Bitcoin virus ‘Hahaha’ spreads through Facebook

facebook bitcoin virus

Modern technologies bring along new kinds of threat. Seems unimaginable, but this new Bitcoin virus (malware) is said to have been parasitic upon PCs’ power circuits since June 2014.

The virus is reported to be spread via private messages containing a zip-file named ‘Hahaha’ with a non-existent image.

The malware is activated instantly as soon as you open the attachment. According to Bitdefender, the company specialized in digital security, this Java-powered virus downloads executing files from the web and then connects to online control systems. After the user’s control over the device is lost, the virus starts to convert power supply into BTC.

So far, the malware has been detected by users in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in several countries of South Asia.

‘Black’ bitcoin-mining is not the only threat that Facebook users worldwide are vulnerable to; ‘hahaha’ is expected to be followed by other kinds of malware presumably meant for even more delinquent purposes. From now on, all social network users should be on the alert.