OFFICIAL: Powerball jackpot lottery tickets available for BTC!

powerball bitcoin

All thanks to the JackPocket app, now you can easily buy tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, and several other lotteries for bitcoins using your phone!

As of now, JackPocket, the popular mobile ticket application, has included bitcoins into its payment platform making it possible for people to even purchase tickets for Powerball, America’s biggest draw game, for world’s most recognized virtual currency.

Just a couple of days ago, Powerball’s prize pool reached the all-time record with the stunning $1.5 billion, as it’s officially the biggest prize ever to be raffled in the U.S. history of lotteries. JackPocket app, which is currently available to New Yorkers only, has been a popular mobile tool for buying Mega Millions, Powerball, and several local NY lotteries’ tickets for several months now since the moment it was launched last year.

JackPocket’s principal functionality lies in letting people purchase scans of genuine lottery tickets that are bought on request by the startup’s team. In case a lucky winner grabs a $600+ prize, their ticket will be sent to them so as to enable them to claim the winning.

Mentioning the overall optimism of the app’s creators towards crypto technologies, and their strong belief into blockchain in particular as the backbone of digital currencies, Peter Sullivan, JackPocket’s CEO, explains Bitcoin integration as one of the steps taken by his company to simplify the process of purchasing lotteries. Sullivan adds their “goal […] is to create a more efficient lottery platform”, and employing bitcoins “is one step in right direction to accomplishing [it]”. As it can be understood from the CEO’s words, JackPocket has been facing certain issues with its payment functionalities, mainly because of what he refers to as “heavy regulation” and “large volumes”. Believing these have been the main reasons of tensions with traditional payment networks, banks, and processing companies, Sullivan expresses his confidence in Bitcoin payments becoming a powerful magnet for both well-fixed and technically astute customers, at the same time stressing the company clearly setting their course for taking greater advantage of micropayments.