’s TOP 5 reasons to gamble online for bitcoins

reasoins to use bitcoins for online gambling

Learn why Bitcoin and online gambling seem to be just hand and glove, and why the cryptocurrency outperforms real-money payments so easily.

Bitcoin is a new currency for the digital age that cuts out the financial middleman and gives control back to the user. believes the rise of Bitcoin is great news for online gambling, and they’re going to tell you why.

These are’s TOP 5 reasons to use Bitcoin for online gambling

Tired of waiting around for cash transactions to be processed, or cheques to clear?
Depositing and cashing out from a Bitcoin casino is easy, and, what’s more, it’s practically instant. More often than not, transactions take just minutes or even seconds to be completed.

You never have to enter personal information like credit card numbers or bank account details at a Bitcoin casino, giving you complete peace of mind that your data is safe. On the Internet, no one will be able to associate your personal BTC wallet address with your identity, hence no need to worry for you about being scammed.

The old days of paying hefty transaction fees to deposit and withdraw your funds are coming to an end. With Bitcoin, pain from bank wires and cashing cheques is a thing of the past. In many cases, there is no transaction fee levied at all, while on some other portals the amount you have to pay extra for making a transfer is close to 0.

Bitcoin can be used anywhere in the world, on any device connected to the Internet, without the worry of transactions being declined by banks or credit card providers.

At bitcoin casinos, you can enjoy a completely discreet gaming experience. Transactions won’t show up on your credit card or bank account statements, and your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. No real-money casino portal can provide you that.

So, what are you waiting for? Play all the games you know and love, and avoid the pitfalls of traditional casinos!

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