Aegis Bitcoin app integrated into smartwatches

aegis wallet wear bitcoin

Aegis Bitcoin app now includes limited functionality support for Google’s Android Wear operating system powering wearable mobile devices, including smartwatches.

Currently, there is no possibility to make Bitcoin payments with Aegis wallet application installed in your smartwatch. However, this option, along with a whole range of other new functionalities, is promised to be made available in the near future. It would be reasonable to mention this app is an open-source project, which means all developers skillful enough are able to modify the final product.

The new platform is still very young – Android Wear has been launched just six months ago and used in a small number of devices so far, but it has all the chances to become a real hit. Currently there are several Android Wear-powered smartwatch models available on the market, and Aegis Bitcoin app is supported on all of them. It allows users to follow the BTC exchange rate and check wallet balance, as well as receive notifications about completed Bitcoin transactions. In future, Aegis’ app may also enable the smartwatch to be used to display the user’s QR-code in case they would like to receive a payment.

Bojan Simic, the app developer, says smartwatches are still lacking the NFC option, and this serves as the main constraining factor for providing the application with further functionalities. The most convenient way to pay with Bitcoin would be just letting the seller scan your QR-Code displayed on the smartwatch. This would require support by retailers and existing payment platforms, and Aegis hope to embody this idea in the coming years.