“Overstock” announces Bitcoin sales

bitcoin shopping cart

As of January 2014, Overstock was the first major US online store to introduce Bitcoin sales. Now they’re also the first retailer to start accepting BTC globally.

The Salt Lake City-based company offers all its customers, regardless of their country of residence, to pay with Bitcoin for anything they buy on Overstock, from mobile phone accessories to garden furniture. There are still some countries, though, where the company does not deliver purchases.

Online stores Newegg and TigerDirect have been accepting Bitcoins from their US and Canadian customers for some time already, but Overstock is a real high flyer with their annual turnover of $1.3 billion.

Today, even the biggest BTC fans tend to pile up their bitcoins instead of spending them, as they consider the digital currency still unstable, but largely promising investment. But the considerable increase of international orders from Bitcoin payers that Overstock has seen recently, together with the fact that large companies like Dell are considering the possibility of integrating BTC, brings along the global promotion of Bitcoin purchases. “This is good news”, says Roger Ver, a devoted Bitcoin supporter and the owner of computer accessories online store Memory Dealers. Roger has been offering Bitcoin sales to his customers for several years now.

There are still lots of issues surrounding the future of Bitcoin, this new kind of currency controlled by the ever-growing computer network, that remain open. Although there’s still no clear vision of how the world’s governments will regulate the use of digital currencies, they continue to evolve.