Mt. Gox customers get a chance to regain their lost Bitcoins

mrgox bitcoin

Clients of the infamous bankrupted Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange have now bigger chances to call in and regain their cryptocurrency funds they lost in February 2014.

Last week, the customers of the Japanese exchange were enabled to log in to their exchange account to file a claim. Such possibility is also reported to be available in offline mode for users temporarily not having access to the Internet. Since 4/22/2015 Mt. Gox creditors’ claims have also been accepted by the United States Bitcoin exchange Kraken also involved in the investigation of Mt. Gox bankruptcy case. The amounts reaching $1,000,000 are offered as a free trade bonus to every customer willing to claim their lost funds through the agency of Kraken.

The claim-filing procedure is simple: just sign up with Kraken, then click on the tab saying “Mt. Gox Claim” (you can find it in your account), and find the step-by-step guide.

As stated by Kraken’s chief manager Jesse Powell in their press release, the company sees their part in the procedure as “an opportunity to restore faith in the community by showing what we need more of in the Bitcoin space — trusted leadership”. Powell adds they’re “dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience” which Kraken understands as “fast execution and reliable service — all done over a secure platform”.

“Whether you’re a long-standing client or trying us for the first time, we’re committed to putting your best interests first. That’s our philosophy. It’s simple. Put people first”, Powell concludes.

According to a report published by WizSec, Bitcoin funds were systemically taken from Mt. Gox’s electronic wallet from late 2011 onwards, with every single missing coin allegedly being stolen and the exchange involved in certain activities with the reserves.