How to withdraw Bitcoins?

withdraw bitcoins

As a gambler, you will make withdrawals of Bitcoin winnings and bonuses from your gaming balance to the wallet frequently enough. Here, you will learn more about it.

Withdrawing bitcoins – as simple as depositing them
In fair Bitcoin virtual casinos (and we sincerely hope you never choose to play elsewhere), winnings are a matter of luck only, so you simply have to be ready to win various amounts of cryptocurrency from time to time. Obviously, in order to be able to eventually win something in an online slot or a casino game in real-Bitcoin mode you will need to deposit some coins to your gaming bankroll before you start to play, and some time ago we already gave you some advice on how it should be done best. Now, especially if you’re a beginning gambler, you may be willing to learn more about withdrawing bitcoins, which is very reasonable.

Essentially, there is nothing complicated at all in making withdrawals of Bitcoin funds from your player’s balance in a virtual crypto casino. The first thing you start thinking about after having won a Bitcoin prize as a newbie is what you should do next to put your winnings to practical use if you have no intention to re-deposit them in full and gamble again. In other words, you’re most probably wondering how to withdraw bitcoins to cash. It may come as a surprise to you, but in reality you won’t even have to convert your BTC into any of the fiat currencies to be able to purchase something for it. Basically, there are several simple steps for you to follow in order to withdraw bitcoins from your player’s balance, and it will take you very little time to complete them.

To begin with, you should get yourself a proper secure bitcoin wallet, just as in the case with BTC deposits. You may prefer a virtual wallet hosted on a server connected to the global Bitcoin blockchain, or a hardware keychain-type BTC storage/security token that you can always carry with you to use instantly whenever you need to. The latter version is especially convenient to make payments with when you have no Internet access at the time being. But you can only pay for something with your bitcoins when you know how to withdraw winnings from a bitcoin casino, and that is what we are going to tell you more about next.

How to make a cashout from a bitcoin casino – the basics
What you have to be sure about before trying to withdraw BTC funds from your gaming balance is whether the amount of bitcoins you are going to cash out is not a part of a bonus subject to certain playthrough (wagering) requirements. If not, you can proceed with the withdrawal procedure, otherwise you will need to wager it first, and that usually takes some time to finish.

As a rule, you can initiate a Bitcoin withdraw transaction in the casino’s section called ‘Cashier’. That is where you can overview all your gaming-related payment, deposits, and transactions, as well as send bitcoins to your casino balance, or receive funds from it. To withdraw Bitcoin, you need to click the ‘Withdraw’ button you can find there, and then just enter your Bitcoin address (a personal alphanumerical sequence associated with your Bitcoin wallet) and the desired amount of coins to withdraw in the corresponding fields of a menu that opens next. Confirm the transactions, and, more often than not, the bitcoins will be in your wallet within a few seconds already.

Also, in very many crypto casinos you have the possibility to scan your personal QR-code containing your Bitcoin address (instead of typing or copy-pasting the latter manually) in order to withdraw BTC funds from your balance, so if you think this is an option for you, and you have the picture of your wallet’s QR-code somewhere near at hand (e.g. printed-out), simply use the camera of your smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop to scan it, and instantly start the withdrawal procedure to see the coins in your wallet in the twinkle of an eye. As you see now, withdrawing from a bitcoin casino is as simple and easy as ABC.

Getting back on the topic of purchasing goods, services, and making other payments with bitcoins, including the ones you’ve been able to earn/win gambling on BTC casino portals, you should not forget Bitcoin is absolutely legal to gamble and pay with in most of the world’s countries and jurisdictions, so do not hesitate to use it alongside real currencies if you have a chance to, the more so that Bitcoin can be paid with on hundreds of websites, and at hundreds of stores and retail locations all over the world. Now that you have a much better understanding of how to withdraw money from a bitcoin casino, we are pretty much sure you will get a much broader experience of using alternative decentralized cryptocurrency payment methods like Bitcoin, and take full advantage of their numerous benefits like anonymity and instantaneousness. It won’t take people too long to come to understanding Bitcoin is the perfect currency for virtual gambling and shopping, so knowing how to withdraw Bitcoin from their account or BTC wallet should become one of their basic skills soon really.