Key 2015 Bitcoin promotion projects

bitcoin promotion projects

In 2015, two global Bitcoin promotion projects are expected to contribute massively to the cryptocurrency integration into payment systems preferred by consumers.

Many people haven’t still decided whether Bitcoin suits their financial needs, while there are still ones not aware they’re actually using the BTC already. Both projects are focusing on the currency’s key advantage: the possibility to make quick, low-commission trans-border peer-to-peer payments  alongside national currencies.

The first of the projects is managed by Align Commerce. Its primary purpose is establishing an international customer-to-business payment service and enabling clients to make payments in national fiat currency to companies located abroad and offering their products/services in (another) local currency. Bitcoin would serve as payment intermediary necessary to abolish the traditional transfer/commission fees imposed.

The developing team behind Zed, the second project, is known to previously launch and subsequently shut down their other business,, just to concentrate on the new brainchild belonging to the ZipZap brand. Similarly to Align‘s project, Zed is also being created as a currency-A-to-currency-B payment intermediary, but it is aiming mainly the “wire” (remittance) services market. Believe it or not, Zed may be seeking to drive Western Union and other big players out, all thanks to their minimal commission fees.

Basically, both projects will be going head-to-head with Ripple, a company already asserted itself on the market having introduced a custom cryptocurrency network.