How to buy Bitcoins

how to buy bitcoins

Forget mining bitcoins by yourself. In our informative guide, we will tell you more about buying BTC on virtual exchange platforms and with the help of Bitcoin ATMs.

How to buy bitcoins – your options and useful tips
It would be very logical to assume that you before you start engaging in transactions involving payments in Bitcoin, either buying items and services from Internet stores and retailers (including brick-and-mortar locations), playing virtual casino games on BTC gambling portals etc., you would need to have a certain amount of this cryptocurrency in your Bitcoin wallet. Today, buying bitcoins is easier than one can image, all thanks to the multiple possibilities to do that offered by multiple exchanges and related companies. You need to be maximally careful, however, so as not to fall into deception and get hosed by scammers willing to grab your money and give nothing instead.

We wouldn’t get blamed too much by our readers probably if we refuted the option to mine bitcoins by oneself, especially without having the proper equipment that is both expensive and sophisticated, plus it’s really time- and energy/resource-consuming for a person to do it all alone nowadays. Instead, we find it proper and reasonable to concentrate on more relevant ways to get bitcoins that even complete newbies and amateurs are able to grasp within minutes. The system has been made as user-friendly as it can possibly be now, just to make sure people won’t be faced with any issues taking advantage of the multiple benefits Bitcoin system can offer them.

Buy bitcoins online and get them instantly credited to your wallet
You already know from our previous topic-related articles that having a proper Bitcoin wallet is the first and probably the most important ‘must’ for a person who would like to start sending and receiving Bitcoin payments. If you already have it and know how to use it properly and securely, it would be natural for you to go further and learn how to buy bitcoins eventually. The first place you should consider to purchase the desired amount of BTC from is any of the reliable and approved Bitcoin exchange Internet platforms. From dozens of them available almost globally, you can easily select the one(s) you find to be the most convenient for you to use. To get your bitcoins with the help of such platforms, you simply need to deposit the designated amount of fiat currency using bank/credit card/ wire transfers, and then include your personal BTC wallet address. Technically, that’s it (we are leaving out registration/authentication details for now). You will get bitcoins credited to your wallet within seconds (or in a couple of minutes in the worst case scenario), and are free to use them you think fit (in a lawful manner, of course). Congratulations!

Now, you would probably also like to know which exchange portals are the best to buy Bitcoin from. That is a matter of taste, but we would definitely advise to use the exchange services of the most popular platforms tested by millions users. Otherwise, if you would still like to make your own research, on the Internet, you may find lots of reviews of all existing online BTC exchanges hosted in various countries and meant either for global clients or local BTC communities, so there won’t be any difficulties for you finding truly the best one. Speaking of Bitcoin’s exchange rate – it should be universal wherever you choose to buy it, just as the price of gold is. So it’s suspicious if you spot bitcoins being traded somewhere at a seemingly higher or lower rate than they really should be. Just remember to always check the current exchange rate on the Internet.

How to get bitcoins – other possibilities
The thing is, you may be unwilling to leave electronic traces of your deals with BTC exchanges on your bank account – after all, some official fiat currency regulatory bodies and establishments still have a tendency to overreact when it comes to Bitcoin usage. If that is the case, and if there is at least one Bitcoin ATM (yes, exactly, an automated telling machine) anywhere in your city or town, there are no issues for concern at all. All you need to do to buy bitcoins is simply withdraw some cash preliminarily from your bank account using a regular real money ATM, grab it, and proceed to the nearest BTC ATM (remember to have your BTC wallet’s unique QR-code with you, e.g. saved in your smartphone’s memory etc., as many Bitcoin telling machines support direct QR-code scanning to send the bitcoins instantly to your wallet).

To get bitcoins, select ‘cash to Bitcoin’ transactions In the BTC ATM’s menu, insert your money into the cashbox, wait for the system to make all the required conversion calculations, and get the refill coupon/slip that the machine prints out for you immediately (be sure to always follow ATM’s instructions to convert money into BTC successfully). What you need to do next to send the purchased amount of bitcoins to your wallet is log in to it and initiate the transaction using the QR-code on the coupon, and your smartphone’s built-in camera, or a web-camera if you a desktop device (get more detailed instructions from your wallet provider). Another option (as mentioned above) would be letting the ATM scan your wallet’s QR-code displayed on your smartphone, or printed on a sheet of paper that you carry with you (however, the latter isn’t really secure).

As you see, this method is slightly different from the option to buy Bitcoin online using exchange platforms, but it’s far more efficient in providing greater buying anonymity to you, and if that’s what you’ve been looking for exactly, do not hesitate to use it as many times as you need, unless it is convenient for you to go outside to use the Bitcoin ATM every time you have to refill your wallet.

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