Payza clients can purchase bitcoins by bank transfer


Payza, an international electronic payment services provider, announced that their customers would be able to purchase bitcoins and pay for them by bank transfers.

The service can be used by clients in all 190 countries where Payza is officially available.

The company’s official blog explains that for Payza the implementation of this service is a possibility to develop new markets and firmly establish themselves. It is the very first experience with Bitcoin for Payza, and the team puts high hopes on it. According Charlie Shrem, a business development consultant for the company, Payza plans to develop several virtual currencies and expand the opportunities of their usage by customers. One of the possible near-future innovations by Payza might be a solution for merchants offering multiple payment methods to capitalize on Bitcoins, and that would be a great chance for the enterprise to sidestep its closest rivals Coinbase and BitPay also tendering Bitcoin payment processing services.

Payza is reported to charge no additional fee for customer account maintenance; however, the clients will be charged a commission of 2% every time they buy bitcoins.