Free bitcoin casino

By now, you probably already know where to look for the best online Bitcoin casinos and how to play your favorite slot machines, casino and table games for Bitcoins. Turning USD, EUR or any other currency circulating in your country into BTC doesn’t seem to be a big problem for you, as whenever you start feeling you may be running out of your cryptocurrency reserves, you can instantly exchange the desired amount of traditional money into bitcoins, and continue playing. But here’s another question for you: are you aware how and where you can get free bitcoins to bet and make wagers with? Usually we speak of free Bitcoin gambling websites, but the very concept of free Bitcoin gambling is a bit nonsensical as such, as if you’re unable to mine your own Bitcoins (which involves powering your computing devices with electricity, and usually you have to pay money for it), you will have to purchase them.

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Free bitcoin casinos

And though you may be thinking now that no such thing as free Bitcoin casino websites exists, the truth is, many gambling websites offer free bitcoins in one or another form to their new and existing players on a regular basis, typically as part of various campaigns. You can easily boost your BTC bankroll participating in promotions, lotteries, giveaways, contests and quizzes, or look for free bitcoin bonus-codes in mailings, and even get BTCs for liking casinos in social networks and sharing their posts. On this page, you will learn a lot about these websites, their special promotional campaigns, terms and conditions of getting bitcoins for free, and tons of other useful details.

Apart from that, with our help you will be updated with the latest information on free Bitcoin casinos and betting portals (including bookmakers) offering the so-called free bets, as well as news about the most in-demand faucets – websites paying out limited amounts of free bitcoins, usually, tens of satoshis to centesimals and decimals and even tens and hundreds of millibitcoins, or mBTC (1 Bitcoin = 1000 mBTC). BTCs can also be received on many free bitcoin casino sites offering to play dice online. Frequently, you don’t even have to undergo the full sign-up procedure if you choose to play there. All you need to do is just enter a unique player name and get started. The minimal startup bankroll will already be credited to your player’s account balance.

Now comes a not-so-good news, but you are probably prepared for it already. In most cases, you will have to spend all the bitcoins you received for free on free bitcoins gambling websites purposefully, i.e. wager them on online slot machines, casino/card/table games, or make bets on sports events. Generally, you won’t be able to instantly withdraw neither these bonus funds nor winnings received with them, as both will be subject to wagering requirements (each free bitcoins casino has its own), meaning you will first have to play through the bonus received a certain number of times (usually ranging from x10 to x40) to eventually become eligible to withdraw them. That is absolutely normal, and you know that (completely) free cheese is nowadays only found in the mousetrap, so you should view getting BTC bonuses in free bitcoin casino promos as a great opportunity to increase your bankroll and play your favorite casino and poker games with more Bitcoins, to ultimately aspire to win a lot more than you hoped initially.

Thuswise, as is all about online gambling for bitcoins, be aware that we do not mean to provide you with data on getting Bitcoins for other purposes than gambling; furthermore, we have no information about such Bitcoin bonuses and giveaways and do not seek to gather and distribute it. Instead, here you will read about Bitcoin offers and bonuses by the best free Bitcoin casinos, poker websites and sportsbooks. Keep in mind that free Bitcoins are just one of the possibilities to increase your playing funds, and you will certainly get more BTC with new player, deposit, and no-deposit bonuses.

Free Bitcoin casino promotions

Our goal here is to constantly provide you with the latest free Bitcoin casino promotions, especially if you’re a complete newcomer only starting to discover the vastness and diversity of the truly exciting and entertaining world of Bitcoin gambling. Big wins rarely happen to beginners at once, and if you’re feeling online games are you genuine passion, it wouldn’t be out of place to remind you only practice makes perfect. You’ve got to play more to upgrade your skills. Of course, your favorite games may be available in free-play mode on many gambling websites, but then you will only access their limited-feature versions, with no understanding of how funds are won and lost. Yes, be prepared for losing your Bitcoins from time to time as well – the outcome of games in fair casinos is impossible to predict, – but losing the gambling funds you didn't pay for is a lot easier. Remember, first of all you have to set yourself up for victories – and then you can win even with small amounts of free Bitcoins you received as part of special promotions.

Be very careful when reading the free Bitcoin casino promos, pay special attention to terms and conditions, dates mentioned and all other details available. If you feel you would still like to learn more about one or another promotion you find here, do not hesitate to navigate to the official page of a Bitcoin casino or portal this promo is launched by to find further information there, or, alternatively, contact their customer support team and ask them all the questions you’re looking for answers to.

Although we tried hard to make this page as informative and comprehensive as possible, please do not expect promotional offers by every single free Bitcoin casino online to be found here, as some of them are only seemingly ‘free’, or even deluding and misleading. We are aiming to bring you the best free Bitcoins gambling promotions and offers by trusted casinos and gambling websites giving a good account of themselves, thus guaranteeing you 100% fund and identity security, topped with positively unprecedented casino gaming experience.