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Live Blackjack review

Play live blackjack online with live dealers in best BitCoin casinos!

Live blackjack has definitely been one of the world’s most played casino games for years. On Bitcasino you can play it live for bitcoins with beautiful dealer ladies!

Live blackjack is played by the regular rules, with some modifications designed to make your gaming experience as highly realistic as possible. Your main goal is to obtain a hand with the value of 21 (or maximally close to it) with your score exceeding the dealer’s. In blackjack, aces get you 1/11 points, face cards count ten points each, and all other cards count their nominal value.

A player dealt a card with a value of 10 plus an ace as their first card combination (also called “Blackjack”) automatically wins a 1.5x amount of their stake. “Blackjack” beats any other 21-valued hand. If your card combination value is closer to 21 than that of the dealer’s, you win a double amount of your bet. If the value of player’s card combination exceeds 21, it is considered a “bust”, and such player is out of the game until the next round. If the player and the dealer collect hands of equal value, this is called a “push”, and the player’s stake is refunded.

Throughout the gameplay, the players are free to “hit” (accept a card), “double” (double wager, finish after taking only one card), “split” (make 2 hands of cards with equal value), “stand” (finish a turn), or “surrender” (quit game).

Choose the dealer you like the most – all of them are gorgeous ladies always ready to serve you. Certainly, you are absolutely free to dismiss the dealer you play with and choose another one whenever you want to. Live-chat communication with both the dealers and fellow players is welcome, just remember to be polite.

One of the best thing about live games in BitCasino is that you can play along with thousands of other players and still feel private sitting in your good old armchair. Just make a few clicks, and you may become a winner!

Live blackjack

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