Dutch company agitates for Bitcoin support

bitcoin support

Dutch company Bitonic has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised during the campaign will be used for Bitcoin support at the state level.

In other words, the Dutch decided to raise money to encourage the authorities to officially recognize Bitcoin as a legal medium of paying.

The idea to launch such campaign came after a Dutch judge refused to recognize BTC a valid payment method.

The slogan of the fundraising campaign is “Bitcoin is Geld” (Eng. “Bitcoin its money”). Since its very first day Bitonic has managed to raise 36 bitcoins. The overall goal is to collect at least 15,000 euros to give Bitcoin support activists opportunity to hire lawyers and designated representatives in the highest courts. By now, Bitonic has enlisted the support of a local bitcoin-fund and SOLV law firm.

In future, the company hopes to stimulate the implementation of adequate regulations of Bitcoin in the Netherlands.

This idea is, however, not supported by all Dutch users of Bitcoin. Some of them find it necessary to suspend the campaign, as, in their opinion, Bitcoin does not need to be regulated at all. The attractiveness of digital currencies lies in the absence of institutions capable of putting pressure on Bitcoin. According to the opponents of the fundraising campaign, the above case with the Dutch judge has to be resolved by other means: the court’s decision might be appealed by broad public consultations.