Is Bitcoin the future of online gambling?

is bitcoin the future of gambling online

What are the chances for the most widespread cryptocurrency to become the de-facto universal payment solution in one of the most diverse segments of the Internet?

Bitcoin gambling – rather a logical step than casuality
We all know Bitcoin is by far the most promising, sustainable, and, naturally enough, most widespread cryptocurrency, with its real power and potential still unknown, or, more precisely unmeasured. Its today’s spread rate and global acceptance are more than simply impressive, with recognition in many areas and markets by millions of far-seeing and simply curious users. For many, Bitcoin has turned from a trendy payment method into literally the way of life, as people try to find as many implementations for it as they can, and, more often than not, they quite succeed in it. Expectedly enough, Bitcoin is starting to change the way certain things in our life are (and have been for a considerable amount of time), and there is every reason to believe that is just the beginning. BTC is for sure to become even more useful for us in the foreseeable future already.

Among all the industries where Bitcoin has been able to establish itself so strongly it even starts to pose considerable threat to payments in regular currencies, i.e. real money, online gambling is undoubtedly one of the most conspicuous. Nowadays, Bitcoin and gambling come together like hand and glove, for reasons probably obvious to everyone having more or less clear understanding of what BTC basically is and how it works. Bitcoin may not be accepted by every single gambling portal on the web as of now, but its current developments are gradually heading in that direction, as more and more gambling operators understand their necessity for it. People are more willing to wager in Bitcoin than they used to be just some time, as they, too, perfectly understand its strong points and numerous benefits.

Gambling with bitcoins is for everyone
Indeed, it is, otherwise there would have been no point at all switching to BTC payments. One of their strongest advantages lies in the unlimited accessibility of masses to them, with the full range of possibilities they provide available to every single person having a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoins are universal, i.e. one doesn’t need to convert them to other currencies to make a payment or deposit, as the number of businesses accepting BTC payments has been growing rapidly for are considerable period already. On top of it, payments in bitcoins are anonymized, meaning that on Bitcoin gambling sites players from all over the world have finally received what they’ve been seeking for so long, that is the possibility to make wagers on casino games discreetly, without the knowledge of their banks and state regulatory/supervisory bodies (and all that within the bounds of the law).

Then, people who prefer gambling with Bitcoin, are able to enjoy something that players on real-money casino websites can only dream of, that is, instantaneous peer-to-peer payment transactions that take just minutes and seconds to be completed. The thing is, Bitcoin payment system is decentralized, i.e. there is neither any central regulatory body in it, nor any major accumulating vaults or hubs where massive amounts of bitcoins may be kept and distributed between users on request. All this makes Bitcoin a perfect currency for the whole gambling industry, the more so that it is somehow much more difficult for the state to keep online Bitcoin gambling businesses under their control as strictly as ‘traditional’ virtual casino, as in many cases Bitcoin is not considered money, or even a payment method in the real sense of the word.

Yet, Bitcoin gambling is absolutely legal (or, at least not illegal) in most of the countries where gambling is not forbidden or restricted by law as such, meaning there are almost zero chances for BTC gamblers to be someway persecuted for being involved in playing casino games or making bets on sports events in Bitcoin.

The future of free Bitcoin gambling
In our opinion, Bitcoin has everything it takes to further conquer the vast industry of Internet casino gaming, to finally become the universally accepted payment instrument with no restrictions. As we see now, the cryptocurrency has been as if intentionally created to suit the needs and requirements of virtual gambling houses, and it’s an open secret today many major Bitcoin gambling websites like, BitStarz, Betcoin, BetChain, and others are far more successful and attractive for customers than their real-money rivals. Of course, people’s desire to gamble anonymously may be one of the fundamental reasons behind that, but perhaps gamblers also find bitcoins far more efficient in terms of handling costs and fees – with BTC, there are just minimal or non-existent. Simply compare them to the considerable payments that players need to pay extra for the real-money transactions in casino they make using bank or wire transfer services, and you’ll understand why Bitcoin is doing that well.

Frankly speaking, whether the cryptocurrency is to stay there for long enough (or forever?) in the online gambling industry is probably a question that politicians, authorities, major stakeholders, and other decision-makers know the answer to best. After all, it all depends in no small part on their goodwill, forethought, and rationality too, although we taxpayers have the option to advocate our interests using legally provided instruments and mechanisms.

Any contribution a Bitcoin gambling guide can make?
Here, on, we’ve been doing our best to promote Bitcoin gambling in every possible manner by explaining the convenience of using the cryptocurrency for betting/wagering purposes, and providing our readers with unlimited access to the best Bitcoin gambling sites now existing on the Internet. Our mission hasn’t yet been accomplished, and it only will when most casino gaming businesses will reach out to their players and make the gambling process as maximally enjoyable, efficient, and convenient for them in every respect as possible. From being the most likely Future of online gambling and other more essential areas Bitcoin is steadily turning into the technically advanced Present, and that is definitely a something to be proud of for humankind.