How to deposit Bitcoins?

how to deposit bitcoins

In order to gamble in Bitcoin casinos, you will need to make deposits from time to time, i.e. top up your balance with BTC funds. Here’s how it is done.

How to deposit bitcoins – first things first
Frankly speaking, if you have deposited bitcoins at least once ever before, there won’t be any difficulties for you at all doing that further on. It’s as simple as riding a bicycle, and, essentially, it’s just as useful too, as Bitcoin has almost everything it takes to become a truly global universal digital currency of tomorrow, and you’re probably fully aware of it.

But ok, let us start with the basics. It is logical that if you would like to make a bitcoin deposit somewhere, you will first of all need to acquire a certain amount of the cryptocurrency to make payments with. You can do this easily via online Bitcoin exchanges or using Bitcoin ATMs stored in many more or less major cities and towns. Of course, another option would be mining bitcoins yourself, but that seems to be a job for people having special equipment, so consider more realistic ways to charge your wallet with crypto-coins.

Oh yes, a Bitcoin wallet. That is another important thing you’re required to have to be able to deposit bitcoins successfully. Your BTC wallet is a secure and properly protected virtual or portable hardware storage of your cryptocurrency funds that enables you to instantly send or receive BTC, e.g. make deposits or withdraw winnings and bonuses in Bitcoin in casinos supporting this kind of payment. You might have read a couple of news about Bitcoin wallets on already, and you probably have one already, or at least know where and how you can get it, so this time we are going to tell you more about making casino deposits with bitcoins.

How to deposit to a bitcoin casino – the methods and procedure
Generally speaking, Bitcoin casinos offer two ways of making deposits for you, and both of them involve using a BTC wallet. It is an open secret that crypto gambling portals also use virtual coin wallets to receive, send, and store their bitcoins, so, consequently, every BTC casino should have their own alpha-numerical Bitcoin address too. In reality, they can have a dozen or even more storages and addresses, just to make things simple for both their players and themselves.

As you understand now, to make a deposit at a bitcoin casino you need to have two Bitcoin addresses connected to wallets – the one is yours, and the other is the casino’s. Every crypto gambling portal has a menu (usually called ‘Cashier’) where you can overview your gaming funds, and make instant deposits to your balance, or, alternatively, initiate withdrawal of funds to your Bitcoin wallet. Also, ‘Cashier’ is the section of BTC gaming portals where you can see and copy their Bitcoin address.

Having that done, you need to proceed to your Bitcoin wallet, log in, and choose to make a payment there. Paste the casino’s BTC address into the corresponding box of the receiver’s requisites, send the payment, and voila, within a minute, or, in most cases, after a few seconds, the bitcoins will be on your balance. Unsurprisingly, this depositing method is the most preferred one by millions of gamblers all around the world, mainly for its simplicity and transaction speed.

There is also another possibility to deposit Bitcoin to a virtual casino – a more technically advanced yet comparably quick and efficient. This time, you will need to use the standard camera of your smart device (a smartphone or tablet), or even the built-in/plug-in webcam of your laptop or desktop computer to scan the casino’s unique graphical QR-code linked to their Bitcoin wallet instead of copy-pasting it. Typically, the QR-code can also be found in the ‘Cashier’ menu or another section where a gambling portal’s banking information and deposit requisites are available.

Similarly, bitcoin deposits made using QR-codes take seconds or a couple of minutes to be completed, so you will probably appreciate this functionality duly, especially if you’re into mobile casino gaming. After all, it takes just seconds for your smartphone’s camera to scan and recognize a QR-code.

We believe you now have a better idea of how to deposit Bitcoin in cryptocurrency-powered virtual casinos, and if the only thing that stops you from gambling on BTC casino portals is the issue of Bitcoin legality, we hasten to assure you your concerns are absolutely groundless, as Bitcoins are not deemed illegal in most countries, hence using them for gambling purposes is absolutely lawful.

To sum it all up, we should once again highlight the ease and convenience of Bitcoin deposits in crypto casinos. Compare minutes or seconds that it takes BTC funds to travel from your wallet to the gaming portal’s Bitcoin storage with long hours that you sometimes need to wait for fiat money payments to reach the casino’s bank account. And, as always, there is something more: bitcoins enable you to deposit and gamble anonymously, which is one of the reasons why BTC casino actually exist.