Bitcoin casino bonus

Dear Bitcoin bonus hunters, we are proud to announce you have finally reached your Eldorado here on! We believe you’ve been looking for a website guiding you to the best Bitcoin casino bonuses by world’s top Bitcoin casinos and gambling websites all thrown together. So, you dream has just come true. Believe us, it will be a genuine pleasure for us to let you access the finest Bitcoin casino bonus selection through our agency, as we see one of our primary goals in helping thousands and thousands online players and gambling devotees from every corner of the world find the most profitable Bitcoin gambling promotions available and, consecutively, enjoy the ultimate gaming experience online.

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What Bitcoin casino bonuses you can get

You might be truly surprised by the spectrum of bonus types and varieties offered by legal and regulated Bitcoin gambling portals and sportsbooks. No doubt you will find the most attractive and profitable ones in just a few minutes, but may we kindly ask you to hold your horses? If you are a not-so-experienced Bitcoin casino player, please be sure to decide first which Bitcoin casino bonuses you are looking for exactly. Do not try to obtain the bonus you don’t really know how to use, or have no idea how to play it through (we will definitely get back to it below). As a new player, you are highly recommended to try getting and playing with no-deposit bonuses first. As the term suggests, usually you won’t even have to make Bitcoin deposits in online casinos to receive them (there might be other specific receival conditions, however). Commonly, you are unable to withdraw no-deposits instantly from your player’s account balance; instead, you are expected to spend the bonus funds on wagers in casino and slot games if you play on Bitcoin casino websites, or, alternatively, use them to make bets on sports events in online sportsbooks (bookmaking websites). The general rule is: you cannot withdraw the no-deposit bonus itself, but you can withdraw the winnings you received with it. In most cases, you have to play through (wager) the bonus amount several to a few tens of times, in order to be able to withdraw your winnings (in case you were successful enough to win some).

The other most common choice are deposit bonuses, also called welcome bonuses, new player bonuses, first deposit bonuses, etc. Certainly, we would advise you to obtain these bonuses only after you embraced no-deposit bonuses and gained some gambling experience. This time, to get a Bitcoin casino bonus, you would need to first make a deposit in the casino you chose. It means, you will have to provide yourself with a certain amount of bitcoins in your BTC wallet to be able to transfer them to designated Bitcoin addresses, in our situation, the unique BTC address of a particular Bitcoin gambling website you are going to trust your funds to. As soon as the deposit transaction is confirmed and completed, the specified amount of Bitcoin funds will be (almost instantly) credited to your player’s account in the casino. Now it becomes your playing funds, or, the bankroll. In exchange for that, a Bitcoin casino rewards you with a pre-specified amount of Bitcoin funds, which are also credited to your balance and are meant for making wagers etc. Example: if a casino promises you will get a 200% up to 1 Bitcoin bonus on your (usually first) deposit, it means you will get another 2 bitcoins (= 2,000 millibitcoins, or mBTC) extra credited to your account for making a 1 Bitcoin deposit. As you see, there will be as much as 3 bitcoins transferred to your player’s balance in total, but you won’t be able to withdraw them, or (as a general rule) the winnings you received making wagers with your bonus funds, without having certain terms and conditions fulfilled, e.g. play through requirements. The words “200% up to” mean that if you make a deposit smaller than 1 Bitcoin, but not smaller than the minimum deposit amount required by a specific casino (e.g. the minimum deposit amount allowed is 10 mBTC, and you deposited 500 mBTC, or, half a Bitcoin), your bonus reward will also be doubled, depending on the Bitcoin casino bonus per cent offered (and this time you will get 500 mBTC + 2 x 500 mBTC = 1500 mBTC or 1,5 Bitcoin credited to your balance as playing funds).

A few words about other bonuses and Bitcoin casino promotions

Additionally, if you deposited previously in a certain online casino, they may also come out with the so-called reload bonus offer for you. In other words, you may be getting a special bonus (usually, a smaller one than an average first deposit bonus) on every Bitcoin deposit made by you, except for the first one (that is when the first deposit bonus can be opted for). Apart from that, there are several kinds of more minor player bonuses and beneficial Bitcoin casino promotions available, with extra BTCs and various items offered as prizes: players contests, quizzes, special tournaments and other online events. The promotions are a great fun to participate in, plus, sometimes, they involve certain online social activity – in many cases, you will become eligible for special prizes for sharing/liking a certain post on a casino’s official social network timeline or wall, as well as for liking/favoriting their page, or posting a comment.

Above, you will find the choice of the best Bitcoin casino bonus offers by world’s leading gambling websites. Please remember, before making real-money or cryptocurrency deposits in online casinos, it is strongly advised to determine a maximum amount of playing funds, you can spend every month without substantial damage to your funds to live on. Also, before getting something it would be wise to inquire whether you also have to give something in return. Any Bitcoin bonuses you get are capable of helping you increase your winnings considerably, but they also put you under certain obligations. Before opting for any bonuses, be sure to first of all read and understand Bitcoin bonus terms and conditions available in the corresponding section of a gambling websites these bonuses are offered on. Good luck!