offers two basic provably fair games to players

dice minesweeper games

Recently, team launched their brand new block-chain based web gaming platform with two basic provably fair games being offered to gamblers so far.

The games themselves are relatively familiar to almost any of the players – Minesweeper and Dice. The two virtual gaming classics are neatly jet crisply designed, look really modern, and are very easy and highly entertaining to play for both newbies and more experienced gambling fans.

There is no need for players to sign up with to enjoy these games, and everyone can instantly start playing and winning prizes in cryptocurrencies. A uniquely generated player name is given to every gamer, and so as to be able to continue the gameplay under this name next time they are back online, this username is automatically saved in the browser’s cookies.

The choice of virtual currencies in which the deposits can made and the prizes are paid out, is not limited to bitcoin. Alternatively, players can gamble with Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) – the two other most commonly used altcoins after the  BTC.

For inexperienced players willing to try their gaming skills a special practice mode with virtual coin equivalents is available, so there is no need for them to spend their BTC funds initially. Every 5 minutes a player is online, they can take advantage of the built-in coin faucet (per single account/IP-address only) by clicking its icon and solving a basic captcha. In case everything goes fine and the captcha is solved successfully, the player’s bankroll is topped up with 0.005 mBTC, 5 DOGE, or 0.005 LTC instantly!

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