Bitcoin investment amounts: be amazed, be very amazed!

bitcoin investment

There are more and more news nowadays on Bitcoin investment: almost every day we learn about another BTC startup completing another multi-million round of financing.

And this news is undoubtedly positive, if not to say great. Investments are very essential for the development of Bitcoin, as the level of capitalization of Bitcoin companies indicates the degree of venture investors’ and ordinary users’ trust and commitment. That’s the way it goes.

But are you eager to know which companies are the biggest Bitcoin investors as of November 2014? We’re pretty sure you are, so let us take a closer look at them. We’ve undertaken our own study of the businesses associated with Bitcoin, and the results couldn’t have been more surprising that it is – in total, Bitcoin companies have received about 354 million dollars from their investors all over the world. Coinbase, and Bitfury are among the leaders. And who’s Bitcoin investment number one? See for yourself:

10 BitAccess $10,120,000
9 BitGo $12,000,000
8 Chain $13,700,000
7 Bitnet Technologies $14,500,000
6 Blockstream $21,000,000
5 $30,500,000
4 Coinbase $31,710,000
3 BitPay $32,510,000
2 Bitfury $40,000,000
1 Xapo $60,000,000