Bitcoin in Netherlands: local SPAR accepting Bitcoin

spar accept bitcoin

Another retailer reported to accept Bitcoin in Netherlands: a SPAR store is now on the list of BTC-friendly places of Arnhem, a city with a population of 150,000.

The store called SPAR Arnhem Centraal became the first one in the country to accept digital currency. This was made possible thanks to the installation of a POS-terminal by the Dutch company BitKassa.

The holder of the local SPAR franchise Luke van Gelder does not use Bitcoin himself, but knows a lot about them, and is aware that numerous cafes, restaurants and retail locations accept Bitcoin in Netherlands already.

The Bitcoin integration of the Arnhem Centraal store has been made possible thanks to the local project called “Arnhem Bitcoincity” launched in May 2014; its main goal is the integration of BTC payments in local businesses all over the city. At the beginning, the project was supported by 15 local entrepreneurs, mostly owners of bars or restaurants. Today, “Arnhem Bitcoincity” unites about 40 participants, including clothing stores, a bike shop, a hotel, a bakery and several others.

Though SPAR has no plans on the total integration of Bitcoin in the rest of their shops, they claim to be encouraging the “experiments” by franchise owners. The company intends to monitor the developments of Bitcoin implementation in Arnhem Centraal, and if it proves to be successful, BTC payments might be considered for other SPAR shops.

SPAR International brings together more than 15,000 stores in 34 countries (mostly European countries, South Africa, Australia, and Argentina). This is an internationally acclaimed brand, and the fact that at least one of their stores is now known to accept Bitcoin payments, means a lot to cryptocurrencies’ image and overall recognition.