Online, especially new Bitcoin casinos do an excellent job offering their customers deposit bonuses as one of the special rewards which aims to make players feel they’re really valued and honored. For players, bonuses are a fantastic opportunity to boost their bankrolls substantially allowing them to play with more funds, and in turn, potentially win bigger prizes. As the terms suggests, First deposit bonuses are given by online casinos and gambling portals to players who have created their very first (new) player’s account on the casino’s/portal’s website and have also deposited funds for the first time. The deposited amount is instantly transferred to a player’s account balance to become their playing funds, or bankroll, which can then be used for making wagers in the virtual casino/card/table games and online slot machines that a casino website offers. Logically, a first deposit bonus can be received only once in each casino/poker room/bookmaking website, though there might be alternative bonus offers for players making further deposits.

Bitcoin casino deposit bonus – why you need it and how you get it

The amount a player gets as a Bitcoin deposit bonus is basically a certain percent of their deposit. The bonus amount usually depends on a casino’s financial capabilities and/or benevolence. As a rule, first deposit bonuses are usually very generous, ranging from 100% up to 1 Bitcoin and often more, meaning the casino will reward you with a bonus amount equal to your deposit (if the first deposit you make exceeds some minimal amount predefined by a casino, e.g. 0.2 BTC). Bonuses of 200% and 300% (or even bigger) up to 1 BTC are not uncommon, but you will have to do some preliminary research to learn more about the casinos giving them. The initial deposit bonus usually cannot be withdrawn from a player’s balance instantly, because its primary purpose is, as mentioned above, to be spent on making wagers in a casino, poker room or an online Bitcoin sportsbook. However, you will be able to withdraw the winnings you have received with the help of a certain first deposit bonus. Additionally, to be able to eventually withdraw your winnings you may also be required to play through, or wager, the bonus amount received a certain number of times (ranging from a few to several dozen times). Such are common rules and requirements, these policies may change from time to time, and also vary between websites.

Where to get Bitcoin casino deposit bonuses in 2022

You are likely to have stumbled upon our website in search of an answer to this question, and we are happy to let you know you have made the right decision coming to us. Here, on you will get unlimited access to our selection of Bitcoin deposit bonus offers brought to you by the leading online BTC casinos and gambling portals. You will be among the first online players to learn about the most profitable first deposit bonus deals and we will keep you up-to date about all other possible bonuses available on online gaming websites, including reload/refill bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, as well as special bitcoin casino bonuses for players completing certain tasks etc. You will be able to learn more about these extra bonuses on other pages of our website.

On top of that, we will constantly provide you with detailed reviews of the newest and most popular or definitely worth trying online casinos, Bitcoin poker rooms, sportsbooks and other gambling portals, so you know exactly where to receive and spend your next Bitcoin casino first deposit bonus, or any other bonus you’re fully eligible to get as a new or existing loyal player. Our reviews are also designed to help you decide whether the choice of games, playing options and payment possibilities is sufficient for you; otherwise you’re absolutely welcome to use our comprehensive review section to look for other gaming websites offer features most suitable for you. website screen
Welcome bonus package up to 5 BTC

bitstarz casino website screen eng
Free bonus: 20 freespins
Bonus package up to 5 BTC + 180 freespins

BitStarz Casino

bao casino website screen
Welcome bonus 100% up to 0.5 BTC or €$200 + 20 freespins

Bao Casino

It all starts with a bonus on first deposit

As a new inexperienced player you may not know how entertaining and versatile the world of online Bitcoin gambling is. And we are here to become your guide in it. Our advice is to start with updating yourself with all the information on BTC casinos and gambling websites you will find here on our website, because the more you know, the more playing options and possibilities you will have access to via the hundreds of casinos and gaming portals available. Besides this, it would be wise to think of the maximum amount of Bitcoin that you can spend weekly/monthly on online gambling without substantially harming your budget.

Once you have decided this, choose an online casino you like from our review selection, and complete your sign-up. Check whether they are offering a Bitcoin casino deposit bonus and/or other bonuses (remember, many gambling websites offer no-deposit bitcoin bonuses to new players as well), and feel free to choose the bonus you like most and make a deposit equal to or bigger than the minimal deposit amount required by the casino to ensure you are eligible for the bonus. That’s it! Now you have a bankroll you can use to enjoy your favorite casino games and other gaming activities.

As we have already mentioned, it is essential to remember your bitcoin casino first deposit bonus can only be used for playing/wagering purposes, as usually a casino will not allow you to withdraw it instantly after receiving. Because of this, we advise you to get the most out of your deposit and the bonus you received on it, by using it efficiently to make wagers in casino games and online slots, playing poker online or making bets on sports events and athletes. Nevertheless, the variety of online games and other gambling activities is so huge it is unlikely you will have any problems thinking how to use your Bitcoin deposit bonus. With the help of our website you will be able to instantly access hundreds of them offered by dozens of world’s TOP gambling portals. We know you love to be entertained, and we know how to entertain you – online Bitcoin gambling offers vast possibilities for you to relieve your boredom! Now…. Are you ready for some action?

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Bitcoin casino reload bonus

We have already given you an overview of what a first deposit bonus is, and how and where it can be received. Now, we will also tell you a little more about another kind of bonus you can obtain in most online Bitcoin casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and other virtual gambling entertainment websites. This bonus is called a reload bonus, and, as its name implies, its primary purpose is to increase your existing bankroll, i.e. the amount of playing funds you allotted/earned/won specifically to make wagers with. In contrast with the first deposit bonus, a reload bonus is only obtained by re-filling or ‘reloading’ your funds, but it’s always a useful aid, so be sure not to miss it when you have a great possibility to get one.

Bitcoin casino reload bonus – know where to get yours

Just as is the case of first deposit bonus, a casino reload bonus is essentially a fixed per cent of the deposit amount a player makes at the casino. As a rule, this type of bonus is usually smaller than the welcome bonus, but its total amount is in much the same way predicated upon the Bitcoin casino’s overall financial capacity and/or generosity. Also, it is the casino, or bonus issuer that decides whether such refilling bonus can be given to any particular player only once (e.g. for making their second deposit), or reload bonuses are systematic, and can be regularly received by depositing players at set intervals.

The best Bitcoin reload bonuses can be also found here is here to become your bonus location stronghold. We know exactly where, when and how you can get all kinds of gambling bonuses, and, what’s even more appealing is we will gladly share this useful information with you. No matter if you are an online gaming newbie or an experienced gambler, from time to time you will have to look for new possibilities to increase you playing funds, and that’s exactly what we are here for. We bring you tons of new bonuses weekly and monthly, paying special attention to the most renowned, market leading online bitcoin gambling websites. From time to time, we will update you with the news on the latest and most profitable Bitcoin casino reload bonuses, so stay tuned and prepare to have your bankroll boosted in seconds.

When browsing various sections of our website, you will most likely navigate to “Bonuses” – and there you will find several sub-sections specific to the various types of gambling bonuses you can get with our help. If you’re reading this text here, then you can easily scroll to the top of the page, where you will find our selection of the best reload bonuses on the market. Take your time to read about each of them in depth, and, if you have an account with any of the casinos offering the reload bonuses and already received their first deposit bonus, then you’re very likely to also be eligible for the Bitcoin casino reload. Certainly, if you have any hesitations, it would be wise to check the availability of the bonus with the casino’s support team, something that will usually take just a few minutes.

Bitcoin casino reload bonus – are there any hidden rocks?

Theoretically, yes. But if you’re far-sighted enough and take the time to carefully read through the bonus terms and conditions of the website you would like to receive the reload bonus on, then there should not be any unexpected problems, allowing you to enjoy it to the full extent. These bonuses are typically designed to improve player loyalty, and so if you’re one of these loyal, repeat players – why wait any longer? Claim your reload bonus now! Often, after the player has received and used their welcome bonus promotions, also called the new player bonus, or first deposit bonus, a proper refill for the bankroll might be required. This bonus might be exactly what your bankroll needs to help you discover dozens of new entertaining casino games that you will fall in love with. Of course, you can increase you bankroll by regular winnings, but, in order to win more this way, you will need to spend more on wagers too, and that is when the reload bonus comes in handy for you, why spend your own money, when you can spend your bonus!

Additionally, you may also want to check what other kinds of bonuses we have for you, some of which have been mentioned above on this page already. All the bonuses offered to players by the most trustworthy online Bitcoin gambling websites can be seen in the “Bonuses” section in the header above – everything from no deposit bonuses and freespins for new players and bonus-hunters to first deposit bonuses, latest Bitcoin casino reload bonuses, and special free BTC offers. Opportunities to get so many useful tips in one place, that really help you increase your bankroll substantially do not come around often, so be sure grab it with both hands and give it a proper read. Just a few minutes of reading will help you greatly when it comes to choosing the best reload bonus, with our help you will be enjoying your reload bonus in no time.

The must-have Bitcoin casino reload bonuses

It is important that you know your Bitcoin reload bonus cannot be instantly withdrawn from your player’s account balance to be used outside of the casino/sportsbook etc, this is a rule of thumb with almost all fully licensed and regulated online BTC casinos and gambling entertainment websites. Despite this, you should still be aware that you will find thousands of possibilities to turn the casinos reload bonuses you get into lots of fun and, perhaps more importantly, into instant Bitcoin winnings. Just think of the great variety of HD video games, virtual slots, online poker and crypto sports betting activities of all kinds waiting for you on the hundreds of gambling portals worldwide. If all of these can be accessed with the help of one or two moderate deposits that allow you a special bonus – then it’s definitely worth trying right now! The world of online casino games is incredibly vibrant and expansive, and discovering it might easily become one of the most memorable virtual adventures of your lifetime. Begin your new adventure instantly by getting one of the Bitcoin casino reload bonuses you will find here on this page.