Microsoft (almost) officially accepting BTC payments

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Computer giant Microsoft enabled BTC payments for digital content available on their online platforms, including games, Xbox subscriptions and mobile applications.

According to the company’s website, customers can now use bitcoins to top up their balance on Microsoft account to purchase content on all major platforms: Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. Currently, this option is only available to the United States residents, but at least one Australian resident is reported to have successfully recharged their account as well.

Microsoft’s unexpected decision to integrate BTC payments is the result of enabling BitPay’s processing services in their store. Boasting their $380+ billion market capitalization and $70+ billion annual revenue, Microsoft is now undoubtedly the largest company currently accepting bitcoins.

However, Microsoft integrated Bitcoin payments only partially: you can make deposits in BTC, but you can’t purchase products directly for Bitcoin so far. The company claims they will definitely make Bitcoin fully integrated in their store in the coming years. Anyway, foundation was laid successfully.

bitcoin microsoft

On their website, Microsoft provides step-by-step guides for desktop and mobile device users on topping up their balances with bitcoins. The company warns their customers that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and are not subject to be refunded. In case a customer initiates a transaction erroneously, they are advised to contact Microsoft Customer Service to provide the transaction data from block chain.