Ledger introduces “hardware” BTC wallet

ledger wallet

Ledger BTC wallet is claimed to be one of the world’s safest and most user-friendly “hardware” wallets. And there is even better news – you can order it already.

One of the main things for every Bitcoin holder is to keep theie cryptocurrency in a safe place, especially since it corresponds to Bitcoin ideology. Ledger presents the new way to effectively monitor and spend your BTC with the help of their new “hardware” wallet.

Traditionally, there are two ways to store bitcoins: you can whether rely on a third-party online wallet, or create a so-called “cold storage”and trust your funds to the device fully disconnected from the Internet (which requires some special knowledge).

The new Ledger BTC wallet offers the advantages of both solutions, but is said to be deprived of their shortcomings. Its built-in smartchip has been tested for many years in the bank plastic card industry, and is responsible for providing encrypted signatures for all your transactions, thus allowing to make safe BTC payments even using “compromised” PCs.

From a practical standpoint, the wallet seems to be fairly simple: the technological marvel is linked to you via clear and intuitive design. Sneek into the package, and you will notice just 4 items belonging to the kit: the wallet itself, the manual, and two cards. One of the cards contains a 24-word passprase that should be used in the event of wallet theft, and is the only way to restore it on any device. The passphrase is used to generate an almost infinite number of private keys and public addresses, organized into a data structure known as “Merkle tree” which allows you to completely re-create the entire sequence of private keys, and access balance, history and other necessary data.

Whenever you need to make a Bitcoin payment using Ledger wallet, simply enter the receiver’s address and the amount of coins to be sent, and then use another card from the kit to enter the password you see on it to enhance transaction safety and prevent third persons to access your BTC funds and devices.

You can order your Ledger BTC wallet on their website. Currently, a team of developers is working on the wallet’s NFC-version which will enable its users to make contactless Bitcoin payments at retail locations.