Bitspark launch their new BTC exchange platform

Bitspark website

Seeking to become one of the biggest players on the market, the ambitious Hong Kong-based Bitcoin startup Bitspark has launched their new BTC exchange platform.

The beta-version of the platform has been available since last Wednesday. In order to attract as many new customers as possible, the company charges users no fee for the first month of membership.

Bitspark’s new platform is meant for trading other cryptocurrencies as well. Currently, the customers are able to trade six different digital currencies including Bitcoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Blackcoin and Cloakcoin. Bitspark developers are now in the process of integrating Altcoin, fiat money and other services.

The convenience and minimalist interface design of their platform are seen by Bitspark as a good opportunity to draw the attention of potential customers. In order to start working with, a user would need to undergo a standard sign-up procedure to be granted access to the automatically generated personal electronic wallet, and use it for storing any of the currencies supported. Other available functions include currency trading, asset deposit/withdrawal, viewing transaction history and balance auditing.

In order to activate the two-factor authentication (as offered by other BTC exchange platform developers), a user would have to install the Google Authenticator app, and then scan the QR-code to obtain a two-factor password.

With the benefits of virtual currencies becoming more apparent because of the minimum commission fees and transaction costs, Bitspark has the potential to leave a mark on the global remittance market being nowadays ruled by traditional banks.