Bitcoin shopping: 5 reasonable ways to spend your BTC

spend bitcoins

Just about a year ago you would find yourself in a big trouble trying to exist on bitcoins: paying your utility bills would seem relatively easy,  but getting some food would become a bit of a headache.

You could make much more bitcoin payments today, though. Put another way, if you can afford to live in luxury, you can basically pay for it in BTC only. In average, as a result of BTC purchasing power increase, the number of bitcoin transactions has grown thirty-five times compared to last year.

If you own a bitcoin that needs to be spent urgently, the companies listed below are eager to help you, as they gladly accept crypto-currency, thus making Bitcoin shopping possible.



Gyft: purchase Target, CVS, Amazon, Whole Foods and Burger King gift cards.

Overstock: make retail and wholesale purchases (€1,2+ mln worth BTC transactions since the introduction of bitcoin payments).

BitPremier: high-end luxury items, including cars, yachts and real estate.

Gadgets and devices

Newegg: computer parts and accessories (what about assembling your own bitcoin-miner?)

Adafruit: purchase Raspberry Pi and other electronics based on ReadWrite technology.


Expedia agency: book hotels (soon enough you will be able to pay for flight tickets, rental cars and other services they provide in BTC as well).

CheapAir: book hotels, plane and train tickets.

Media and entertainment

Dish Network: satellite television services (BTC payments available since late summer 2014).

Chicago Sun-Times: up to 11% subscription payments in bitcoins.

Zynga: pay for your favorite online games (including FarmVille 2).

Girl’s best friends

Reeds Jewelers: diamonds are offered in exchange for bitcoins.