Licensed Bitcoin casinos

Nowadays that more and more virtual gamblers are seeking to play on licensed and regulated casino websites and betting portals, there is nothing left for operators really but to bring their businesses into conformity with the corresponding legal norms of the jurisdiction(s) they’re based or offer their services in. That is absolutely natural, as players are becoming increasingly conscious and cautious, and start really taking care of their fund and identity security while gambling online. That is the main reason why, among other possibilities to make their virtual gameplay 100% seamless, they also look for licensed Bitcoin casinos where they could play their favorite virtual casino games for Bitcoins concentrating on the joy of gameplay and winning prizes without any concern about being scammed or hoodwinked.

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Discover our selection of the top licensed Bitcoin casinos online

It is no secret there are dozens of more or less worthy BTC gaming portals available to the global gaming community, but it is our duty to warn you not all of them operate on legal grounds. Oftentimes, in many jurisdictions, Bitcoins casinos don’t even need to have a license to conduct the gambling activity, and this fact is very likely to cause certain issues, as such casino operators may at one point consider themselves free from any financial obligations in respect to their players, which may possibly result in the loss of the deposited or allegedly won cryptocurrency funds for the latter.

Licensed Bitcoin casino gaming – highly safe and secure

Over the last few years, we have gained a wealth of experience in the vast field of virtual Bitcoin gambling: casinos portals, poker rooms, online sportsbooks etc. Now, we would like to share our knowledge with you to make you feel much more confident and comfortable when gambling for BTCs on the Internet. We have told you a lot about the numerous advantages and benefits of cryptocurrency casino gaming already, but we would also want you know that with our help you can instantly access the most promising full-featured licensed online casino websites enabling you to make bets with Bitcoins, today’s most powerful cryptocurrency that has a really big potential.

In our directories, you will find the comprehensive selection of fully detailed reviews of the best licensed Bitcoin casino portals approved by millions of gamblers from all over the world. offers ample research opportunities for curious players looking for legal virtual casinos, and we’ve probably got everything it takes to eventually keep you happy and entertained for days, weeks, and months. On our website you will get a complete overview of the global BTC gambling market in its current state, and be constantly updated with the latest news and information. We pay attention to every single detail we find potentially useful and relevant for you, meaning you won’t have to go elsewhere to find more complete and updated reviews of the online gaming portals you are interested in.

We’re bringing you the best licensed casinos that accept Bitcoins

Yes, and we are very pleased to do it, because we find Bitcoin integration to be one of the greatest things to have happened to Internet gambling since the very moment it came into being. See for yourself: the total choice of games and betting activities is simply unlimited, as it includes hundreds and hundreds of virtual slot machines, card/table/casino classics, lotteries, a huge variety of poker games, bets on sports events, and a whole lot of other no less entertaining activities offered. Then, you get something you can’t even dream of as long as you’re gambling on traditional real-money websites, namely instantaneous BTC fund transactions that take seconds and minutes to be completed, not hours and days. Aside from that, with Bitcoin payments you can also enjoy the feature that is probably among the most sought after and praised ones by BTC gaming aficionados – the almost complete transaction and gaming anonymity. Indeed, you don’t have to provide any personal details or bank account data when signing up with a Bitcoin casinos you’ve chosen to play in, as you won’t simply need it. Just a valid email address, and a Bitcoin wallet – that’s all it takes really!

As you see, licensed Bitcoin casinos can get you a bunch of options and functionalities previously unthinkable to be introduced in the virtual gambling industry, and one of the best things about all that is that you can start enjoying it instantly and absolutely free of charge. Basically, apart from the BTC wallet address that we’ve mentioned above, in order to start gaming successfully on a licensed Bitcoin casino portal you need nothing but a certain amount of Bitcoins to start off with a decent bankroll that you can use to make wagers on your preferred games. On many licensed casino websites there is also a possibility to try the available games, either slots or classics, for free, just to help you practice and decide whether you would also like to play them for real Bitcoins afterwards.

The wonderful world of licensed Bitcoin online casinos

We love to help you get entertained, and we hasten to assure you that your journey to this boundless world of sheer gambling pleasure is right about to start with the help of, as you can access the whole variety of the ultimate legal Bitcoin casinos portals directly from our website. Playing games in Bitcoin casinos can be much more enjoyable and, even more importantly, beneficial if you know everything you need about these casinos. Whenever you start thinking you need to learn more about one or another major BTC gambling portal, feel free to resort to our guidance and use our comprehensive collection of detailed Bitcoin casino reviews for your own benefit. And when we say benefit, we really mean it. In Bitcoin casinos you can easily win prizes amounting to tens of BTC after making negligibly small wagers on almost any of the games, not to mention the very special slot machines packed with jackpots reaching hundreds of Bitcoins! Isn’t it what you have been looking for all these years?