How to use Bitcoins

how to use bitcoins

Today, Bitcoin enables you to forget about real money and pay for items and services with cryptocurrency. Here, you will learn how and where you can use bitcoins.

Why use bitcoin
The very fact you are currently on this page makes us think you have come here for a reason. Indeed, you should be interested in virtual gambling, but there is even more than this, as you probably would also like to gamble using bitcoins – today’s most advanced and widespread virtual currency, or, cryptocurrency. If this is exactly the case, we strongly believe here on you can get a lot of help and useful information on that.

On the other hand, we do understand you may be completely new to BTC, which means you will need some help and advice on how to use bitcoins as such too. No problem. After all, that is why we are here for you.

There are at least several good reasons for you to start using Bitcoin as main or auxiliary electronic payment methods, and we have spoken a lot about them in our previous chapters. Unlike traditional ‘old-school’ technologies that most of us use daily, including bank and wire transfers, BTC system enables its users to make instantaneous P2P fund transactions that take just minutes and seconds to be completed, and, no less importantly, retain almost 100% anonymity while doing so. With bitcoins, you do not depend on banks or any other intermediary regulatory bodies, hence no disclosure of your personal details to financial establishments and unwanted officials, as you simply don’t need to specify them while setting up a Bitcoin wallet (a valid e-mail would do).

The BTC network is global and, although some countries have banned or restricted the cryptocurrency, it enables you to send or receive any reasonable amount of virtual funds to/from a person or company on the other end of the world in just a few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps (yes, bitcoin wallets are fully compatible with smartphones and tabs).

Seems pretty impressive, doesn’t it?

A few tips on how to start using bitcoins
Let us start with a thing seemingly basic, yet it should be known to every Bitcoin beginner: BTC has been created to be the most user-friendly digital currency of today. And it, basically, is. Nowadays, you can do a lot of things with the help of bitcoins, or, to be more precise, using them as a payment method: from buying things in online and brick-and-mortar shops/stores and paying for various services to making Bitcoin deposits on virtual gambling/betting portals and, of course, getting your winnings in bitcoins that you can, again, use to make payments. In other words, today BTC can be used by way of regular money, the more so the number of websites and locations accepting them is growing very rapidly.

Another thing about bitcoins you need to be instantly aware of is you would have to set up a personal ‘wallet’ in order to make and receive BTC payments on a daily basis. Previously, we have already spoken about how to use Bitcoin wallet (and how to create one too), as well as which wallet to choose if you care a lot about the safety and security of your Bitcoin payments, so this topic should now be more or less covered. Buying bitcoins to top up your personal BTC balance shouldn’t be any problem too, which means you’re pretty much ready to make purchases and perform Bitcoin transactions regularly.

Where to use Bitcoin
As we’ve already mentioned above, these days you can find lots of places to spend your bitcoins instead of real money, and buy a lot of things and services you need: coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and night lounges, retail shops, supermarkets, and individual sellers all around the globe (just be sure to make some preliminary research if you’re going somewhere). And on the Internet you can find even more shops, retailers, and companies that will gladly accept your bitcoins charging no extra (or almost non-existent) fees for the transaction. As you understand, using Bitcoin is not just trendy, it’s also very convenient and efficient even if you have minimal experience with BTC.

Of course, being, we simply cannot leave unmentioned the perfect opportunity and multiple benefits of using BTC as a primary payment method when gambling and making bets online. Bitcoins seem to be as though specially tailored for virtual casino gaming, especially considering all their strong points and advantages that we listed above and in our previous articles. Not surprisingly, these advantages were noticed by online gambling services providers and Internet casino operators, which resulted in millions and millions of virtual gamblers now being able to enjoy them too playing their favorite casino and card games online, as well as making bets on sports, and engaging in other kinds of online betting activities.

Where to use bitcoins for virtual gambling purposes
With our help, you will find lots of great places to enjoy all the casino games and virtual slot machines you love so much making wagers in Bitcoin. Here, on, we will provide you with our comprehensive articles on all possible Internet casino gaming related topics, as well as keep you informed about the best portals to play casino games on with a selection of our detailed reviews of the most advanced casino websites and the entertaining playable multimedia content they are offering. You will get direct access to these topping virtual gambling houses, with the instant possibility to use bitcoins to make deposits, and get substantial bonuses on them too. By the way, just unlike traditional real-money casino portals many of which are partly or completely prohibited in many countries, BTC online casinos are allowed to operate in almost all jurisdictions.

In light of all the aforesaid, you must start thinking of bitcoins as key to many payment-related problems that other electronic payment solutions failed to solve. And, in many respects, you will be right. Use Bitcoin unreservedly within the bounds of law whenever you need to, as it’s really likely to become the universal currency of tomorrow.