Electronics retailer CEX to integrate BTC payments

CeX bitcoin

Electronics store chain CEX is to become the first retailer to integrate BTC payments in all their 266 stores in Britain; BTC are already accepted in 30 of them.

Others CEX stores will join these thirty them in the next few weeks, after the staff is thoroughly instructed and trained to work with the cryptocurrency.

The decision to introduce Bitcoin payments in CEX stores was caused by the popularity of Bitcoin ATM installed in one of the company’s stores is Glasgow. In April 2014, CEX started to accept bitcoins in their online store. Now they are ready to fully implement bitcoin payments in the entire network.

Coinbase has been chosen as the provider of BTC payment services. Some CEX stores will start Bitcoin integration with installing Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs similar to the one in their Glasgow store. Interestingly, these ATMs were also purchased with BTC.

CEX primarily aimed at tech-savvy customers with their decision to integrate BTC payments – most of them appreciate the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency, as this is instant and requires neither plastic cards nor physical wallets. CEX has no intention to convert Bitcoin payments received from customers into fiat currency. All the BTC earned will be kept on their accounts.

CEX considers their duty to help their customers learn more about the benefits of Bitcoin and dispel the myth that BTC can only be useful if you shop online.