Live Roulette review

Play roulette online with live dealers in best BitCoin casinos!

Live roulette evokes the same feelings casino players experience in real casinos – gorgeous dealer ladies, luxurious interiors and standard European roulette rules.

Are you bold enough to tell which pocket the ball falls into after bouncing around?

With all rules and requirements absolutely identical to its offline version, live roulette is much more enjoyable for players – real interaction is impossible to replace, and it can’t be compared to trivial bet-placing in regular online casinos where we all used to play. In order to win in live roulette one might either employ a certain strategy or play relying on their intuition solely. The dealers will gladly accept any bet that player decides to make, but under no circumstances will they make betting decision on player’s behalf. Your game – your bets.

The game begins after the players are invited by the dealer to place their bets on the layout. Every roulette table has its own betting limits for each of the numbers on the layout. As a rule, maximum betting limits are subject to the following progression: if the maximum bet on one number is €100, the maximum bet on two numbers is €200, etc. The dealer spins the wheel while the bets are still accepted; the ball is spinned in the opposite direction. After the ball finally falls into the winning pocket, the dealer announces the winning number, marks it on the layout and collects losing bets to the casino revenue. After that the winnings are paid out in consecutive order, from inside (straight, street, split etc.) on out to outside (rouge au noir, even or odd, manque, passe etc.)

Each of the elegant female dealers is there to accept your bets and help you have good time at BitCasino – whichever of them you choose, they’ll make it worth your while. Do not hesitate to try another dealer whenever you feel you’re open for the sensations and experience.

Isn’t it just great to enjoy the feeling of a genuine high-end casino not having to leave the cosy place you stay at? Thanks to making bets in online casino games with live dealers has never been more exciting and entertaining than it is now!

Live roulette

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