees and unbelievably quick deposits/payouts/withdrawals. And yes, don’t forget the enhanced security and gaming anonymity. Many online Bitcoin casinos won’t even ask for your e-mail, not to speak of your real name and other personal data.

Bitcoin casinos online 2018 - safe, legal and trustworthy

Most of websites and portals you read about on are fully capable of providing you the ultimate provably fair casino gambling experience, meaning you’re welcome to verify the fairness of any game played or wagers placed there, and see how the outcome of the particular game you play is calculated from your input and a disclosed number generated by SHA256 cryptographic algorithm. Generally speaking, fairness, security and trustworthiness are among the things we care the most when trying to do our best to keep you updated with the latest information, the best Bitcoin casino news and bonuses. On, you will read about and get promotions from fully licensed and regulated legal Bitcoins casinos capable of providing you absolute fund and identity safety. We strongly advise you trust your bitcoins to provably fair Bitcoin casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks only, otherwise fair play cannot be guaranteed to you.

Bitcoin casino games and bonuses

The world of Bitcoin gambling is vast, vibrant and abundantly entertaining. On our website you will learn a lot about the best casino and table card games brought to you by world’s cream-of-the-crop Bitcoin online casinos: poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and dice, as well as their (even more delightful) live dealer versions and more exotic games, plus hundreds of most in-demand online slot machines of all kinds. With our help, you will definitely find the casinos and games you will fall in love for long, if not forever. But that’s not all. How about getting the most advantageous gambling offers and greatest bonus deals of 2018? We’ve got that covered for you too. Here, you will get wise to the latest Bitcoin deposit and no-deposit bonuses, giveaways, prize draws, player contests, weekly and monthly championships and so on. Believe us, you will always have numerous opportunities to increase your bankroll with extra winnings and BTC prizes, and win valuable electronics and other must-have stuff, including iPhones, iPads, Galaxy tablet PCs, PlayStation and Xbox games consoles, tickets and packages to live poker and casino events, and many-many more.

Bitcoin casino news

Whenever you feel you’re a bit tired of playing casino games, and would like to take a pause to get updated with the most recent news about Bitcoin and the technology behind it, as well as the brand new devices and gadgets it’s used in, we have you served. Just click the Bitcoin News button above in the header to learn how Bitcoin is doing overall and what are the latest BTC trends in 2018. Read more about key Bitcoin persons, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, Bitcoin investment, BTC wallets (by the way, you should definitely get one if you’re going to send/receive Bitcoin payments and play in Bitcoin casinos online), payment tools and services, Bitcoin exchange rate forecasts, Bitcoin policy and legal issues related to it in different countries of the world, places and websites offering goods and services for bitcoins etc.

Bitcoin casino reviews 2018

There are hundreds and hundreds of online casinos offering gambling services nowadays, and it may be really hard to decide which one(s) will satisfy your demands perfectly. And that is exactly what our Bitcoin casino, sportsbook and poker room overviews are there for. See our page with the comprehensive list of carefully selected Bitcoin gambling websites, read the overviews, compare player bonuses, gaming environments and game selections, learn more about customer support team availability, and your choice will become much more obvious. We will also let you know if the casino you prefer is supported on mobile devices – many people today prefer to play casino games for Bitcoins on their iOS and Android phones, so every self-respecting online casino is expected to meet their needs. You may also want to check which payment methods and currencies are accepted by a specific casino to be able to charge your player’s balance with alternative currency or cryptocoins other than Bitcoin in case you need to.