CardinalCommerce and Neteller: great news for BTC gamblers

cardinal commerce neteller

Yesterday, two major payment processors – Neteller and CardinalCommerce – were reported to start handling Bitcoin transactions made by their business customers.

Basically, this means that from now on users, shoppers, and online gamblers will be able to purchase goods and services from certain merchants and providers using only BTCs as a payment method.

Neteller has been long preferred by online casino players and bettors to other electronic fund transfer service as one of the most convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, especially in cases when PayPal services are unavailable. Neteller’s introduction of BTC functionality, initially spotted and blown about by a Reddit user, enables millions of virtual gambling fans around the world to go for a much quicker, more convenient and cost-efficient fund transfer option that traditional real-money systems they used before. The company hasn’t come out with any official statements on Bitcoin integration yet, so we should be expecting more news on that in the course of the next days. The only things users were able to learn so far are that BitPay’s processing solutions have been used by Neteller to implement BTC functionality, and the U.S. customers are not currently offered the possibility to make deposits in bitcoins. The fact that Neteller is one of the official payment solutions offered to PokerStars players may lead the latter to making certain conclusions.

Speaking about CardinalCommerce, another electronic payment processor offering payment solutions with a unique set options and enhanced security to world-renowned companies including GameStop (but also Delta Air Lines and several others unrelated to gaming entertainment), it should be mentioned that now, thanks to their cooperation with BitNet in order to integrate Bitcoin payments for clients, the company is now fully capable to compete with really big players in the market like the above-mentione BitPay and even Coinbase. According to Alasdair Rambaud, the senior vice president of merchant services with CardinalCommerce, “(Bitnet’s) many combined years of payment industry experience makes them the best choice for Cardinal and our merchants who want to offer bitcoin as an alternative way for their Customers to buy.” Rambauld finds the cryptocurrency a “win-win for merchants and customers around the globe!”

The only thing CardinalCommerce’s customers will need to do by themselves is “activate” BTC payments, as some of the major merchants and companies using their processing services still think the newly-enabled Bitcoin functionality may confuse their clients at some point for the reason they may have too little knowledge about the aspects of cryptocurrency usage.